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12 Monkeys: Season 3 Trailer Breakdown

Season three of 12 Monkeys is right around the corner.  To whet our appetites, we got a nice little teaser.  It offers us some tantalizing clues and brings us up to speed as to where we left off.
So without further ado, let's dive in and see what it tells us.
We start with a voice over from Dr. Jones.  There are several quick cuts detailing Cole being sent back, "Primary" art work and the machine being fired up.
Perhaps oddly, Dr. Jones says, "Three years ago I sent a traveler back in time to change history."

I say, "oddly" because at this point, for them, time may have lost all meaning.  What are "three years" to them when their travels span decades in a blink of an eye?
I suppose Dr. Jones is our touchstone in time.  While events swirl around her and people come and go, she remains the bedrock for all that has played out.  

Okay, not so oddly after all.

The Tuning Fork

One of the first "teases" for this trailer is the traveler Cole stand…

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