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Who Swings the Sword? An Avengers 4 Trailer Theory.

Sword?  What sword?
Okay, you don't see it.  But you hear it as the word "April" scrolls across the screen to close the video.  Better yet, it's the sound of a sword unsheathing (or sheathing) as it closes.
You may be saying to yourself, "Well that's just a cool sound added to the "April" notice to add a little menace.
Yes, completely plausible and quite probably correct.  But, what if it's not?
What if it is a clue?  A clue to an unknown force or hero that will make a surprise appearance in what may be the last Avengers movie.
Let's have a little fun and see who our chief sword swinging suspects from the Marvel universe may be.


Not only should she be dead but she died at the hands of Thanos and not via the apocalyptic "Finger snap".She landed at the base of a cliff at Vormirand is seemingly gone forever.  We're all assuming the Avengers will turn around the "Finger snap" but as mentioned, Gamora did not die that way…

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