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Orphan Black - Clutch of Greed


We all want peace and serenity in our lives right?

That peace comes from a lack of inner turmoil, from confidence, from strength and most importantly, from control.

Rachel is certainly in control now.

In last week's OB post I illustrated the state of war that exists between Rachel and Sarah.   For all of Sarah's resourcefulness, it is Rachel that is in control.  This was never more evident than when Rachel had Siobhan and Kira marched in by Ferdinand to open this past episode.

It was a power play by Rachel.  Here is what I have.  I will will return it to you under certain conditions.  Play nice with me, or else.

It was carefully orchestrated as an end game to show Sarah how tenuous her control is.  Here is your daughter and Mum, unharmed.  Here, all along.  Play nice.

Sarah agrees to this "fait accompli" but naturally the gears are turning.

Alison finds herself in a similar situation.  Her children are still removed, albeit voluntarily, her husband has gone MIA and …

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