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12 Monkeys Season 4 Teasers: What did we learn? Update!

Important Update!
Or not.  Time will tell.  I see my informative little video has been blocked.  If you scroll about midway down or so, you'll see an empty space where that important teaser used to be.  I mention this because it offered what I thought was a quick look at what seemed to be an exasperated Dr. Jones. 
Dr. Eliot Jones that is.  (Actor Peter Outerbridge.)
I didn't mention this in the original post because I wasn't sure of his identity.  But now we have a new Canadian trailer that includes this screencap.

My instincts tell me this is Dr. Eliot Jones in a flashback having an, "Eureka moment" in demonstrating the earliest version of his time machine.  Sure, it could be anything but sometimes you just have to roll the dice.

We also got this from the Canadian teaser.

Is this the Raritan facility in the foreground and is it being "attacked" by Titan?  To speculate, one might wonder if Olivia (The Witness) is seeking to move Raritan in time to prevent or…

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