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Star Trek Discovery - Episode 5 - Choose Your Pain

I eagerly caught up with the latest Star Trek Discovery this past Thursday night.  It seems the leaky internet was abuzz with something about Star Trek going boldly where it has never gone before.
What could it have been I wondered?
Inter-species love making?Homosexuality on-board ship? (Gasp!)Hilarious transporter malfunction?

(Anyone else remember this Mad Magazine classic?  Star Blecch!)

Nope.  None of the above.  It was an F-bomb from Tilly.

It was cool and I laughed.  I think only Tilly could have dropped the first F-bomb in Star Trek history.   True to form, she was geeking out over advanced physics and super dense mathematics.  

Was I shocked that Star Trek finally went there?  Nooo.  It was spontaneous and sweet.  Should they do it every week?  I hope not.  But if it's from Tilly, then bombs away.  

Anything else that was "F-ing" cool from this episode?

Harcourt Fenton Mudd!  That's cool!

He may be even more slimy and diabolical that the original version  (Played with…

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