What's Past Is Past, Right Peter?

We're nearly there, another Fringe episode is right around the corner!  In the meantime I've been musing about the last episode of Fringe and the state of Peter Bishop.  We all know Peter is becoming follicly challenged and is in danger of losing his humanity.  Since we've seen him apparate at will and his pre-cognitive powers are getting stronger every day, we'd have to ask ourselves, what's next?

It would have to be time travel right?

It's what any decent Observer type would do.  So what's his motivation?

Right, the return of his beloved daughter Etta. Peter is not in his right state of mind.  He is hellbent on taking out his revenge on Windmark.  It's only a matter of time before the two face off and while Peter may not be able to defeat Windmark he may learn a thing or two from him.

Peter is now in possession of one of the beacons.  What better way to travel through time than to have something that could anchor you to a certain period and ensure your return.   That's if he wants to return.

I originally thought that Walter would be the one to fix time and defeat the Observers therefore negating Etta's death.  But this is a new angle.  Peter may attempt his own course correction.   But what are the ramifications?

  • Despite going back in time and saving Etta would that fix Peter also or would he still be "tech oriented"?
  • Would he really change time or is Etta fated to die and Peter just delays her end?
  • Would Peters time travel ruin Walter's plan?  Walter may be on the right track and Peter may have changed that path.
  • Does this play into Windmark's plans?

Just some musings to kill time (gulp).  What are your thoughts?  Will Peter try time travel?  Is that why he kept the beacon?

Will this all end in tears?

How far would you go to save the one you love?


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