Mr. Robot Suspect List - Who Knocked?

Mr. Robot ended it's final episode of the season with a scene of the beleaguered Elliot about to answer his door.  (Well, aside for the post credit scene.)

Who is on the other side?  Friend or foe?  Neither?  (Nobody, wink.)

The way Mr. Robot played with our minds this season it is likely to be anyone. The goal of this blog post will be to divine the character(s) most likely to be on the other side of that opaque stand-in for Elliot's defense mechanism as he opens a new portal to his mind.

The Obvious Choices

Of course Tyrell Wellick.

Elliot can't account for his absence. He woke up in the back of his car and apparently Willick helped facilitate the virus being uploaded.  He should be behind that door.

 So why didn't they show him? 


If they had showed Wellick on the other side of the door everyone would have said, "Where have you been?"  It would have been more fitting for Wellick to ask Elliot the same and have Tyrell bloody, broken and disheveled. 

Or not.  Having him dressed to the nines would indicate things are looking up and his new ally in Elliot has produced the desired results.  Whatever they are.

 Dear old Dad.

I did say this was the obvious choice category.   Too obvious you say?  I totally agree.  We did just see him in Times Square, full of fatherly advice and making sure Elliot chases himself down the same old rabbit hole.

However if Dad grabs Elliot by the lapels, throws him across the room and screams, "Forget everything I just told you!"  Then we have a whole new ballgame.

Darlene would be an obvious choice.

Is she the second most "angsty" character on the show?  (A difficult question given all the characters we've seen.)  Assuming she is the one behind the door her first question to Elliot would be, "WTF Elliot!"  So, yeah, too obvious.

Dear Sweet Angela.

The likelihood of her appearing behind the door is pretty high.  But in what iteration?  Will it be the new Angela that has bought into the machinations of Evil Corp. ? Anyone that callously goes out to buy new shoes like she did is capable of anything.  Would she appear before Elliot in order to co-opt him much like she has been seduced by the dark side?  

Or will it be the equally angsty Angela that fears for her soul and runs to Elliot before she is lost forever?

Or perhaps this one, the Angela that is playing a long game.

Angela only appears to have bought into Evil Corp.  She finally has what she wants and that is to penetrate the inner circle of Evil Corp.  From there, she can truly bring them down from the inside.  In order to facilitate this she'll bring Elliot along and will not make him privy to her plans.  (More effective that way.)

You may ask, "Isn't Evil Corp broken?"  Judging by that post credit scene I would say not.  There are always commodities and I'm sure EC has their fingers deeply entwined in those in order to insulate them from the financial collapse.

The Less Than Obvious Choices

The ever unctuous Phillip Price.

The new personification of evil.  Somewhere in the depth of Hades, Satan is taking notes and saying, "Good, goood, oh I can really use that."  This guy is slippery.  He seems a little dense but don't let that fool you, he truly smells of sulfur.

So wouldn't this new age Lucifer have someone else do his bidding? Certainly.  Like Angela.  He's allowed her to play him whilst he is the one really pulling the strings.


Good ol' Gideon Goddard.

He may have the most reason to knock at Elliot's door.  He seemed relentlessly optimistic in the last episode.  Nervously so.  He doesn't want to give up. the ship despite what his CFO tells him.

So where does he go for help?  To Elliot of course.  I don't think he fully trusts Elliot anymore but he remains his best hope.  Gideon's alarm bells started to go off when everyone was watching the news at Allsafe except Elliot.  Gideon openly wondered why.  

Your Spider-sense has not betrayed you Gideon.  If Elliot can break things he can fix them too.  Even Elliot keeps telling himself that.  (Hmm, that's reason to worry.)

Why not Krista Gordon?

I think after her little meeting with Michael she realizes which side her bread is buttered on.  It seemed as though Michael had convinced her to give up Elliot but, rather, I think it firmly entrenched her on Elliot's side.  There are people like Michael Hansen in the world and there are people like Elliot.  Does Elliot participate as a predator on the internet?  He does.  But not like the Hansens of the world.  Those are the people Krista needs help from.

Krista has a certain amount of leverage on Elliot and she may intimate her willingness to use it.  I don't think she's really go that far but a gentle nudge like that may be the push Elliot needs to make a more active role in helping people directly instead of in the shadows. 

The Scary Choices


 Is Joanna Wellick scarier than Phillip Price?

 Maybe so!

When Elliot was approached by her outside the apartment she was cool as the dark side of the pillow.  She is as intimidating with her sharp wit as she is in her good looks.  No doubt she uses her looks to lure in the unsuspecting untill it is too late to escape her web.  Even pushing the baby stroller doesn't put her off her game as Elliot quickly discovered.

Why would she knock on Elliot's door?  She needs Tyrell.  Oh, not because she misses him.  It's because she's the one with the true ambition in the family.   Tyrell seems to be just a front.  Much like Phillip Price, Joanna needs a minion.  A patsy to take the fall if not the lumps.  

Fernando Vera.

Perhaps the last person you'd like to see at your door.  Anytime, anywhere.  Vera is one frightening dude.  Wasn't he banished from the tri-state area seemingly never to return?  Elliot has a stranglehold on Vera's finances right?

As Elliot noted Vera knows how to play the game.  Perhaps this thug of a Chessmaster has figured out a new play for Elliot.  Do not count him out.

(Just keep your doors locked.)

 Why would White Rose be a scary choice?

After that post credit scene that's why!  Whose side is she on?  He on?  TV has a new transgender hero/villain.

Perhaps playing the longest game of them all, White Rose keeps her friends close and her enemies closer.  Or is it the other way around in this case.  We may never know.  White Rose wouldn't seem the type to walk up to Elliot's door.  Much like Price and Joanna Willick, the shadows are an easier place to work from.  But what if she's the one to shake Elliot out of his stupor?  A visit from her may do the trick.

It's just that, Elliot and we the viewers would have to ask ourselves, "What's your game?"

My Choice



There is some characters I just can't let go of and Shayla is one of them.  When she died I was heart broken.  When she returned in that well played flashback, even more so!

Wouldn't you love it?  If dear old Dad can come back from the dead to haunt Elliot's psyche shouldn't Shayla be an obvious choice? 

The good angel on Elliot's shoulder?

Elliot was crushed when Shayla died.  It was his fault.   To have her standing on the other side of the door would be stunning.  I would think Elliot's first response would be to embrace her.  Then, hold her at arms length and declare her dead.

So what.  Embrace her again and keep her this way.  Yes, she is part of the broken crockery that makes up Elliot's mind but it may be the one piece (peace) he needs to fix himself.  

The Brave Choice

Elliot himself comes knocking.

He grabs himself by his own lapels and slams the door behind him.

"Don't tell anyone we're doing this!" he implores.

Mind blown.

This would be the coup de gras.  Which Elliot would we trust?  Who is the real one?  How could we tell?  Did he have his hood up?  Write with the other hand?  Switch to an Apple computer?

If Elliot's doppelganger from his own mind comes to his door perhaps all is lost.  To see a projection of himself may be the last straw and Elliot truly trusts no one but himself.

Maybe that's a good thing.  It would certainly propel the series in directions we never really could have foreseen.  The internet would explode with theories each week as to which Elliot pulled the ultimate caper.  And we would never know which Elliot would be interacting with each character.  Real or imagined.

Are we ready for that?



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