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Orphan Black - To Right the Wrongs of Many

They nailed didn't they?

Stuck the landing.  Made us happy.  There were a few tears yes, especially in having to say goodbye.

But they totally nailed it. 

I had fears the Orphan Black series finale would become a "Deathapolooza".  One rife with revenge and characterized by carnage.

To be fair, Orphan Black has always had a fair amount of violence.  From grisly human experimentation to stabbings and gunfights to self mutilation.  I just didn't want them to become obsessed with it in their final episode when there was so much story to get to.  Not to mention the all important closure we all needed.

As to the violence, as seen in the two pictures immediately above, OB had to make sure  Coady and P.T. Westmoreland got their just deserts.  

For some reason the bloodied but unbowed Coady had to linger on for one more episode.  The head slamming Helena gave her wasn't satisfying enough from the previous episode.  Coady had to get a total screwing over.  

With a screwdriver.  


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