The X-Files - Nothing Lasts Forever

We all need somebody don't we?

Be it a lover, a soulmate, a sister, a daughter, a god or a parabiont.

Wait, what?

As is their style, the X-Files explores the themes of belonging, love and mortality but with their own particular twist.

You say you want to live forever?  

How so?  In the hearts and minds of others?  Through a child.  Your unshakeable faith?  A loving memory?  Or through a physical co-joining where your lust for life is satiated by a parasitic symbiosis.  

You know, something like a vampire would do.

Thus, a fitting end to Barbara Beaumont (Actress Fiona Vroom in a bravura performance) as her vampiric lust led her to feed off of others in her quest for youth, beauty and immortality.

So, it begs the question, what is Scully's motivation?  Surely, she has taken a different path than Ms. Beaumont.

At times this season, Scully has lamented the inexorable toll of time.  She sees the lines in her face.  She's openly mocked as barren by adversaries (Judy in "Plus One".) She's been in the throes of sadness and regret.  ("Ghouli").  Her hopes for society and humanity have been dashed.  ("Familiar").

How does it all end?

It's no wonder she has taken solace in her faith.   In the picture above she takes the body and blood of Christ as a symbol of her communion with a higher power.

She renews her faith in a spiritual sense because she knows "Nothing lasts forever" unless it's the reward of an afterlife.  Her prayers are a meditation with God in order to become a better person.  So that someday, she can join those who have left a better world behind them.  Even if it just by example.

Such as was done by her mother.

Margaret Scully's legacy is, of course, Dana.  Margaret lives on through Dana's love as Scully keeps the candle burning in her memory.

But what has Dana left behind? 

To Mulder, she bemoans giving up her son and running from Mulder instead of embracing him.  

Sadly, who will keep the candle burning for her?

Candle schmandle! 

As a grim and darkly comedic counterpoint, Barbara Beaumont carries none of the burden of the guilt ridden Scully.

Who cares about a loving memory when you have your stunning good lucks, exquisite acting ability and heavenly (?) voice.  (I don't think it's a coincidence the X-Files chose this particular song.  It speaks to renewal, faith and a hope for a better tomorrow.) 

Also, I don't think the X-Files as a show was poking fun at Scully's "Communion" or anyone's faith.  I think their point was how man can pervert even what it holds most sacred.

To this point, Scully and Beaumont are on opposite ends of the scale.  The irony is, Scully is miserable and Beaumont is blissful.

What a world.

A Revelation?

So in keeping of this renewal of faith and the hope of a better tomorrow, what did Scully whisper to Mulder?

"I'm pregnant."  

Doubtful.  Mulder's reaction doesn't support it.  They've been through too much to keep a poker face like that.  Why downplay such monumental news?

"I'm sick again".

Possible but not probable.  Again, Mulder's poker face would be wildly inappropriate.  Mulder has made it plain he wants them to be together.  He wouldn't be able to hide his sorrow.

"I'm leaving the F.B.I."

Bingo.  "I've always wondered how this was going to end" Mulder whispers back.  Scully commits to being together but I'm thinking as life partners not as co-workers.

This doesn't preclude the X-Files from killing Scully off.  That's my greatest fear.  All this talk of mortality and legacy has me a bit creeped out.  Gillian Anderson says this is it for her and the X-Files.  That's either a contract negotiating ploy or she knows something we don't.  But, then again.

"Nothing Lasts Forever".

Odds and Ends

Fox Mulder was at his comedic best in this episode.  They want to find out about illegally trafficked livers so he checks all the onion sites. 

He notes he didn't burst into flames when he crossed the church threshhold.

He trust his gut and his gut doesn't need glasses.

Making the allusion that prayers and birthday wishes are basically the same thing.  

All Fox Mulder gold.

Always good to see the remarkable Jere Burns.

The master of the subtle facial expression.  Check out his work in "Justified", "Burn Notice and, of course, "Dear John".

A terrific dramatic turn from Carlena Britch.

Britch, mostly known for her fitness and dancing chops, played Juliet "La Avispa" Bocanegra.  La Avispa translates into English as "The Wasp".  I can believe that as a lot of the time she reminded me of Spider-Man or better yet, Spider-Gwen.  Let's hope there is a future Carlena in the super-hero or action genre.

Did we have a hidden Easter egg from the Sixties?  I think so.

What do you get when you mix the names, Barbara Billingsley with Hugh Beaumont?

Barbara Beaumont!

Billingsley and Beaumont were famous for their portrayal of June and Ward Cleaver from the "Leave it to Beaver" series of the 1960's.  Knowing the affinity for all the things Sixties or Seventies on the X-Files, I don't think this is a coincidence.

Several actors from the CW's "I Zombie" got an acting turn in this recent episode,  Sam Chu, who played "Warren", Aiden Kahn, who played Agent Colquitt and Jay Hindle, who appeared as Beaumont's husband, "Sitcom Joe", all have done a turn in the undead series.  It's kind of fitting for this episode since being a zombie is one way of looking at immortality.

The season comes to end with "My Struggle IV".  Notice the promo for this last episode didn't say, "Series finale".  We can only hope the X-Files lives on.

Will Scully leave the FBI?  Will she even survive for that matter?  Will the family be reunited or will the Cigarette Smoking Man have his way and ignite the apocalypse?

There is a lot on the line and this episode is eagerly anticipated.  See you then!



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