Should we color Fringe green?

Just throwing this out there but it seems to me we have been seeing an extra dose of green used thematically in this new season of Fringe.  A subtle hint that the resolved universe with Peter returned will be the so called "green universe" with a whole new timeline?  We'll find out by the intro sequence once Peter is finally back.

Below are a few of the examples of the usage of green.  If we see "Green Eggs and Ham" we know it is a done deal!

Walter's vials transitioning from amber/orange to green.

Lincoln Lee framed in green.

Olivia and Broyles bathed in green during a transition to the bridge room.

And finally a distorted Walter also framed in green.

Green eggs and ham anyone?


  1. It's a yellow-shift. A shift towards yellow from the Redverse yields the orange/amber credits. And a shift towards yellow from the Bluverse yields green. The yellow-shift likely is symbolic of a shift towards neutrality between both quantum-entangled universes.


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