Monday, September 28, 2015

Continuum - Power Hour

Who do you trust?

We are half way through the final season of Continuum and the endpoint is fast approaching.  I felt for sure we would tackling the science issues surrounding the building a time machine in this present era and the subsequent power struggle for control of the device.

Instead, we are examining the  dynamics of trust and the issues each player must confront as they pursue their own goals instead of the benefits of helping each other.  

I like it.

And to think, as of my last blog post I was extolling the virtues of how "together" the Continuum "Scooby gang" was and their comfort level in being able to "chill" with each other and knock back a few beers.

It didn't take long for the ice to crack in those frosty drinks.  

Carlos recognized Kiera's secret agenda thanks to his policeman's intuition.  This has been an ongoing struggle for him and you'd think Kiera would be sensitive to it.  But perhaps this version of Kiera is only 99.99% of the original Kiera that was shot by Brad and she is less sympathetic to Carlos' perspective.  Just a thought.

Carlos' instinct proved correct when Kiera approached Alec and asked him to funnel all information through her first.   Pretty cold from Kiera 2.0.  If we jump ahead later in the episode this is what Alec says to Kiera...

Amen Alec, I was thinking the exact same thing when she revealed all things have to go her way in getting back to the future.  She softened a bit when she met Travis later on, but still, Kiera 2.0 can be pretty selfish at times.

An interesting counterpoint to all the trust issues afflicting some of the major characters is the dynamic going on between Alec and Julian.  

Julian learns his manifesto has been released online and he is not happy.  Like Alec, he doesn't want to be responsible for so much suffering in the future.   

(Oh, quick aside.  When they mentioned Betty earlier in the episode I felt a little sad for her fate.  Worse, I'm disappointed with myself that my usual radar didn't sound the alarm someone was going to die in the episode that was just trying to do their job and help the cause.  Sorry Lucas!  Did anyone else hear the foreshadowing bells go off?)

I'm back.  Alec is still resisting his inner A-hole and confides this to Julian...


Now that is a statement of faith and it is far from the ambition displayed by the now dead Alec doppelganger of last season.  I still think Alec has a bit of a agenda but maybe Emily's sudden departure was a wake up call for Alec.  Here are two people that are actually going to embrace their future with hopes to make it right.  Of course, more on Julian to follow.

Awkward Alert!


As Carlos looks on, Alec discovers Brad's complicity in the ongoing events.  So what is Carlos' response?

Well naturally.

Carlos still has job to do and Kiera is beginning to get in the way.  Not overtly in the way but she's not helping the cause.  She's helping her cause.

Awkward for Alec now and this can only lead to trouble down the road.

And as for trouble.

Isn't this little guy cute?  Holy smokes it's Kagame!  I knew we'd see him again!  Totally called it!  Ha, but not this young.  Look at that head of hair!

So now we are back to the Julian trust issues.

We find out how his manifesto got published despite his tossing it into the fire.

Of course, Curtis.   I think my radar is bored with going off every time this guy appears.

But hold on there, is something different going on?  Here is where my internal alarms bells went off and I want to know if you guys agree with me.

Clang, clang clang!

Did Curtis just offer Julian the option with killing little Kagame to make sure Julian's vision isn't ruined?  At face value it seems Curtis is just saying, "Guide the boy and ensure his future along the right road."

Then this happened...

Little Kagame knocks down all the blocks as if to say you can topple future Julian if don't like what you see!


So, yes, please, is my tinfoil hat wrapped too tight?

Speaking of unlikely pairings that we all wished would happen.  (And have been heavily hinted at.)


Aren't they cute too?

Such a dynamic duo and so kick ass.

Naturally they want to kick each others ass  after a short time.  Then the worst happens.

Lucas is killed by Brad after saving Kiera.

Trust issues resolved for Carlos!  

It looks as though Kiera will be gravitating back to Carlos because it doesn't look like she can trust Brad anymore.  This should be a major development as Kiera needs all the allies she can muster to make sure her vision of the future is complete.  Brad was a big part of that.

So what does Brad do?


Pah!  This has to be a ploy by Brad.  Zorin already thinks he should be running the show and Brad put him right where he wants him to be.  Ready for the fall.


So who does Kiera turn to with Brad seemingly out of the picture?

Raise your hand if you think Travis will be behind bars for long.  Nobody?  Good.

Kiera's visit acts as a confessional of sorts.  She reaches out to Travis and claims she wants to do right by everyone without sacrificing what she needs.  He counters with what does she need?  He points out she is faced with a future of Kellog's making and that greed is his drug and his weakness.

He reminds her he must be stopped at all cost and is she willing to do that?

The implicit message there is Kiera will have to make sacrifices and her vision of the future isn't the be all and end all.

That would be a significant turnaround for Kiera and might point to the not so happy ending I've been predicting.  (Don't worry, part of my theory ends with Kiera returning to our timeline and partnering with Carlos on the police force.)

So what's the last major trust issue?

Bingo Kiera you win the prize.

My last tinfoil hat theory is that present Kellog is being played by future Kellog.

Kiera's right, he can't even trust himself.  He may think she is referring to his greed issues in the here and now, (hitting on Vasquez was a small example.)  What she really is saying is that future Kellog is playing a long game and is actually using himself in the past.  Brilliant.

We end with Julian joining the Kagame household.  Will he entrust his vision to the young revolutionary or will he snuff out that future like so many playing blocks?

Last aside.

Did everyone notice the episode led off with the "Previously on" flashback with Emily confronting Jason and her walking out on Alec?  Then the rest of the episode had nothing to do with it?  I'm telling you there is a major clue there and it has to do with Jason's and Emily's "secret."



Sunday, September 20, 2015

Continuum - Rush Hour

Yes Kellog, people can travel through time.

News flash!

Stop the presses!

Okay, I'm having a little fun at Kellog's expense.  He of all people should know people can travel through time.  It's that his current era is time travel challenged at least from a starting point.

Kellog was reacting to Curtis' revelation that the opportunity to send Kiera back home will manifest itself soon.

Kellog is in possession of a device but the rest of the technology so far has been out of his reach.

What changed?

Well, for one thing, there is the introduction of the Traveler as a major player.  

Kellog drops the hint there is something special about the Traveler and it's not that he has experienced time travel or knows something intimately about it.  It's that there is something physical about him.

Is he some sort of beacon?  Is there something about him that is attuned to time travel much like birds are wired to fly south in the winter and north in the summer?

Is the Traveler capable of time migration?

It seems he can't do it without a device or he'd be flashing about here and now.  

What of the opportunity Curtis speaks of?  If it's news to Kellog that time travel is suddenly at his doorstep has there been a development?

We all know Alec has a device too and we also know he needs access to Kellog's tech.  So what brings all these things together?


Why wouldn't he directly answer Emily's "Am I your mother" question?

I instantly grew suspicious of him.  Sure he is a little kooky but I think he is hiding something.  He's the wildcard that is going to bring Kellog and Alec together. 

I have no doubt it is the mother angle.

What was all the talk about Emily "catching a cold" is it a metaphor for getting pregnant?

Is that what spooked Emily into leaving?  She claims she is a lightening rod for the wrong kind of attention but I think it is something more.  Perhaps by leaving Alec she'll avoid becoming pregnant.  But if that is true then there will be no Jason.  Does she want to change the timeline by not becoming pregnant?  Is that what Jason wants too?  Jason seemed to be deliberately obtuse about the mother question and that is why I think he is hiding something.  

How about Emily is already pregnant?

That's the real reason why she's on the run.  To protect her unborn child.  To protect Jason.

That's why Jason was being so obtuse.  He can't alter the timeline by telling Emily too much.  

I think she got the hint Jason. 

I Owe You Dept.

 Dillon saved Carlos.  (Hey, Dillon is back!)


Kiera saves Kellog.


Oh, and of course, Carlos saves Kiera.

Do you think all these I.O.U.'s will be called upon?  Count on it.  It's Karma.

Karma Dept.


 Oh Kiera, too soon, too soon!  Don't be gloating yet.

Wrong Alec, you will have to be that asshole again.


That final sequence where Alec watches Emily walk out on his life.  It is no coincidence that we see Alec reflected in the glass.    Two Alecs.  One being that inner asshole that he has been trying to avoid. 

You can't escape karma Alec.  That inner asshole will come in useful.

Humor Dept. 

Kiera and Alec hear Alec's phone scream in pain.  It's his Kellog alert.  Hilarious.

"You missed." 

This is a bit karmic too.  Don't taunt Travis Kellog.  You'll see him again.

I got a laugh out of Travis' face too just before Carlos rams him.  Yaaaa!

This is bullshit. That little black dress looked awful on Rachel Nichols.  You have no taste Kellog.

Rachel Nichols can wear a dress my friend.  Try red next time.

Odds and Ends


It seemed to me Carlos was trying to convince Kiera to stick around in his time.  Her response to returning to the future was, "In a heartbeat."  That's cold Kiera, Carlos was reaching out to you.

What about Brad?  Does he make it back to the future with you?

I'm counting the water imagery/metaphors this season.  I think there is something to this.

I love how the Continuum Scooby gang get together for beers and food.  Other shows have their players split apart.  These guys chill with each other.  Kiera has a wine, Emily and Julian knock back a brewskie.  It's awesome.

Karma Part Two Dept.


Hoo boy.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Continuum Continues!

Continuum returns for its fourth and final season and brings with it visions of a bright and shiny future where families are reunited and the sins of the past have been fixed.

Yeah right.

It was hard to believe future Alec when he uttered the above line during the teaser trailer for this season let alone as he appeared alongside Kiera Cameron as she recovered from her three year coma.

Therein lies the bombshell that was dropped on us as it was revealed that Kiera's CMR suit can put her into simulation mode in order to protect her from serious brain trauma.  It was noted by Kiera's Doctor/nurse that she had been out for three years after she survived the blast in the execution chamber thanks to a controlled coma.  Also, thanks to Kiera's suit the vivid dreams she recollected was all part of the simulation


So, what are we to believe?  Did Kiera really hallucinate the last three years as she lay in a coma?  If so, why did future Alec refer to fixing the past?  Or was that just an hallucination too?

When Kiera awoke in the back of that panel truck she saw young Alec and Carlos standing over her.  She told them the CMR suit protected her and as she did so she transitioned from older Alec to younger Alec.  It begs the question, with all the trauma Kiera has endured, how much of her supposed timeline was a creation of the suit and how much is factual?

Even Carlos remarked, "Kiera, your hallucinating."  How much of that was meant for us as viewers and not particularly Kiera? 

That's a lot to absorb and now my mind is reeling trying to think back on more clues where how much might be factual and how much is CMR suit created.

Would Continuum really do that to us?  Is this Simon Berry's ultimate curve ball.

For the time being I'm going to continue to believe this is a time travel show and Kiera's efforts to change the past along with Brad was a failure and we are living the Kellog timeline.

And who wants to live in a future controlled by a "dick" as revealed in the funniest moment of the episode.

Kellog is playing it close to the vest as he is kind of liking the way things are going for him now.  He's ousted dead Alec and is firmly in control of Piron.

Only a visit from Curtis casts doubt on Kellog's vision of a Kellog centered utopia especially when Curtis informs Kellog that future Kellog's soldiers are roaming about and his vision may not exactly conform with his older self's vision.

No worries, Curtis is here to help him along the way.

Like Curtis can be trusted!  Especially when he is accompanied by the mysterious and hulking "Traveller."

What is their agenda and who is this Traveller?  Is he a random wild card thrown in by Simon Barry or is he someone we already know.

Like Kiera's son Sam.  That's where my mind went.  Somewhere crazy where Sam is following in his mother's footsteps trapped in various time lines where only he knows the true one.

Unless of course, he is part of the hallucination too.

You'd better fix this Alec and you only have five more episodes to do it in!

How much do we trust Alec to send Kiera back to the future?  He's got Emily back and it looks like defeating Kellog and getting Piron back are worthy goals.  Surely Alec doesn't prefer a future led by a "dick" like Kellog.  

We just have to remember Alec is the one attempting to send Kiera back to the future when it was his future self that sent her back in the first place.  How much at odds are these two Alecs?   Can it be any worse than the two Alecs that were at odds in the same time line?  I think so.

Kiera seems to realize that too when she cautioned present Alec about his future self's motivations and not turning into that version of himself.  Alec agreed with her, but I don't know, alarms bells went off inside my own head.

At least Alec has his Scooby gang with him to keep him on the strait and narrow.  Well, that's if you can completely trust Julian and Lucas.  I think we all know they have their own agendas.  But at least they have no love for Kellog.

I was wondering if we were going to see Julian Randol again.  I'm glad he is still part of the story.  Just another monkey wrench to put into the mix.

I forgot how kick ass Emily was too.  I didn't exactly get her best side, but here she is executing that flying scissor choke hold thing we've so much of lately.  Very effective.

Speaking of kick ass.  Garza does what she does best and that is unloading a clip in order to save someone's rear end.  Specifically here, Kiera.

Here's Kiera landing on the car near where Garza appears.  Good thing the CMR suit saved her.  More possible head trauma though.  So is everything a simulation here afterwards?

More "kick-assitude" is provided by one of my TV favorites, Kyra Zagorsky.  She's playing Vasquez and please tell me her and Garza mix it up.

Everything seems to be going the good guys way until we see this.

Present Kellog meets with his future bathrobe wearing self.  And bathrobe wearing Kellog calls his more dapper self, "Buddy."

Is this just a hologram message for Kellog or can bathrobe Kellog really transit time with this communication device?  What it does mean is that both Kellogs will be on the same page (who needs you Curtis) while both Alecs will not.

Not good.

Odds and Ends

I didn't catch this guys name and it's not listed in IMDB but the actor is Michael Eklund.  If Gotham really wants to add The Joker to its show I pick this dude.  He looks crazy joker killer.

(Note: Reader Jo informs us the character's name is "Zorin.")

A nice moment near the end when Kiera and Carlos hold hands.  I'm not much of a shipper but shouldn't these two be a couple?  Her future husband is a jerk and Brad is okay but they have no real history like these two.

I wonder if Carlos still holds a torch for Kiera version 1.0 that was killed off last season and can never accept this one?

You know what they say about second chances Carlos, don't blow this!