Picnic In The Park.

Werewolves got you down?  Follicly challenged invaders from the future ruining your day? How about killer robots with a propensity towards time lord eradication?  Solution?

Picnic in the park!

Have you noticed that a lot of favorite "geektastic" shows are featuring picnics in their promotional pictures?  What better bucolic scene to be shattered than the relative calm and assurance than a family or romantic picnic.

Take for example the above image taken from the upcoming Doctor Who episode, "The Angels Take Manhattan"  So serene.  The picnic is such a great way to relax, lounge about, catch up on the news and converse with friends.  Heaven forbid those angelic stone harbingers of doom should descend upon this tranquility.  Where are the Muppets when you need them?!!

Here's another study in quietude.  Our favorite Blutbad, Monroe and his new love Rosalee from the TV show, Grimm. It was such a great idea to give Monroe a love interest and what a terrific addition to the cast in Bree Turner as Fuchsbau shop owner Rosalee Calvert. Only the untimely intrusion of a Hexenbiest could disrupt this blissful tableau.

Lastly, here's another look at the reverie of quiescent euphoria.  Fringe stalwarts, Peter Bishop and Olivia Dunham.  Finally, a moment together where they can peacefully enjoy each others company while young Etta traipses about.  Peter is utterly relaxed, soothed by the calming heartbeat of his heroic companion.  For her part, Olivia casts a knowing glance at Peter not minding the interruption into her study of the upside of "Strawberry Flavored Death".  What could possibly shatter this glimpse into paradise?

Oh right, the aforementioned follicly challenged calender crew from the future.  Sigh, can't our heroes enjoy one peaceful moment?  It's no wonder that the people behind these respective shows have chosen the idyllic setting such as the family picnic. Nothing says security and comfort like plunking down the ol' picnic basket and spreading out a blanket onto the soft green grass.  And what better counter point to this rapture than to have it defiled by their respective nemeses.  You can't measure happiness until its gone and we can only hope our heroes can get it back.

You stay away too Yogi!


  1. Picnics are always an ominous sign of impending doom. What better way to show the viewers that the s#%t is about to hit fan ...than by showing how happy our loving couple or family are ....right before disaster strikes.I just hope , as a rabid Fringe fan, that we get more than a few seconds of the happy, sunny picnic. I need at least a full minute before we see those bad guy baldies marching over the hill towards our beautiful Etta!

    1. Oh, I agree, just a few moments would be nice. Giant ants would be more welcome. Its like spreading out the picnic blanket is like waving a red flag in front of a bull!

  2. LOL, I don't watch the other shows, but could a lovely picnic on Fringe be anything else but an invitation for the apocalyse? The Observers are so ominously out of place in their severe suits.

  3. Those suits look a lot better on Don Draper from Mad Men. Maybe if the Fringe Division enlisted his help they'd stand a better chance.

  4. Dave, once again great write up and yes, very observant. Admittedly, out of the shows listed I only watch Fringe (though I've recorded a Doctor Who episode to check out). I will say that it's not only picnics, yet ANY time that two main characters on any show seemingly are having a moment of peace, love, bliss ..... "it" hits the fan. As avid viewers of these shows, we all know too well that such a beautiful picnic moment is the "kiss of death" so to speak. I am very much looking forward to the final season of Fringe.

    Admittedly after having visited Vancouver recently, seeing some former filming locations and even managing to get a glimpse the filming set on UBC, I am even more excited about the forthcoming season. Grant it, sad yet still excited with anticipation. Yes, I'm a geek. I wear it proud though! ttfn

  5. Picnics are a classic metaphor for a calm moment. And we all know, in classic storytelling: where there is a calm, there will be a storm. Being lulled into a false sense of security (both the characters as well as the viewers) is one of the best ways to heighten the intensity we feel once the action begins.

    I wonder if this is a cool, September day for Olivia, Peter, & Etta.

    Cheers, Dave!


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