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Time After Time: Secrets Stolen

Who'd a thunk "Time After Time" would evolve into such a "conspiracy" show?

Sure it has a cute little romance.  Yes, there is very much a time machine involved.  Plus, there is a dash of mystery with a murder or two to spice things up.

But a conspiracy show?

Oh yes, and they doubled down on it during the last episode.

Hey I know you.  You're Brooke.  You're the one that's holding Jack the Ripper prisoner and experimenting on him.  (Well, she was.)  You're also Griffin's sister and Vanessa's soon to be sister-in-law!

That's doubling down.

And they don't stop there.   

It appears the father of Brooke and Griffin was involved in a genetic engineering project called "Utopia".  The plans of which were stolen by the father of the now deceased Chad (actually, no one dies in time travel) and given to Vanessa's father David Anders.

That's a pretty tight circle.

What did HG say about time travel?  Just for observation and research…

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