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Does the Mandalorian have PTSD?

Yes, yes, of all the topics I could have chosen to discuss about the world's favorite space cowboy, this is probably the least obvious.
Sorry, Baby Yoda.  You'll get your turn someday.  But, this is the topic I've wondered about since day one of the show.  It's revealing, it's mysterious and it needs to be explored.

So, here we go.
When Mando is exposed to sharp sounds, specifically, those of battle, we are treated to flashbacks that reveal what have to be snapshots from Mandos past.

Trauma that isn't "blacked out" by the individual is often elicited by loud sounds or distinctive smells.  When Mando is exposed to sharp noises such as blaster fire or explosions we often get flashback sequences such as the one pictured above.
This intrigued me and made me wonder what else Mando is trying to cope with or repress.

I think we are all assuming the young boy pictured above is the Mandalorian in his youth.  Certainly, the brief interludes are frightening and they s…

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