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Game of Thrones Season 7 Finale Theory! Icy Update!

Scroll down for the "Icy Update".

It wouldn't be a spoiler to reveal that George R. R. Martin wrote a book called, "The Ice Dragon" before he came up with now famous Game of Thrones "A Song of Ice and Fire" series.

In fact, many of the book readers have been eagerly anticipating an Ice Dragon to appear before the series closes.  Some had hoped the Ice Dragon would appear from inside the Wall.  Others thought the Ice Dragon lurked beneath the depths of Winterfell or the forever chilly pond where Ned Stark was known to frequent.  Some had even hope the Ice Dragon would be summoned from the lost expanse beyond the Shivering Sea.

Spoilers to follow!

Sadly for them these scenarios did not play out.

It would be a spoiler to reveal the Ice Dragon did finally appear on Game of Thrones when the Night King salvaged the carcass of the downed Viserion from his icy grave and gave him the magic touch.

I, for the most part, don't watch Game of Thrones until the next e…

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