Orphan Black - The Few Who Dare

Is the war over?

If it isn't, it certainly isn't going the way the Clone Club wants it to.

The Neolutionists look to have the upper hand and ravishing Rachel is seemingly in full control.  Let's take a quick breakdown on how the battle in going.

  • Sarah is wounded and on the run.  She's isolated and alone and by the end of the episode she's been captured.
  • To make matters worse, the one victory Sarah enjoys is reestablishing contact with Cosima.  Astonishingly, she is rebuffed by Cos and sent away so Cosima can finish the work Delphine has started.
  • Speaking of which, not only is Cosima willing to continue Delphine's work towards a clone cure but it looks as though she has been co-opted by Rachel into working together!  (Judging by their last scene together.)
  • Alison and Donnie are secreted away in a public park and roughing it like true outdoorsmen.  Alison seeks to re-enter the fray but is captured by goons while Donnie makes his escape suitcase in tow.  (Hilarious.)
  • Helena is having a "Hoot" in the woods when she comes to Donnie's rescue.  For her efforts, the pregnant Helena is run through the abdomen by a very sharp stick.
  • Siobhan and Kira have been captured and held in parts unknown.
  • Art has a new partner and of course she is a Neo.
Anything else?

Ah yes, Rachel has met with the still living but invisible leader of the Neo's, P.T. Westmoreland.  She has been "selected" and apparently has access to the throne.  


See what happens when you burn a picture of your daughter to start a fire!

Hmm, want a tinfoil-hat theory?

Sarah had quite a few "visions" of Kira during her travails.  The people behind Orphan Black have intimated the importance of Kira's special powers for this season and the increased interest by the Neolutionists in her abilities.

Could it be Kira has a psychic connection to her mother?  Mental telepathy could be one of her new found powers.  We've seen her have visions before but this might be a step up.  The funny thing is,  Sarah might not be fully capable of receiving them!

Kira will probably have to adjust for that.

The Neolutionist Plan

So let's also take a look at what Delphine got so committed to her work and convinced Cosima to ride it out at "Revival" city.

Nothing pulls at the heartstrings like a child in distress.  Seen above, a young Afghan girl is brought to the island for care.  Naturally, Delphine will do anything to help.

When Cosima and Delphine finally get some quality alone time, Delphine make her pitch.

She defines the Neolutionist work as a "Decades long pro-longevity study."  

"Stem-cell therapy, cryonics, caloric restriction, immunotherapy, and cloning."

She closes her argument by telling Cosima, "Life extension is the first principle"  "This is the heart of Neolution!"

How is a science geek like Cosima supposed to resist that?  Especially, after they share a long and loving kiss before Delphine departs for Sardinia.  (Sardinia?)

Add to this poor little Charlotte is still there.  Cosima has to stay.

But at what cost?  You know there has to be a catch.

As I mentioned above, Cosima is in the clutches of Rachel now and even if they don't like each other, they are both working towards the same goal.  Rachel can't exactly be trusted and she has a taste for blood.

She also has a proclivity for sacrificing pawns.  Now she has Cosima, Charlotte and the newly captured Sarah on the board.  One would think experimentation might be in the offing for some if not all.

Also, with Rachel's access to Westmoreland the whole island will become her test bed.  (Which it kind of is anyway.)

Of course, we haven't seen Westmoreland yet.  Delphine did mention Cryonics and longevity earlier.  Do you suppose Westmoreland's longevity is due to bringing him in and out of a deep freeze?  That would be cheating considering they refer to him as 170 years old.

What if no one is sitting on the throne?  Susan used to have access to Westmoreland.  But what if the big secret is no one is really in the temple?  I kind of hope that isn't true.  I want to see what this 170 year old looks like.  Maybe he is just a head in a jar.  Sentient of course.

The Few Who Dare

So, how does the Clone Club turn this around?

How does two bad ass dudes like the Hell Wizard and Scott sound?

Seriously, the call has been put out to M.K. and that should prove interesting.  If only Helena was 100% what a tag team that would make.

Art should be able to find a way around his new "partner".  Felix is on the job and they have a hostage of their own in Ira.

Hmm, Rachel might not care too much about that.

The last thing you want is Rachel standing over you triumphant.

Sarah is the straw that stirs the drink in this show so she will have to step up her game.  Siobhan and Kira must be found and freed.  Then, Sarah will be set loose upon the Neo's.

Quickie prediction.

Since they brought up Cryonics and we haven't seen what's behind the temple door I predict the last we see of Rachel is her in a frozen tube to end the series.  

What comes around goes around my dear.





  1. Welcome back. I gave up on 12 Monkeys, (just couldn't deal with binge release )but LOVE Orphan Black. I agree that Donnie running through the woods pulling a designer suitcase on wheels was hysterical. I am always interested in names. Mr PT Westmoreland.....since we;ve yet to see him, feels like the Great and powerful Oz, he behind the curtain , who was considered so powerful by the great unwashed. And PT is Mr PT Barnum and the Greatest Show on Earth, who was not above using a series of hoaxes to bring in the masses. But Westmoreland....stumped . Since he has supposedly been around for over a century I don't recall any Westmorelands from that age. Maybe it is relative to the location ...west-more-land.
    I get bogged down in details and often fail to see the whole picture. Glad to have someone to do it for me.

    1. Glad to be of service!

      I thought of PT Barnum too with all his smoke and mirrors. Just put on a show and people will come. The only Westmoreland I thought of was General William Westmoreland who commanded American forces in the Viet-Nam war from 1964 to 1968. Perhaps this newer Westmoreland wants to win over the "Hearts and Minds" of the people before the hearty band of guerrillas known as the Clone Club wins the day.

      I didn't binge 12 Monkeys either. It took me about a week and a half to finish and I had to because the risk of spoilers was too great. Plus Terry Matalas chided me for being slow. Catch up on the Monkey season when you can. It was brilliant. (Not Kidding.)

      Donnie gets some of the best stuff to do. I'm going to miss this group but looking forward hi-jinks from this season.

      Thanks Linda!


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