Star Wars: The Problem with Rey

There's a problem with Rey?


Daisy Ridley's "Rey" was clearly the star of "The Force Awakens."  Ambitious, clever, resourceful and courageous. Rey was a character everyone fell in love with.  But her background was, and still is, shrouded in mystery.

Who were her parents?

Why was she left on Jakku?

These are major questions for the Star Wars franchise.  After all, lineage is a major plot point specifically when it involves the Skywalker family saga. 

So why don't we know more about Rey?  What are they hiding?


Thanks to the new teaser we did learn a little more about Rey.  This revelation should come as a surprise to no one.

Rey is Force sensitive.

About 20 seconds into the trailer we hear the voice of Luke Skywalker. 

"Breathe, just breathe."  Then, "Now, reach out." 

The stones begin to rise around Rey's fingers.

Rey is force sensitive.

Skywalker continues to ask her what she sees and she responds, "Light", "Darkness."

Rey isn't just Force sensitive, she is Force capable.

So, yes, not a big surprise.

I mean really, why introduce a new character to the Star Wars saga and not have this person in tune with the Force?

This is where my theory comes in and why Rey was secreted away on far Jakku

The has a proclivity to the Dark Side.

I'm not saying she is evil, I'm saying she is too dangerous to be left where the Dark Side can reach her.

Somewhere in her past her parents, who ever they are, realized she meant an imbalance to the Force and it was towards the Dark Side.

This is why she had to be hidden away. 

The argument against this is Disney would never have an evil Princess.

Rey represents a long line of female heroes in the Disney pantheon and like it or not, they become "Princesses" to their consumer industry.  It's the good guys that make the money.

So Disney would never do this right?

Well, they wouldn't but Rian Johnson might.  Just see "Looper".  He's not afraid to, "go there."

Did Disney give Johnson that much latitude?


If we take a look at the poster again, it seems to suggest they did.

Rey, standing at the base, her light saber piercing the images of herself and Luke.  The Light starts out blue but ends in red.  Does this mean under the tutelage of Luke she starts out good but ends up bad?

The red also suggest a split between Luke and Rey and since she is standing at the base she is the one causing it.

Plus, they don't exactly look happy do they?

Like I said, Disney loves a good Princess to sell.  So this can't possibly last.  The trilogy could be a story of redemption.  Perhaps Rey will find the light and bring Kylo back to it with her.

As the trailer ends Luke says the Jedi must come to an end.  Perhaps he realizes there can be no more struggle between the dark and the light.  There can only be one force.

Would Disney dare go there? 

Correction for one of the above statements.  Reader Kevin points out that it is Kylo Ren seen to the right of Luke in the above poster.  So, suggesting she has gone to the "Dark Side" as evidenced by the poster is out.

I'm still hanging on to my theory that Rey may have a proclivity to the Dark Side but it is no longer buttressed by the poster.  Thanks Kevin!



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