Orphan Black - Clutch of Greed


We all want peace and serenity in our lives right?

That peace comes from a lack of inner turmoil, from confidence, from strength and most importantly, from control.

Rachel is certainly in control now.

In last week's OB post I illustrated the state of war that exists between Rachel and Sarah.   For all of Sarah's resourcefulness, it is Rachel that is in control.  This was never more evident than when Rachel had Siobhan and Kira marched in by Ferdinand to open this past episode.

It was a power play by Rachel.  Here is what I have.  I will will return it to you under certain conditions.  Play nice with me, or else.

It was carefully orchestrated as an end game to show Sarah how tenuous her control is.  Here is your daughter and Mum, unharmed.  Here, all along.  Play nice.

Sarah agrees to this "fait accompli" but naturally the gears are turning.

Alison finds herself in a similar situation.  Her children are still removed, albeit voluntarily, her husband has gone MIA and the one person she was charged with protecting at all costs is gravely wounded.  

Worse, Alison's seat of power in the church group is threatened!

Helena is hors de combat but her gears never stop turning.  She is suspicious of the Neonatal doctor (Neo!) and she has learned her bebies are miraculously on the mend.  (Another clone child superpower to contend with.)  Time to make a move.  She shares her secret plan with Donnie that unnerves him.  (What would make Donnie so unnerved?  Did Helena say she was off to Dyad?  That doesn't seem to make sense.  Off to the island perhaps?)

Boy, I hope she was right about that doctor.  I think we all get the point now.  But, at least it wasn't a pencil!

Sarah's Way But the Devil's in Play

As I said earlier, Sarah always has a plan.  On the agenda, remove Kira from Rachel's clutches.

It's the standard play.  Impersonate Rachel, grab Kira, switch her off to Siobhan and await safe transport.

Standard, standard, standard.  It always works.  Always.


But the Devil is in the details.  Or in this case, Felix's apartment.

Ferdinand is misogynistic, self-loathing sado-masochist. To make matters worse, he's been jilted.

Rachel is in the seat of power and Ferdinand want to share it.  Plus, a little slap now and then wouldn't hurt.  (Okay, it would, but that's the point.)

Rachel told Ferdinand the bad news, no more naughty time.  Outwardly he seemed to go along.  Inwardly, he was seething.  (James Frain is so great.)

They went to pick up Kira per the arrangement but Ferd's radar went off.  He separated himself from the team and decided to watch the rear exit.

His instincts proved correct as he watched the disguised Sarah leave the school and head to Felix's place to meet MK.

She's sick of course and she seems unusually vulnerable.  Perhaps fatalistic.

Sarah arrives to spirit her away.  Inexplicably MK refuses.  Why?  

I have to admit I was a bit dumbfounded by this.  It's like she wanted to die.  Yes, I understand, save Sarah, buy her time.  But give yourself up?  Quit?  You know who's coming right?

She was implacable and with time running out, the wolf was at the door, Sarah had to move.  It's like MK wanted things to come full circle.


Ferdinand brutally dispatched her.

It was indeed sadistic.  Stomping on poor MK until she expired.  I have no doubt some of Ferdinand's zeal came from his rejection by Rachel.  The rest of his "motivation" came from wanting to finish his Helsinki massacre.

The internet did not react well to this.

I wonder if Orphan Black just wanted to raise the stakes in their final season so someone had to die.

Grim choice OB.  Grim choice.

Seismic (Psychic) Waves

The repercussions were felt from afar.

Kira wasn't very keen on  bugging out for the umpteenth time.  She was pitching a bit of fit to begin with but then she couldn't "feel" MK anymore.  Just a feeling though, not a complete psychic connection where she could read her thoughts like I spoke of in the last OB blog post. 

Still, a powerful connection had been lost and Kira was deeply anguished.  She refused to get in the van and Sarah decided she was going to fight through it.  Too bad kid!  Somewhat surprisingly, Siobhan intervened on the side of Kira.  I think it was Kira's plea to want to know who she really is.  It really resonated with Siobhan.


So, the jig was up.  Sarah had lost.  Again.

Meanwhile Back on the Island

Cosima continues to "follow the science" and who could blame her with such adorable patients at hand.  But that's not the big story.  The big story is she's been granted an audience with the grand poo-bah man behind the curtain.

P.T. Westmoreland !

Darn!  He's not a head in a jar!

I know it's been done but it still would have been cool.  Something with greenish liquid with little bubbles that stream out of mouth and ears when he spoke.  Blub, blub.

He does look the part of a late Nineteenth century man.  You know, buddies with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.  

But is he legit?  Just because he dresses the part doesn't mean he is really 172 years old.  He could be faking it or perhaps preserved by Cryogenics.  Of course, pulling him out of a deep freeze now and then would be a neat trick.

He's a smooth operator too.  Cosima nearly swooned when she read up on his "Very elegant immuno-stealthing vector."

Oh brother.  Watch out for all that "Direction of the cow" talk Ms. Cosima.  

The Resistance

What Resistance you say?  Sarah and the Clone Club?

Nope, the one inside Revival.  I'm calling it.  There is something going on.   Delphine is supposed to be in Sardinia.  How did she suddenly appear at Siobhan's door.

I'll tell you how, with the aid of this guy.  "The Messenger".  (Actor Geza Kovacs)  I'm calling this too.  Call it crackpot if you like.  This gruff watchdog that is seemingly everywhere and in everyone's business is secretly running the opposition on the island.

I bet he has his fingers in everything and knows exactly what is going on.  He is in the perfect position to run the Revival revolt.  

I can't wait to see the fireworks from this one.

Want a counter theory?

"The Messenger" is really PT Westmoreland and the other guy is just a fake.  Being in everyone's business is a great way to keep tabs on them all.

Believe me, I hope it's crackpot theory "A".  I want to see that other guy's head in a jar.

One Other Thing

Did you see the way Rachel put Kira in the car?  She turns her back on the kid and slams the door.

Fingers lady!  Fingers!

You don't think a child that age might not stick her fingers where they don't belong?  You're no Auntie!



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