Extant - The Hunger Within

So was this a bridge episode?

See what I did there?  As the episode drew to a close and Molly exits the door with Mason (yeah, I don't trust him) we get our "Golden Gate Bridge" picture to the extreme left.  Symbolic of "crossing over" building trust, taking a leap, etc, etc.

I've watched up to "Care and Feeding" so to some of you that have already seen "A Pack of Cards" this review may come as old news.

I'll get there.  I'm supposed to be on vacation so I'm a little busy not relaxing!  (Maybe I need a flip.)

Let's get right to the nature of the "Offspring" and what we've learned.

It gets hungry.

Not the kind of hunger that can be sated with a power ade or kiddie juice.  No it needs something more.

Human flesh!

Just kidding.  As of this episode we don't know what it feasts on.  Maybe the human spirit or rather human energy.  Do you suppose the Sheriff looked like a shriveled up raisin after "Katie" was done with him?

Whatever happened I'm guessing it was slightly painful.

Sigh, just when you think this  could be some benevolent being it "circle sucks" on someone and you know it can't be good.

It least the "Offspring" is tactile.  You can't tuck a projection into bed or "beep" it's nose. Well, unless that is an hallucination as well.  If it is, then we know Sparks is in really deep and way over his head.

So what about the tactile Katie?  Last week I though the Offspring and it's spiritual projections were two separate entities.  She was referring to "it" in the third person.  Now I'm not so sure.

Poor doomed Esther spotted something in the bushes and I don't think it was "Katie" like (or a coyote like for that matter). I wonder if it was childlike yet shriveled like a raisin until it got a heapin' helpin' of some sheriff goodness.

In the last episode, Sparks turned to look for the Offspring as Katie was speaking to him.  Why does it always need to hide?  Too hideous?  Please, what does it care how it looks?  At least it seems small enough to hide behind the pipes Sparks was looking at in last episode and the bushes Esther was gazing into this episode.  

Maybe it gets small when it doesn't feed.  It sure seemed plenty big during the incubation scene of "Incursion".

See, plenty big there.  I wonder what they were feeding it.  Lab assistants?

Some of you are saying, "Oh, Dave, wait'll you see what comes next."

Yeah, well, hopefully tonight!

The Odds and Ends of Care and Feeding

Ethan's new friend, Odin, was feeding him a new line of bullsh*t.  Our little friend was being co-opted by this smooth talker and pushng him to not trust his father.

See what happens when you let a stranger change your batteries?  Julie was right to be suspicious.  Too bad she was too horny to follow up on it.  A little hunger for her too?

Molly has a different type of hunger.  The kind that wants to nurture and care for her offspring.  Yasumoto was clever to manipulate this "care and feeding."  Poor Mol makes a deal with the devil in order to be reunited with her child.  She is a survivor though and maybe Yasumoto will be willing to sacrifice Sparks as the next meal for the Offspring. 

As long as he get what he wants!

Lastly we get our new character, Mason.  Get it?  "Mason" as in a builder.  A builder of bridges or a builder of walls?  I'm guessing walls.

I'll get to the next episode tonight.  So you guys will have to wait as you snicker with the knowledge you already possess after watching "A Pack of Cards."

Hmmm, Mason as in "Mason Mint?"  Maybe he will be the next meal for the Offspring?



  1. Hmmm. All seems perplexing. I've missed two episodes in all and that seems to have messed me up somewhat. I hope to catch up but not sure that will happen too soon... Still liking the show, though!

    I gots no clue what any outcome might be as I'm off track, but I enjoy the idea of this android/human thing once again. Slight similarities to Almost Human, but in a good way. It will be interesting to see the actual wants of this "alien", if it really is an alien.

    I'm finding it hard to connect with Molly's character and I'm not sure why. The kid is fabulous though, I really like him. Just creepy enough, not too much. Speaking of kids, the kid character in The Intruders is quite something, so far... O_o

    Until next episode! :-)


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