Time After Time: I Will Catch You

"Time After Time" had a two hour premier night Sunday and the second hour was entitled, "I Will Catch You."

I wonder if they were referring to the ratings they incurred during the first hour because things seemed to have dropped off a bit in that second hour.

No, it wasn't bad.  But it seemed to lack the depth of the first hour.  Most of the second episode was devoted to action and or hostage drama and it really didn't seem to propel the story arc.

As you can see from the picture posted above, Stevenson (Jack the Ripper) is still in hot pursuit of the key to the time machine.  He fears of wearing out his welcome as long as HG has the key.  Possessing the key and controlling the machine will free him of this burden and and leave him to perform his murderous acts.

As we discussed in the first blog post for this show, we just can't have HG chasing around Jack as things will get rather stale after a while.  Something will be needed to spice things up a little and move the show along through several seasons.  

Like a nice conspiracy.

The center of such a conspiracy seem to be the mysterious "great, great, granddaughter" of HG, Vanessa Anders.

Much to my surprise they really didn't pursue this angle that much.  There were odd clues here and there but no great insights.

Until they ran the teaser for the upcoming season.  Mystery solved!


It didn't take too much story telling math to figure out the direction this show will be going but you didn't have to spoil it in the previews.  I have to say it also looks pretty interesting with some clever inspiration but suffice it to say the whole great, great granddaughter thing is in deep jeopardy.

Good grief.

 So, as I mentioned earlier we embroiled in a hostage drama.

Genesis Rodriguez give much gravity to her predictament even though she predictably got her self in and out and then back in and the out of trouble.  (Seriously.)

She even had this wonderful exchange with her captor.

Zap!  Take that internationally famous murderous fiend.

Jane showed a lot of courage in her face off with Stevenson.  Did anyone buy her attempt to "change" Jack the Ripper?  It was a bit of pop psychology to appeal to his humanity and oddly enough it seemed to work.  I wonder if they will follow up on this angle as the show progresses.

But I have to ask, do you really want to de-fang Jack the Ripper?

The Conspiracy

HG wrote a letter to himself that Vanessa offered as proof of their close relationship.

It read, "It's true H.G., don't be daft. Believe it."  Signed, H.G.

Pretty cryptic proof.  Even Jane wondered why he didn't write more.  (Oh, I'm sure we'll find out.)   Even more mysterious is the little doodle in the corner.  What is it?

  • A clue to disregard anything written on the note or any note?
  • A corporate logo.  Also issued as a warning?
  • A tribal symbol from the deep past that has an ominous future
  • A face or mask that serves as a warning?
  • Something that should be seen as a reverse negative.  (Not easy to do.)
  • A seal or royal seal either from the future or past?

Any ideas dear readers?

Is there a conspiracy within the conspiracy?

Who is this character that has been following HG around?

At one point they literally bumped into each other.  He seems rather threatening, he isn't much for words and his stalking skills leave a little to be desired.

So why do I think he is a good guy?

He's got the Carrie Mathison (Homeland) wall map and seems to know a lot about HG.  

Do you suppose he has about as much knowledge of HG as Vanessa does?  Can he be linked to the mysterious doodle in the note HG left for himself.

And to take it one step further....


Is he part of a long list of HG Wells descendants whose job it is to protect time?

Dun, Dun, Duuun!

Just a theory.  No real insight aside from millions of hours of watching TV.

Odds and Ends

What does everyone think of the future Senator, Griffin?  He seems nice enough and is apparently romantically attached to Vanessa.  He doesn't seem to trust HG and it looks like he will be snooping around.

Part of the evil conspiracy?  Not likely.  More of a dupe for Vanessa and her ambitions?  Very likely.  There's nothing like having a senator in your pocket to grease the skids for your master plan.

That bridge where HG met John for their first thwarted meeting.  Is that the bridge that was in the movie, "You've Got Mail" with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan?

The crazy doomsday screamer.

A one-off character to set the mood for the series?  Or, a recurring character to remind HG things really are bad?

Here's HG's simple vision of how time works.  Linear of course (maybe too simple?) Time travel pokes a hole in the stream and the more you travel the more holes are made until you make a gaping hole.  HG characterizes the gaping hole as a dire consequence but he cannot elaborate on it.

Is this where the "Red Headed League" figures in?  (I'm speaking of the Stalker and you have to know your Sherlock Holmes for that reference.)  Have there been too many holes before?  Does HG need to be stopped or just pointed in the right direction?

So, as I said earlier this was the weaker sibling to the episode that came first.  I'm not giving up "Time" yet as I am too invested in the original property.

Also, since they pretty much revealed where the series is going it looks to good to let go.

Stick with me fellow time travelers and I will see you next week!

(Or this weekend for FX's Legion!)



  1. I am SO not impressed with Time After Time so far. I saw the whole thing on Sunday - it was played in one long show. With all due respect to those who enjoy it, I found the characters shallow and uninteresting, the plot so weak, cornstarch won't even help, and pacing that would only suit an after school special about after school specials.

    But I'll keep watching only because you are reviewing it, and on the off-chance it actually improves. Because stranger things have happens.

    Speaking of which, where can one watch Stranger Things without a Netflix account? I can't find any DVDs to purchase... And will you be reviewing Orphan Black's last season? That, I WILL be watching!! :-D

  2. Oh, I will definitely reviewing Orphan Black. The final season! Geez, I don't know where else to find Stranger Things season 1. I'll look around for you.

    So you're saying you didn't like the first two episodes of "Time"? Did I understand that correctly?


    Hopefully, it will just take a little time to build. They seem to have some good ideas I just hope the talent before and behind the camera can match it!

    Thanks Ingrid!


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