Time After Time: Secrets Stolen

Who'd a thunk "Time After Time" would evolve into such a "conspiracy" show?

Sure it has a cute little romance.  Yes, there is very much a time machine involved.  Plus, there is a dash of mystery with a murder or two to spice things up.

But a conspiracy show?

Oh yes, and they doubled down on it during the last episode.

Hey I know you.  You're Brooke.  You're the one that's holding Jack the Ripper prisoner and experimenting on him.  (Well, she was.)  You're also Griffin's sister and Vanessa's soon to be sister-in-law!

That's doubling down.

And they don't stop there.   

It appears the father of Brooke and Griffin was involved in a genetic engineering project called "Utopia".  The plans of which were stolen by the father of the now deceased Chad (actually, no one dies in time travel) and given to Vanessa's father David Anders.

That's a pretty tight circle.

What did HG say about time travel?  Just for observation and research?  That Schr√∂dinger's Cat is long out of the bag.

To add seasoning to this particular stew we must remember, Brooke and Griffin have foreknowledge of HG.  As does Chad, his mother and Vanessa as well.

Is there anyone else?  We'll see.

Oh, what a tangled web HG.

It may also be important to remember that Chad's efforts to "expunge" HG and John were of a grass roots level while Brooke's and Griffin's are tantamount to corporate espionage.  This means lives were effected at a personal level and at a much larger scale.

All things considered, there is no doubt it can all be traced back to HG and the time machine.  HG's reticence about affecting time seems to be a colossal failure as the ripples resound everywhere.

So what does everyone think?  A little too convenient to have everyone so closely related figuratively and literally?  Or does this add to the drama to have all the warring parties so close at hand?

Sooner or later "TAT" will have to explain the "foreknowledge" angle to some of these characters.  If it's plausible it will mean a great leap for the show.  If not, it's days may be numbered.

Jack the Ripper

When we last left Dr. John Stevenson aka, Jack the Ripper, he was half naked and strapped to a gurney.  (I have a feeling this won't be the last time we see actor Josh Bowman without his shirt on.)

Brooke brought him up to speed on her designs for him and quick study that he is, he pretty much understood most of it.  Which led him to conclude two things.

A. She wants to control how people think.
B. She's "Mad as a bag of ferrets."

Good call doctor.

In the meantime he had an "up close and personal" with one of her subjects.  IMDB dubbed him, "The Pale Man", one of many thusly dubbed in TV and movies.  (None of them good.)

He seems to be a rage machine.  So one has to ask, does Brooke look to infuse this monster with some of Jack's humanity?  (Gulp.)  Or, does she look to enhance his intellect?

Aha!  The perfect fighting machine.  A genius killer.  Sounds utopian Brooke.

Yet, there was a larger shoe to drop.

Dr. John Stevenson has a son.

"Impossible" remarked the good doctor.  Impossible in that he usually kills all his "lovers"?  Impossible that he formed an actual relationship?  Impossible that she could get pregnant?  (Is he impotent?  Which may account for much of his misogyny.)


Jack not one to cool his heels, rather easily gains access to the machine once again and he is off into time.

"Where did he go?" Brooke rather obtusely remarks.  (She's the one that dropped the bombshell info on him.)

Thanks to Jane we know the date he traveled to was March 30, 1918.  She asked HG if that date meant anything to him.  If she had asked me I would've said it had something to do with either his son, David Ayers or his lover, Pauline.

Just a guess.

Odds and Ends 

Aw, Vanessa Anders was really cute as a kid.  HG came to the realization to whom this was thanks to the Nanny.   But this really doesn't seem like the introduction adult Vanessa told HG about when they first met in 2017.

HG never introduced himself to the three year old here and certainly didn't remark they were related.  HG must visit her again!


So, Brooke is continuing her fathers work on Project Utopia.  Which I remarked might have something to do with making "raging genius killers".   Are the female of the species important to propagating this new breed?

I ask because the logo we often see above has the two XX's in it often associated as the sex chromosome of the female species.

I wonder if this also has something to do with Pauline Ayers the mother to Jack's son.

Chad's father, Robert Holland must be desperate for money but not so desperate that he would give up his information without the agreed amount.  I wonder if works for Project Utopia?  Is he working for David Anders too or just being used because they are neighbors?

He did say he had to go through a lot to secure the information Anders wanted.  Apparently, Anders is lacking in money too and desperate to secure the vital information Holland has.

Brooke said if HG finds out Robert Holland sold the information to Anders then they are all in big trouble.  (To paraphrase.)

Hmm, I wonder why?  By the way do we know Griffin's and Brooke's last name?

Could it be Ayers?

Just another guess.


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