12 Monkeys - The Finale

I live here in my forever Autumn.

The still air is crisp and cool.  The crimson leaves linger, seemingly forever. 

A perpetual quietude blankets my world.  I gaze upon it's serenity and accept the tranquility of my unchanging cosmos.

I bear witness to the inevitability of nothingness.

Then something changed.

I got neighbors.

I like them.

He is a tireless worker.  Tending to the yard and endlessly working on the house.  When I first approached him he seemed surprised to see me.  He grinned with a tincture of pain, but, it was no less genuine.

As I shook his hand I sensed a wisdom beyond his years.

We were soon joined by his wife.  Her smile was like a new dawn unseen around here for eons.  She wiped her hands on her apron and offered me some tea.  With a wink the man suggested lemonade instead.  Her handshake was firm and full of resolve.  As she pirouetted back to kitchen I felt she had let me in on an unspoken secret. 


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