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Star Trek Discovery - Will You Take My Hand?

What a relief.
Everyone lives and everyone's happy.
Burnham has her commission back. Tyler lives.  Terran Georgiou lives.  The Klingons live.  L'Rell is free and the Federation has not lost it's soul.  Thank goodness.
Oh, and the fandom should be happy too.
Remember all those naysayers about "Discovery" not being their Star Trek?
So why do I feel so blue?

Ouch, never share your feelings with a Klingon.
I know what it is, I miss the old dark Discovery.  Betraying your mentor and friend.  The sadistic Captain, Tilly dropping F-bombs, the morose Tyler and his murderous ways.  Pulling a phaser on your bedmate. Snacking on Kelpien! 
Those were the days.  Ah, those were the days.  
Frankly, I don't know what going to shake me out this funk.

Yeah, maybe that'll help.  Those Orions sure know how to party.  I suppose I could snuff a little volcanic ash to pass the time.
Hey, that reminds me...

Clint Howard, what are you doing here?!!!

In case you young'uns don't…

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