New Fringe Poster Revealed - My Observation

Our good friends at Fringe have recently released a poster to kick off their San Diego Comic Con Panel and usher in season 5.  Continuing the theme that started in the episode "Letters Of Transit" the Observers are front and center and the ominous warning "They are coming"  stands prominently in front of them.

As always are Observer friends (and I guess we'll have to use the word, "friends" loosely now) are dressed impeccably in their grey flannel suits, fedoras with briefcase in hand.  There isn't too much different to the way they look.  The center Observer's fedora may be a bit snug and the omnipresent yellow orbs of light fill out the top of the poster.  I always thought those orbs presaged the arrival of the Observers.  Or at least were the embodiment of the "Calendar Crew" before they materialized from one point in time to the next.  Kind of like a Tinkerbell effect.

The only thing that I could pick out that was different is that they are all wearing gloves. 

That seems to be a new look for them.  I'm not sure if this means anything and it could be just a way to add to their sartorial splendor.  I decided to look back at some screen caps from "Letters of Transit to see if any of them wore gloves and it doesn't seem to be the case.  See the pictures below.

 What's odd is both Walter and Nina sharp from the same episode are wearing gloves.  It stands to reason they're wearing gloves because it's a bit chilly outside.  See the screen caps below.

So isn't that an interesting turn of events?  Our protagonists are gloved in one scene and the Observers are not.  Yet when promoted for season 5 the Observers are wearing their gloves after all.

Much ado about nothing?

Well, probably, but I love the minutiae that envelops Fringe.  Sometimes there is a rabbit trail to follow and sometimes there's not.  Perhaps our newly gloved Observers have a disdain for our present day and refuse to dirty themselves with our world.  Well, at least until it's their world.

Then the gloves are off.


  1. Dave ... i too have spent quite some time looking at this pic since it was released. And, like you, i noticed that the Observers were wearing gloves. Does it mean that there is something that they cant touch? Or is it just a fashion statement?

    What stands out most for me is the Observer in the centre ...the one that is looking straight at us. To me ... he is most un-Observer like. He just doesnt seem to fit the mould. He just doesnt seem right ..... but i dont know why.

    The yellow lights are obscurring our vision of this Observers face. What is it meant to hide? Is the centre Observer not an Observer? I have too many questions ...and my eyes are getting sore from studying this pic on 400% zoom. I guess i watch too much #Fringe (as if thats possible) ...i just cant seem to take things at face value any more ....i have to look deeper!

    I cant wait to see what happens in season 5.

    1. Perhaps the gloves are meant to convey that the world they are invading is unclean or not worthy of their touch. As for the center Observer, that Fedora is way to snug and too low on his head. Covering hair perhaps? Does he bear a resemblance to Peter?

      Ha, I don't take things at face value with Fringe either but I haven't tried the 400% approach. Thanks for the tip!

    2. Dave i definitely think there is hair under that fedora. That middle observer just does not look right. I wondered if it was either Peter, Lincoln or going waaaaaayyyyy out on a limb and suggesting it may be Olivia!
      I would laugh hysterically if Joel Wyman said there really wasnt any hints in this poster. Everything they do has fans pondering and studying .... its become habit forming. We are just about due for a poster that means absolutely nothing ... possibly.

    3. Dave -- The fedora on the middle Observer is too low/too big. I'm thinking that one looks almost like an amalgam of Peter and September. To me, the Observer on the right is September, particularly since the word "September" appears just below him. I can't shake the feeling that Josh Jackson dressing as an Observer at Comic-Con was a wink from Wyman.

    4. Peggy, thanks for the feedback. I can't believe I missed "September" under September. Nice catch! That center "amalgam" does look like a mix of Peter and September doesn't it? A clue to the lineage of that figure? We'll have to keep Wyman's "wink" in the back of our minds. Thanks again!

  2. Dave,

    As always am enjoying reading this little nuggets you find and elaborate on. I agree that the centered Observer just seems off. To me he seems more as someone dressed up an an Observer than an actual Observer. Good catch by Peggy and I think you may be right!

    As for the gloves, perhaps being in "our world" the Observers are being "infected" by humanism and therefore are now affected by cold and such which requires gloves. Just a really off the top of my head thought! Ha!

    Guess we will just have to wait, wait, wait for Season 5. I will say this is def the one year I wish I was going to Comic Con. I am doing a motorcycle trip with a new friend from Seattle to Vancouver for several days however, and we are going to check out The Fringe Event in August. Will let you know how that is.


    1. Here's another thought, maybe the gloves are worn by the rebel faction of the Observers. Oh ho! That would be interesting.

      Keep me posted on your trip and take lots of pics!

    2. Now that is an interesting thought!

      I am a photo taking junkie, so lots of pics is affirmative. Trip is a month away though. Flying into Seattle, then hoping on the motorcycle to Vancouver BC. Going to spend an extra day there even after the event is over and then back to Seattle. I'm so excited. I haven't had a real vacation (time off w/o any work) in years.

  3. Oh just another quick thought came to me off the top of my head - Perhaps the centered Observer is the child from "Inner Child" all grown up, infiltrated the Observers in order to help out Fringe team....

    Have an excellent weekend everyone!


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