Fringe Fries! 5 - 20 - 10 Street Smarts?

Fringe Fries, those tasty morsels, Easter eggs, clues and homages that make Fringe so great.

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As I've often noted before, Fringe gets its inspiration from a wide variety of science fiction sources especially from the movies.  I got a real "Gattaca" vibe when Peter perilously crossed the street to stop traffic.  In the movie Gattaca, Ethan Hawke's character, Vincent, has to cross a busy street even though he basically can't see what he is doing.  He's incredibly near sighted and he has to keep that a secret if he ever hopes to become an astronaut.  Like Vincent, Peter also has a secret and he'll do anything to pursue his goal.

Speaking of movie inspiration.  Fringe is coming dangerously close to copying themes from the Matrix movie.  

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One of the most memorable scenes from The Matrix is the "Lady in Red Scene".  The "Lady" stands out because she is the only one in red amongst a crowd of people dressed in drab grey or black similar to the scene pictured above from Fringe.  The Fringe lady in red actually sasses off at the Obsever which is not something I would advise.  We also got an "Oracle" sighting during Fringe.  The Oracle was a major figure in the Matrix movies and apparently *spoiler alert* Olivia will meet with an Oracle in an upcoming episode.  Don't too "Matrixy" Fringe!

 As long as we are discussing this street crossing scene, let's also take note of the red light behind Peter as he stood in traffic.  Back in the day when Peter and Olivia were experimenting with crossing over to the Red Universe, we saw a lot of  "No Crossing" lights whenever they appeared in traffic a subtle warning not to do what was clearly dangerous.  I can only think that the red light is a warning to Peter to stop his experiment with Observer tech.

Peter finally makes across the street only to stand near the address "1066".  

1066 in human history is considered to be particularly significant.  It was the year of the Norman invasion of Great Britain and is said to mark the end of the Dark Age and the beginning of the Middle Age.  William the Conquer met King Harald in the Battle of Hastings and defeated him there.  I've always believed that the Fringe writing team are keen students of history and the significance of this important year is not lost on them.  Despite my blog entry of "Squaring the Circle"on Fringe maybe the impossible isn't so improbable after all.  Maybe this is a turning point for the battle against the Observers.  I'd still like to see multiple endings spread across many timelines.  That would be a real mind blower.

What ever turns this season of Fringe takes it may be impossible to steer clear of trouble.  We can only hope our heroes can make it to the end of the road together.  Peter certinly has things mapped out.

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  1. I saw The Plateau and The Garden of Forking Paths in those scenes. Didn't notice the Matrix, though. I should have considering I'd only watch that scene several times a week or so before. Hmm.

  2. I just got a Twitter message from someone saying they thought of Milo and "The Plateau" also.


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