Penny Dreadful - And Hell Itself My Only Foe

"True evil is above all, seductive.

When the Devil knocks at your door He doesn't have cloven hooves.

He's beautiful and offers you your hearts desire in whispered airs.

Like a Siren beckoning you to her ruinous shore.

(And what do you do when that sirens sings?)

You save your soul or give it to her

(But then you're damned.)

But you're not alone."

Oh Caliban, if only you paid heed to your own words.

Well, perhaps he did.  He does look rather alone now doesn't he? The Siren's song from "One true friend" proved too much for Caliban to resist and now he finds himself cast upon the rocky shores of his own personal house of horrors.

It seems Mr. Lyle wasn't the only one to have their treachery revealed.  Lavinia Putney proved to be just as venal and wicked as the rest of her family.

She had me fooled also.  The Devil here is indeed beautiful.  She seemed so honest and fragile.  But beneath that lovely exterior lies a blackened heart.  She "whispered" what Caliban wanted to hear.  A certain loneliness, a generous heart and a crippling defect masked her true nature.  In the end, Caliban's faith in humanity did him in.  He may have murderous intent towards Victor but for the most part he is a lover of humanity.

This is not how I thought it would play out for "Mr Clare."  Who is going to come to his rescue now?  Despite his hatred for his "Creator" I can see Victor reaching out to his monster.  Same with Miss Ives.  She closely identified with John Clare.  Now both are otherwise occupied.  Brona?  She did want to water their garden with the blood of humanity but she seems rather involved now too.

Caliban will have to make his own escape and I'm afraid it will be ugly.  (At least I hope so.)  He'd better hurry because I have a scenario where he comes to the rescue of Vanessa.  The trailer for the season finale is a little spoilery but there remains hope for my vision.  Wouldn't everyone love to see Caliban storm the Witches castle?  I think it would be epic.

Caliban is not alone in being pulled to the rocky shore by a Siren's call.

Vanessa was lured by a slightly different call. Hers was not of weakness or misplaced faith such as Caliban's.  Instead, Vanessa came to the lion's den in order to rescue the man that has served as a father figure and trusted ally.

Vanessa will not see Sir Malcolm suffer.  And much like Sir Malcolm she decides to take on this mission alone.

At first glance this would seem quite foolhardy.  Perhaps this was part of the Siren's call she could not resist.  Like Caliban she did not want to be alone despite the risk at being damned.   Her solitude would cured if she were just successful in rescuing Sir Malcolm.

A tall order indeed!

She goes where angels dare not tread.

How cordial the rapprochement was between Madame Kali and Miss Ives.  Despite their wicked barbs towards each other they seemed to have a certain commonality.  It was like two fencers feeling each other out.  Looking for a weakness or entry point to begin the fray.

Vanessa was aghast but not intimidated by Kali's house of dolls.  She seemed genuinely curious about Madame Kali's craft.

That was until...


Oh, man.  I really wanted that doll's eyes to open.  Who didn't???!!!!  But when it actually spoke I nearly fell off my couch.


 What a bonus.  Thank you Penny Dreadful.  Is this the Devil at Vanessa's psychological door?  As Caliban noted the Devil is always beautiful.  Vanessa is certainly beautiful.   But is this what Vanessa wanted to hear with "whispered airs?"

Perhaps.  What better way to face your foe then on common ground.  I think Lucifer meant to call Vanessa out on her greatest sin.  As Mr. Chandler told her a couple of episodes ago, once you've take a life you've lost your soul.  Or more succinctly.

"Welcome to the darkness."

 Can her soul be saved?

Vanessa looked upon her branded flesh before she left the manse.  Later, Madame Kali took pleasure in reminding her of her torture.

If you can carry the mark of the Devil can you carry the mark of God?

Despite this being inflicted by hateful people was it willed and carried out by the hidden hand of God?  Does this allow her to kill in the name of God and by his hand?

Very Old Testament. 

But not out of the realm of possibility.  In the Old Testament God was quite wrathful.  He and Lucifer go way back so why not taste the hand of God Almighty?

Not the "emaciated Galilean God" Hecate thinks him to be!

Sorry, but I'm going to have to cut this entry short here  I have plenty more to write about.

Like this

 And this.

 Annnd this.

Let's not forget this.

 And, cover your eyes kids...

Are they covered?

Ahem, this.

 But I don't want this to be as late as last week.  So I will have to add on to this post later.


I hope so. 

Please, I don't want anyone to be mad a me!



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