Continuum - Rush Hour

Yes Kellog, people can travel through time.

News flash!

Stop the presses!

Okay, I'm having a little fun at Kellog's expense.  He of all people should know people can travel through time.  It's that his current era is time travel challenged at least from a starting point.

Kellog was reacting to Curtis' revelation that the opportunity to send Kiera back home will manifest itself soon.

Kellog is in possession of a device but the rest of the technology so far has been out of his reach.

What changed?

Well, for one thing, there is the introduction of the Traveler as a major player.  

Kellog drops the hint there is something special about the Traveler and it's not that he has experienced time travel or knows something intimately about it.  It's that there is something physical about him.

Is he some sort of beacon?  Is there something about him that is attuned to time travel much like birds are wired to fly south in the winter and north in the summer?

Is the Traveler capable of time migration?

It seems he can't do it without a device or he'd be flashing about here and now.  

What of the opportunity Curtis speaks of?  If it's news to Kellog that time travel is suddenly at his doorstep has there been a development?

We all know Alec has a device too and we also know he needs access to Kellog's tech.  So what brings all these things together?


Why wouldn't he directly answer Emily's "Am I your mother" question?

I instantly grew suspicious of him.  Sure he is a little kooky but I think he is hiding something.  He's the wildcard that is going to bring Kellog and Alec together. 

I have no doubt it is the mother angle.

What was all the talk about Emily "catching a cold" is it a metaphor for getting pregnant?

Is that what spooked Emily into leaving?  She claims she is a lightening rod for the wrong kind of attention but I think it is something more.  Perhaps by leaving Alec she'll avoid becoming pregnant.  But if that is true then there will be no Jason.  Does she want to change the timeline by not becoming pregnant?  Is that what Jason wants too?  Jason seemed to be deliberately obtuse about the mother question and that is why I think he is hiding something.  

How about Emily is already pregnant?

That's the real reason why she's on the run.  To protect her unborn child.  To protect Jason.

That's why Jason was being so obtuse.  He can't alter the timeline by telling Emily too much.  

I think she got the hint Jason. 

I Owe You Dept.

 Dillon saved Carlos.  (Hey, Dillon is back!)


Kiera saves Kellog.


Oh, and of course, Carlos saves Kiera.

Do you think all these I.O.U.'s will be called upon?  Count on it.  It's Karma.

Karma Dept.


 Oh Kiera, too soon, too soon!  Don't be gloating yet.

Wrong Alec, you will have to be that asshole again.


That final sequence where Alec watches Emily walk out on his life.  It is no coincidence that we see Alec reflected in the glass.    Two Alecs.  One being that inner asshole that he has been trying to avoid. 

You can't escape karma Alec.  That inner asshole will come in useful.

Humor Dept. 

Kiera and Alec hear Alec's phone scream in pain.  It's his Kellog alert.  Hilarious.

"You missed." 

This is a bit karmic too.  Don't taunt Travis Kellog.  You'll see him again.

I got a laugh out of Travis' face too just before Carlos rams him.  Yaaaa!

This is bullshit. That little black dress looked awful on Rachel Nichols.  You have no taste Kellog.

Rachel Nichols can wear a dress my friend.  Try red next time.

Odds and Ends


It seemed to me Carlos was trying to convince Kiera to stick around in his time.  Her response to returning to the future was, "In a heartbeat."  That's cold Kiera, Carlos was reaching out to you.

What about Brad?  Does he make it back to the future with you?

I'm counting the water imagery/metaphors this season.  I think there is something to this.

I love how the Continuum Scooby gang get together for beers and food.  Other shows have their players split apart.  These guys chill with each other.  Kiera has a wine, Emily and Julian knock back a brewskie.  It's awesome.

Karma Part Two Dept.


Hoo boy.


  1. Nice recap and questions! I thnk the "Is it doable" question (ugh) is about which timeline they would jump to in the future: The one run by "Evil Alec" or by Kellog?

    I agree with you about the dress. It just didn't look right.

    1. Thanks Fred, good to hear from you.

      I'm taking it for granted they are in the Kellog timeline as we speak. But apparently there is a problem because future Kellog is taking the time to reach out to his younger self. Curtis agrees but I'm pretty sure he has his own agenda. I realize now part of Kellog's amazement at time travel being "doable" is he can act on whatever the problem is from his timeline instead of the backward approach from the future.

      He must be licking his chops at the prospect of steering the future from his end. He just needs the tech.

      That dress was awful! Rachel Nichols is an attractive woman and that dress did nothing for her!

    2. It seems like they are taking some shortcuts because they have six episodes rather than even an entire season to tie things up. Uncertainty about what "getting back to the future" really means looks more like we are turning on a dime. Kiera wants to go back, but it probably won't happen, but maybe it will. She feels some sort of bond with Brad, but they both act like it could end at any moment. It's too bad they only got "a six-hour movie" as Simon Barry called it, but hopefully at the end we will be happy with the result.

    3. How many show have we seen where the ending falls flat or is just plain, "meh"? Too many. Let's hope Barry has something special in store for us.

      I'm starting to feel as though Brad is a goner. That's what happens when you like someone on TV. Boom. Dead.

      Here's a thought, Brad sacrifices himself in order to change the Kellog timeline. Kiera makes it back to the future and meets Brad anew in a different better future. Too romantic?

      For sure on the short cuts. What can we do? Let's hope Barry's "cinematic" vision smooths them over and makes them palatable.

    4. "Here's a thought, Brad sacrifices himself in order to change the Kellog timeline. Kiera makes it back to the future and meets Brad anew in a different better future. Too romantic? "

      While I wouldn't be surprised that Brad ends up dying sacrificially (upon seeing the first Showcase trailer I speculated that the ashes Kiera was pouring out were Brad's), your 'different, better future' would mean Kiera doesn't get back to Sam. The show very much seems to be hinting at her either staying in the present or returning home to be with her son. I'm not sure how satisfactory it would be for fans for Kiera to go home and Sam no longer existing. And if Sam exists, then Greg would still be around, which could makes things kind of awkward if Brad turns up, too.

      Also keep in mind that Brad is already alive in present day (as we saw last season), so if Kiera goes back to any 2077, the Brad in that timeline would be 70+.

    5. Hey Jo, I don't think Kiera would have a problem dumping Greg. As far as getting back to Sam, Kiera may have to make a "Hobson's choice" and select a future that is better for all even if it means she can't be reunited with Sam. It doesn't have to be a completely happy ending!

      How about this, Kiera "fixes" the past travels back to the future where Brad was never in a militia and he never went back in time to kill her. Her other self is still alive in 2077 and she's still with Sam. She realizes there can't be two Kieras in that timeline and she goes back to 2015 and serves as a cop alongside Carlos.

      Time travel giveths and takeths away.

  2. Hey Dave,
    I had the same reaction as Kellog. I think it is as Fred said above, and as I asked on your last post, how can Kiera go home if her original future no longer exists?

    Very intriguing what you bring up about Jason's motives, I never thought about it. Could elder Alec have sent Jason back on a much more elaborate plan than we realized, one that included knowledge of the Kellog timeline? I don't see how they could have been aware of the whole continuum like that unless, maybe the traveler initiated the plan for elder Alec. Of course Jason ended up back in the 1990's and lost some of his marbles, but maybe the Halo wrist device helped him get back on track with whatever plan.

    I don't see how Emily could be pregnant with Jason currently. If Jason is roughtly 50 now after spending 20 years in the past, he would have been roughtly 30 in 2077 and born in the 2040's. But, what if Emily is destined to time travel?! That would open up a whole new avenue for things to unfold.

    Whatever happens, I'm thinking the show ends with Kiera having to make a choice. Either having her family, or instead, a healthy and morally acceptable timeline unfolds.

  3. Hi Chris,

    I've been trying to think what would precipitate Emily traveling through time to solve the Jason issue. I believe she will be kidnapped and pulled through time in order to leverage Alec the younger. Maybe this is what Jason is hiding from her. He can't afford changing the timeline any further and endanger himself and or her.

    The "Catching a cold" line may have something to do with this. It either has something to do with her being captured and pulled through time or has something to do with Alec in the future that bring Alec and Emily together.

    Time travel, aargh!

    I agree with Kiera having to make a "Hobson's choice." A take it or leave it solution where she doesn't have a "win win" scenario. Currently there is no Sam to get back to right? Unless there are multiple timelines and she can access the right one.

    Time travel, aargh!

    Thanks Chris!

    1. Yeah, I could see Alec still being leveraged by Emily being taken through time. Curtis and the Traveler I guess would be the best possibility to do this. I need to go back and watch how the "catching a cold" line was used.

      Correct, right now there is no Sam to get back to. But being both episodes have pounded home Kiera's desire to get back to him, I assume something radical is going to happen to make it a realistic choice.

    2. Radical indeed. Would you be upset if it was all a simulation? What if "The Traveler" is a manifestation of the CMR suit and it is trying to tell her to wake up? Ha, they wouldn't dare. That would render all the characters we've come to know as just imaginary. I can feel my blood pressure going up at that prospect.


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