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The Tenet Trailer

Technically, its the second "Tenet" trailer but, oh, what a trailer. "This reversing the flow of time, wasn't us being here now, I mean it never happened." Time inversion. Woo, I'm all in on that! Let me tell what especially intrigued me about this new trailer. This. It's not that impressed that Elizabeth Debicki's still unnamed character would make a good mother.  Of that I have no doubt.  It is the fact why they decided to show this scene at all.   It it's pretty obvious she has a great deal of affection for the boy.  But, why would this be important to us? Remember, we are talking time inversion here.  And it's not like you have to turn back the entirety of time.  You can turn back specific instances. You know, like catching a bullet and not shooting one. It's my theory that Debicki's character is trying to turn back the clock on a major figure in this movi

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