Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Continuum - Identity Crisis

Do you think things will come full circle for Continuum?

Poor Alec, his big moment before the board and, well, they're bored.

It's not easy being a boy genius and it's not easy having a major corporation dumped in your lap.  Oh, and lest we forget, it's not easy when there are two of you running around.

Alec Sadler is having an identity crisis and it is in large part because of his own machinations.  I was actually intrigued and inspired to write this blog post because of the unique wall hanging in the board room.  I think this is at least the third episode in a row where we've seen such art work.  It seems to be a favorite of Alec's father, Stan Escher, and it was the last thing he saw before he died.  (I did some writing about it here.)

To me, the message is things will be coming full circle.

This can take on quite a few meanings.  First of all I have the distinct impression Escher will be back.  Call it a gut feeling.  Why stare at all these circles and have them hanging everywhere in less you feel, "what comes around goes around."  Let me take you back to when Escher was shot.  He knew who Kellog was and it seemed almost preternatural.  Of course if he was capable of time travel he should know everything, first and foremost the things Kellog is capable of.  Yet he made no move to escape Kellog's trap.  Seconds later Emily shot him dead.

If there is another one of you, why bother?  Yes, I'm saying there is another Escher running around.

But let's get back to Alec and his "identity crisis."  The crisis being when your present self runs into your future self.  Alec should have known he could not outsmart himself.  I'll have to admit I thought they'd drag this little "tete a tete" a little while longer.  It was refreshing to see the Alec face off happen so soon.  It certainly ramps up the stakes.

Whom do we sympathize with?  The gallant ragged Alec that launched himself in time to save Emily or the abandoned and distrustful Alec that sees betrayal around every corner?

Present corporate Alec is privy to a lot more information about Emily than future Alec was.  As I said earlier, he also has a lot thrown on his plate.   Add to this he has a shark circling him in the form of Kellog but seems to have thrown in with corporate evil doer/lackey, Inspector Dillon.

This also begs an interesting question, what about the third Alec in the room?

The third Alec being elder Alec of the deep future.  I've always thought he was pretty much responsible for sending Keira back to fix the problems that were of his making.  Regret runs deep.  But wait a minute, now that Keira has come back from the future and Alec has returned as his ragged self then isn't he or both of them responsible for the corporate Alec that is now fast tracking elder Alec's grim future?

Way to go future Keira and Alec, you just created evil corporate full of regret deep future elder Alec.

It's easy to like humble future Alec.  He's a bit of a mess, literally and figuratively.  He's in love and he went as far as to change the past to protect that love.  As we learned Emily has "chosen" him also.  But whoopsy,  therein lies a big problem. I'm pretty sure future Alec (not deep future Alec) doesn't know Emily shot his father.  (Ok, maybe deep future Alec too.)

That could present a problem.

I have a feeling both Alec's would react negatively to that information.  But who's to tell?  Well, for one it could be Kellog if his shark tank tactics don't work.  For another?  How about future Escher?

"Hello son, I've missed you, guess who shot me."

Geez Alec, you really have an identity problem.  You not only ruined Keira's future but your own also.

Is anyone thinking one of these guys has got to go?  Who decides that?  Kellog?  Keira?  Escher? Gulp, Emily?

The Other Identity Crisis

Oh man, this one really bothers me.  Poor Carlos.  It was bad enough to dump the whole time travel thing in his lap but he recently (re)discovered Betty as a traitor.  That's not the worst though, the worst is the picture that follows.

His partner Keira is dead.  And this was revealed to him by his partner Keira.

See where I'm going with this?

Carlos has turned to the bottle as he has found it increasingly difficult to resolve the death of the one person he thought he could trust.  No matter how many times new recipe Keira has told him it's the same old her, he is not buying it.

The writers and the director deserve credit for this particularly sad tableau pictured above.  Carlos is framed by the doorway, sitting alone in the half light cold and conflicted.

Depression and drinking is a slippery slope.  How far will Carlos slide?  Will it effect his job performance?  Will her turn on future Keira?  He was poking about Liber8 at the end of last season.  Will he go full revolutionary now?  (Back into the arms of Betty?)

Maybe he will be the one that shoots one of the Alecs.  (Nah, it'll be Emily)

This is a great subplot or B storyline.  It may even surpass the A line of Alec vs. Alec.

Continuum has really ramped up the action.  My future and past self can't wait for Friday!

Monday, April 28, 2014

Orphan Black - Airlocked

Fans of Battlestar Galactica knows what it is to be "airlocked."  In the last episode of Orphan Black, thanks to Mrs. S (S as in, surprise!) Sarah learns a whole new meaning to the term.

When it was revealed to Sarah that Mrs. S had Kira all along, (which was a nice twist by the way) Mrs. S told Sarah that she "airlocked" her.  Sarah looked at her with complete confusion.


To be airlocked by someone is to minimize the danger between two parties until the controlling party is sure no harm can come to anyone.  In other words it provides safe passage.

Mrs. S airlocked Sarah to make sure when Sarah did come looking for Kira, as Mrs. S knew she would, Sarah would not bring any unnecessary baggage along with her be it Dyad oriented or Prolethean bound.

I guess Mrs. S never watched Battlestar Galactica because on that show to be "airlocked" is to send someone to their death.  It was a form of execution.  (Good thing Sarah didn't watch it either.)

Sarah got airlocked in the good way.  Let's take a look at who got airlocked the good way and the ones that got the, gulp, Battlestar Galactica treatment.  (Metaphorically speaking.)

Airlocked the Good Way

Sarah and Kira

Sarah certainly qualifies here as does Kira.  Mother was reunited with daughter and minimal harm was done to each.  Although I daresay Sarah was a bit stressed  out.  All for the greater good! No harm was done and each of them were insulated from those who wish to do them harm.  (For the time being.)  Sarah was put back into a position of control with her daughter and Kira was no longer bundled about by total strangers.  Mystery solved!


Rachel got airlocked in a good way too.  No more pesky Sarah to smack her about and she has Cosima to do her bidding.  There's a win win.  The bonus to Rachel is to have Cosima chase after the bigger investigative prize and that is Cosima's research into how Sarah was able to become pregnant.  Guess Cosima didn't see that coming.  No wonder Delphine got shooed away.


Helena definitely got airlocked in a good way.  Back from the dead, healed up quite nicely, and secreted away to her awaiting allies.  Way to bounce back H!

Airlocked the Battlestar Galactica Way


Yeesh, talk about being thrown to the wolves, Alison is now seemingly on her own.  Not only that, the pills and booze are back.  It was bad enough that she confirmed her doughy husband Donnie is her watcher she also learned by the end of the episode that Sarah, Kira and her buddy Fe are leaving town.  Alison has been completely set adrift into the void.


I have a bad feeling about this.  Cosima is the quintessential bird in the gilded cage.  On the plus side she has her lab, Delphine, the trust of Leekie and her "in" to the inner works of the Dyad institute.  On the downside, she is under the thumb of Rachel.  Wait till Rachel starts pulling away all the aforementioned especially Delphine and we'll see how happy Cosima is.  Not very I'd venture to guess.

Mrs. S

S as in strategy?  I think not.  All her meticulous plans were laid to waste after the betrayal of Brenda and her fellow birdwatcher.  Everything was going so well, the elaborate plan to scoop Kira, the tricky way to get Sarah out into the sticks and her beloved network that would take her and Kira back to London.

All gone.

Too bad money is the new religion.  Mrs. S got sold out and the last we see of her is her standing forlornly as Sarah speeds away.  And this after she had taunted Sarah repeatedly.  Hubris!


Fork you Brenda!  Where's your golden idol now?  How's that hot lead for dessert, hmmm?


Whip it good.  There goes your little family reunion with Helena, Tomas.  I wonder how she'll feel about that?  Don't worry, Mark will be there to hug her.  Any Mark and Helena shippers out there?  I can see it coming.  Yuck.

Sarah, Kira and Felix

Hey wait a minute monkey, what are these three doing on this side of the list?  Calling Admiral Adama!  Kira is definitely not happy.  Our intrepid threesome is now on the lam.  Can they go back to the loft?  That doesn't look good.  Can Sarah count on any friends?  Art maybe, but not if his partner has anything to say about it.  She's also split from Cosima and the beleaguered Alison.  Who is she going to imitate???  What about Paul?  Sorry about the slap to the face.  Paul is on a short leash anyway.  Thanks Rachel.  Time to worry, even the redoubtable Mrs. S has been rendered ineffective.

And, oh yes, what about Felix specifically?  Where's he going to frolic bare-assed and painting pictures of Teddy ballgame?

 Yes, I'm going to leave you with this lasting image.  It's the Cylon in me.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Orphan Black - Ladies Night

Orphan Black made its long awaited return this past Saturday and as usual the best thing about it was Tatiana Maslany.

Yes, we have the conspiracy theories, the dueling forces of evil, the high drama of child kidnapping and of course, clones, clones, clones.

All of which was made all the more meaningful due to the exceptional work of Maslany.

Let's take a look at our favorite ladies and how they were reintroduced for the season 2 opener.


The episode picks up right where we left off and as usual Sarah is getting her a** in and out of trouble.  (Yes, that was a salute to Felix and his striking after hours wear.)  Everything revolves around Sarah and as always her world is turned upside down.  Sarah is either running to or from something.  I find this a bit tiresome and really think she was more interesting when she had to share her identity with the deceased Beth.  Having Sarah constantly chasing about makes her character one dimensional and less interesting.  I think the writers sensed the same and added a little twist to her fate as the episode drew to a close. 

That being said, Sarah is looking for her daughter Kira who has been snatched away along with Mrs. S.  Kira's fate is important in that she is important to Sarah (naturally) and her recovery will lead to more answers to the competing forces of evil that constantly pull at Sarah's world.  In finding more about this plot thread we'll learn why Sarah is so important to the Dyad Institute.

Tatiana plays Sarah with reckless abandon as this character always seems to be running downhill.  Tatiana excels at this as she always captures Sarah's breathless exasperation.  Thankfully, we get those precious moments where Sarah gets to outwit her opponents but as I noted earlier, her character's constant running about makes Sarah literally tiresome to follow.  That will change.


My personal favorite.  We find Alison free to carry about her normal like courtesy of the Dyad Institute.  Thankfully Alison hasn't changed at all.  She still that tightly wrapped porcelain doll of a soccer mom that is right on the edge of hysteria.

Tatiana is so great with Alison.  She nails Alison's cool veneer as she goes about her daily rituals whether it's shopping outside the local market for recreational drugs or her weapons of choice.  We get to see Alison as comes to grips with a midnight visit from Felix and coolly dismisses her tubby husband (the nauseating Donnie and his black briefs) and we later see her fight for her life when Daniel and his Dyad thugs mistakenly make a play for her.  Tatiana totally gets Alison's comedic side as she is at once panicked but also capable of defending herself.  She kicks and screams and voices her outrage as she is thrown inside the van.  Naturally, as she is released she straitens herself out and goes on as if nothing happened.  Don't ever change Alison.


Cosima is a crowd favorite.  She is appealing to both men and women alike and Tatiana knows to depict Cosima as an intellectual powerhouse with a softer loving side.  When we left Cosima she was in the throes of the discovery of her illness.  There is no panic here however as this just gives Cosima another reason to pursue her science.  True to her character, Cosima is more concerned with her fellow clones than with herself.  The only time we see her weaken is when she is with Delphine.

Delphine is her love.  Yes there are questions of trust but that only seems to bring the two closer together.  Cosima physically softens when she is around Delphine.  Her eyes widen when she looks at Delphine as if searching for answers.  It's also as if she is opening a door to Delphine to walk through but only if she can trust her.  It's similar to the dynamic between Sarah and Paul but with considerably more soul.  Someone please give Tatiana an Emmy.


 The newest addition to the clone club.  Tatiana sells Rachel through her cool superior and executive exterior.  I'd love to see what is going on inside and perhaps someday soon we will.  The only hint to Rachel's inner personality was when Sarah smacks her to the floor of the Dyad Institute and she tells Sarah, "Nobody touches me."


Good to know.  Rachel is a bit robotic and I loved how she called Leekie to heel.  But there is something ticking deep down there and it could be a bomb.  It's pretty obvious Rachel has to be in control but she knows what is going on.  She has answers that even the viewing audience doesn't know what the question is.  No doubt her main concern is the genetic defect that plagues the clones.  More to follow.


I have to confess I was not happy to see her back.  Dead is dead except in the comic books (or Continuum) and this device has been done to death.  (Bad pun.)  But this is where I think the writers are making their play to make Sarah a more interesting character.  Sarah has Art and Paul to bounce off of (eek, another bad pun when Paul is taken into account) and Tatiana's portrayal of Sarah becomes more complex with both gentlemen.  But it pales in comparison with her relationship with Helena.  

Helena is the enemy.  She represents the Prolethean faction and is responsible for killing Sarah's mother.  Their shared mother that is!

How is that for conflict?!!!

Tatiana should absolutely kill this.  I expect Sarah to go after Helena with a nightmarish vengeance.  In return, the off the wall Helena will probably turn Sarah's world upside down.  Especially, as we learned, the Prolethean's are probably responsible for Kira's kidnapping.  I'm not digging Helena's new found recuperative powers but to paraphrase Forrest Gump, "Crazy is as crazy does."

Get that Emmy statue warmed up.

Odds and Ends

One of the great things that Orphan Black does is have Tatiana portray characters portraying another character.  When Sarah walked into the Dyad event she shudders and whispers an accented, "Oh shite."  Shen then slips into her American accent and has everyone fooled with a slightly stiff Cosima.  Everyone except Delphine that is.  Those lips will tell!  True to her relationship with Cosima, Delphine does not expose Sarah but acts to protect her.  Now there is trust.  If only Cosima was there to see it.

Another great tell into Tatiana's take on her Cosima/Sarah crossover is the subtle cues she employs.  Seen above, Sarah peers over Cosima's glasses in order to see into the distance.  Pure gold.  A nuisance to Sarah a necessity to Cosima.

The Inter-clone sequence

I was going to complain over the weak inter-clone sequence where Tatiana brings Sarah together with Cosima in the loft.  Pfft, they've done better than that I thought.

Geeez, the Dyad office sequence was so great I totally forgot it was the same actress playing the same clone!  How utterly seamless!  Sarah pins Rachel down, sticks a gun in her face and totally bitch slaps her.

Get the Emmy ready for special effects and editing too.

It wasn't the greatest of episodes to start the season but great things happened and I'm sure there will be more to follow.

The greatest of which is Tatiana Maslany


Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Helix -- Day 235

"Every living thing has a weakness.  Every virus, every human being.  We have to try, there has to a way."

As it turns out there was a way.  Alan pleaded with Hatake for a solution and Hiro found a way.  As it turned out it involved a little cranial tossing but it worked in some regard.

But in a larger sense Alan's words speak to a greater purpose.  Alan is a man on a mission now and I think the aforementioned quote will be his guiding force as season two begins.  Let's take a look at Alan on day 235 and how he'll move on as the season progresses.

Bond, Alan Bond.

It seems Dr. Alan Farragut has a little of the 007 in him.  In an ironic twist from the midpoint of the  episode, Alan has adopted the eye of the tiger.  (I'm mixing my movie metaphors here.)  Where he once pleaded for leniency and restraint it's now damned the torpedoes, full speed ahead.  (Now that's a Farragut quote!)

After losing Julia to Ilaria's chief henchman, Alan is not beyond using torture to get her back.  He really put the rubber hose to that silver eyed Immortal and apparently it reaped dividends.  Alan found the location of Julia in Paris and relayed this information on to his brother Peter.  It was probably a good idea he didn't reveal to Peter how he got that information considering Peter could still be working for the Scythe.  (Not that Alan knows that.)

Alan showed a little trade craft by leaving a chalk mark at the cafe.  This is a common signal to show an item has been received at a dead drop.  Well, this was a little active for a dead drop considering the waiter left the Ilaria key card under his bill.  I'm taking it for granted the waiter is working for the "resistance" (some French customs never die) and he must have received it from someone already inside Ilaria.  (The key card would not have come from the torture victim as Alan would have it in his possession already.)

By the way, what an interesting device wherein Alan left a chalk mark confirming his knowledge of Julia's whereabouts and the child version of Julia also left chalk marks to record where she had been.  A nice touch by the writers.


Alan's partner in espionage, Peter, is a human with a weakness and her name is Julia.  Peter looked genuinely concerned over the safety of Julia once he met Alan in the alley.  It was pretty convincing.  Has he switched sides?  Did he really not know of Julia's whereabouts and her condition?  Perhaps with Julia ascendant with Ilaria he is on the outside looking in.  This may due to a falling out with "The Scythe."  I have to say I'm leaning that way.  Yes, Peter was convincing before he revealed his traitorous side (from what I understand the writers didn't decide upon his treachery until halfway through the season) but it seems to me Peter has joined the resistance otherwise wouldn't their efforts would have been squelched long ago?

 From Head to Toe or in this case, Finger

 I've already mused aplenty about the state of Julia in a previous post.  But as she was reintroduced during the second "half" of Day 235 we spied a prosthetic finger in place of the one chopped off by the Scythe.  You'd think with the amazing recuperative powers of the Immortals this would have grown back by now.  Why not?

Here is the finger as it appeared as a token of Spencer's appreciation. As you can see it was cut just above the knuckle and if we study the metallic appendage that Julia is now sporting we can see it is hinged at the knuckle also.  We can deduce from this that the finger hasn't grown back at all. 


Hatake seemed to have "cured" Julia by converting her to an Immortal. So where are the recuperative powers?   Is it because she was born of a mortal mother?  An immortal half breed?  Does this have any bearing on characters like Candace Sutton and Doctor Hvit?  They had their heads removed yet they were preserved.  Why preserve them and why was Sergio tasked with bringing Dr. Hvit's head back?

An appendage conodrum.

It's been my thinking the heads were preserved because the wierd science of the Helix would allow them to be reattched to a newly grown host body or a new body would grow from the severed heads through some wild procedure possibly involving the Willis Hypothesis.

The Immortals knew the heads were kept on ice or they wouldn't have asked for the return of Dr. Hvit.  This would preclude any experimentation involving the Willis Hypothesis since that was Dr. Hatake's baby and Sutton considered it an abomination.  At least that's my read.

Then again maybe the Immortals didn't know Dr. Hvit had been relieved of his body.  Spencer didn't know his "mother" had been beheaded also.

I spoke of some "cranial tossing" to open this post.  As we know, Sutton's head was tossed aboard the helicopter to distract the Scythe.  When her head was retieved were the rest salvaged also?  I hope so.  Maybe there will be some use for Dr. Hvit after all and we'll learn why he was beheaded and why others were treated in the same fashion.

Entering Ilarian Airspace

With access to Illaria, Alan will soon run into Julia and it will happen on day 235.  (Barring any unforseen circumstances.)  How will that reunion go?  Will Alan learn of Julia's treachery?  How will Julia treat Alan?  Will she throw him in the slammer and give him the rubber hose treatment (turnabout is fair play) or will she reveal her "long con" to dismantle Ilaria from the inside out?

As Alan mused, "Every living thing has a weakness."  This seemed to set the tone for season two.  I have now doubt the weakness for every major character will be sorely tested.  It'll probably come down to the sage advice of Rudyard Kipling,

 "If you can keep your head while all about you are losing theirs."

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Continuum's True Detective Moment

Spoilers for Continuum and True Detective.

"F***, I don't want to know anything anymore. This is a world where nothing is solved. Someone once told me, 'Time is a flat circle.' Everything we've ever done or will do, we're gonna do over and over and over again. And that little boy and that little girl, they're gonna be in that room again and again and again forever."

- Rust Cohle, True Detective.

Continuum had it's True Detective "flat circle" moment during it's season three premier, "Minute by Minute."  We find the character of Stan Escher sitting in an art gallery contemplating an eerie looking circle.  I couldn't help but think of True Detective and the nihilist musings of Rust Cohle.  I wonder if Escher was thinking the same thing as Cohle as he stared at the circle.  As in, where we're all doomed to repeat our actions and free will is just a fantasy as we march endlessly through our existential crises over and over.

Escher soon met the same fate as Reggie Ledoux in True Detective.  Reggie had told Cohle that he seen him before in a dream and started rambling about black stars and doing it all over again.  Reggie soon caught a bullet from Marty Hart and so it was with Escher.  Escher revealed to Kellog that he knew who he was and it wasn't long after that he also caught a bullet at the hands of Emily.

Normally, I would have thought we have seen the last of Escher.  But considering we've already seen Keira up and about and standing behind Alec after Alec finds her dead with a bullet to the brain in his week old time travel flashback, then I guess not.

Keira had thought  the same thing as me as she gave Curtis Chen a bewildered look and she wondered aloud to him that she had killed him. (The "time cop" prison scene.)  How could he be alive if she shot him in the past?  That question was answered, as I just mentioned, when Keira glowered at the grief stricken Alec as he stood up over her lifeless body.

The only answer to this is time streams, or if you wish, splinters of time.  You can be alive in the future and dead in the past as long as you've existed in one or more of both.

That makes total sense.

But doesn't that mean Keira's family in the future of 2077 is a different version than the one she left?  How different?  If time can be fixed and history preserved, as Curtis Chen and his cohorts would have us believe, then how could he be alive without being in a different timeline?  Dead is dead right?

Eh, maybe not.

Of course now we have and had two versions of Alec and Keira existing in the same timeline considering Keira is staring at her own lifeless body.  

Rust Cohle's flat circle was easier to understand.

If I read this correctly Escher will return, it will just be a different version of him from a different timeline.  His flat circle is repetitious with the option of being from a different circle even though your are cognizant of that previous circle.  Cohle's flat circle exists in the same timeline but you exist as different characters, or if you will, characters that have been reincarnated and only vaguely aware of their past if at all.

Someone hit me in the head with a frying pan please.

 Time is a flat circle and I have a feeling I'll be writing about this again.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Helix Finale - To Live and Die in L.A. (Or in this case, the Arctic.)

It's been a few days since the season finale of Helix but the reverberations are still being felt across the TV viewing world like chasms cracking open the Arctic surface.  (And swallowing Ilaria henchmen.)  (Or is it henchwomen?)

When Spencer flipped the switch that led to the destruction of the Arctic Biosystems station it seemed to seal the fate of many of our Helix acting faithful.  However, in the short and stunning epilogue we witnessed three of the characters that survived the carnage.

As noted in my previous post Dr. Julia Walker (Kyra Zagorsky) was plainly seen along with Dr. Alan Farragut (Billy Campbell) and Dr. Peter Farragut (Neil Napier). One could safely assume we will see all three in the next season of Helix that was recently announced.

But not so fast.

Helix showrunner, Steve Maeda, has recently stated  only two of the aforementioned three are signed to reprise their roles leaving Neil Napier out in the cold and wandering the streets of Paris.  (That doesn't sound that bad.)

Yes, Billy Campbell and Kyra Zagorsky will be back but they will be joined by the shirtless wonder himself, Major Sergio Balleseros played by Mark Ghanime.  Sergio returned to Arctic Biosystems in the company of Anana and Tulok in search of Daniel "Miksa" Aerov.  I'd like to think Sergio did this out of fealty or, dare I say it, love for Anana.  But it seems he had an ulterior motive as well and that was the retrieval of the list of kidnapped Inuit kids that Hatake was keeping in his head.

Why is this important to the Major?  Has he turned over a new leaf and is about to right the wrong he is complicit in for the children's disappearance?  Maybe his love for Anana has compelled him to do so.

Or is it something else?

Finding the location of the missing kids, now presumably adults like Miksa, and securing their safety (read kidnap them all over again) would ensure his safety from any reprisal from Ilaria since he didn't always play nice with them.  The "kidnapped" would also serve as useful chits as trade with Ilaria or perhaps Hatake in order to further Hiroshi's own research.  Or for that matter, any research the CDC may want to conduct on them.  (Although it was hinted at the CDC doesn't buy Alan's story.)

What of Anana and Tulok? As characters I fear for them.  Tulok wasn't nearly as fully formed a character as Miksa.  I think everyone had a lot of affection for the character of Daniel Aerov.  I for one certainly did.  Especially after his tragic sacrifice.  Can this affection easily be transferred to Tulok?  I'm leaning towards no but you never can tell.  The character's saving grace may have been the reaction of Hatake upon seeing Tulok and he alternately sputtered out both "Daniel" and "Miksa." So Hatake may make it his life's work to either adopting Tulok or at least treating him like the son he just lost.  Tulok was Miksa's brother!  That's good news for Meegwun Fairbrother.

Luciana Carro's, "Anana" has a much steeper hill to climb in her survival chances.  Let's face it, she may be more important dead.  If Sergio truly had affection for her then her death would make a great motivator for him against Ilaria and Spencer.  All the more reason to re-kidnap the surviving Inuits and hold them as bargaining chips.  Anana's death would make powerful motivator for Tulok also.  Can you picture this, Sergio and Tulok canvassing the world together, the perfect odd couple, united in their hate for Ilaria?  I'd love it, Tulok's muscle and Sergio's guile.  Woe to Ilaria and anyone that stands in their way.

Did Hiroyuki Sanada sign off on Hatake's death?  It's possible.  He's not signed for the following season and he already has a gig in the upcoming "Extant" with Halle Berry this summer.  But if I was Steve Maeda I would lock this guy up toute suite.  Despite his treachery Hatake proved to be a very popular character.  As an example, check out the marvelous artwork submitted by Ingrid K. V. Hardy on her web page Rabid Horse.  It is truly brilliant and it is testimony to the affection Hatake's character garnered throught the TV viewing public.

Sanada is the master of emotion also.  His grief over losing Daniel was palpable and his passionate kiss for the now enfeebled Jane was touching to say the least.  And let's not forget his devotion towards Julia.  Will this be enough save his character?   He did give up that list so that won't make Ilaria happy so there goes that leverage.  Plus, let's not forget he betrayed Ilaria numerous times to begin with.  So there is some good back story there especially in terms of revenge, both for Ilaria and Hatake.  What would make Hatake's survival sweeter?  Him having to act against the new head of Ilaria, his daughter Julia.  The person he devoted his life to protecting.

Please, Steve Maeda, you can't pass up that juicy story line!

Would anyone be disappointed if we didn't see Robert Naylor's "The Scythe"?  I sense not.  But I could be wrong.  As the helicopter took off he certainly survived and he would make a more than tempting target for Hatake, Alan, Sergio and Tulok.  (And dozens of others I'm sure.)  Still, he didn't strike me as that popular to bring back.  Maybe in a guest role just to kill him off.  Or, better yet, bring him back for an episode to kill off one of the aforementioned.  That would really tick viewers off.  

Hey, Spencer, you're useful after all.

 Here's an important character we haven't discussed yet, Dr. Sarah Jordan as played by Jordan Hayes.  The "Kiss My Bass" calendar girl.  She didn't seem so important before but she sure is now!  Not only is she an Immortal with remarkable recuperative powers she's, in all probability, carrying Alan's baby!  You can't kill her off!  Let's state a few reasons for her survival.  There's the whole baby thing, is it an Immortal too?  Or as some would say either an abomination or even a miracle.  We have to know!  How else would Sarah be important?  She's the anti-Julia.  She may be Julia's equal or even better in the lab.  Her work may be invaluable to counter the work evil Julia may come up with.  (If she is indeed evil.)  Better than that, she is the third part of the love triangle between Alan and Julia.  What will Julia's reaction be when she finds out Sarah's had Alan's child, Alan's miracle child that is!

Another juicy story line Steve Maeda.

Okay I'm running long her and I still need to cover what is up with with the impending Julia/Alan reunion.  I need to talk about the new bad ass Bond, Alan Bond the equal to 007.  And what about Neil Napier's role?  We did see him, lots of questions there.

Yes, Candace Sutton too.

See you next blog!