Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sherlock Holmes Jedi Knight?

Some images from BBC's "Sherlock" series two have recently become available and the one I've posted above is from their adaptation of "The Hound of the Baskervilles".  When I first saw this image it looked as thought Benedict Cumberbatch's Holmes was swinging a light sabre ala Star Wars fame.  Now wouldn't that be an amazing mash up of two iconic tales?  As it is, he is actually carrying a flashlight or "torch" as the Brits would call it.  Sherlock is no doubt scrambling through the Yew trees and canvassing the moors in search of the elusive Hound and or its victims. 

You have to admit it is pretty close to the image posted below of Sir Alec Guinness also armed with the aforementioned Light Sabre.  It would take someone for more adept than I at photo-shop to merge the two images into one glorious Sherlock Holmes/Star Wars cross over.

Below I've included a teaser also from the upcoming Sherlock series.  There have been several made available but this one is my favorite.  It depicts Cumberbatch's "Sherlock" at his most arrogant, impatient and flippant.  The way he tosses off a "laters" as he departs company from his new clients is quite funny.  Cumberbatch has really nailed his version of Holmes and it is probably the best adaptation of Holmes since Jeremy Brett did his for the Granada Television series.

No word on the premier for Sherlock series yet but hopefully this spring of 2012!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Dissecting the Prometheus trailer

Well this is exciting.

You know, I swear I saw the face of an Alien (from the original movies) somewhere in that horseshoe spacecraft that topples over as the teaser nears its end.  I've replayed it a few times and still can't find it again.  I'll keep searching but what about the space craft???!!!  It's definitely the same one we saw in the original Alien movie.  Only this time it is vertical as opposed to horizontal as we saw in the original.   I always thought that the original craft flew parallel to the ground in it's configuration.  Now it seems that its true flying capability is perpendicular instead.

But I'm getting a little ahead of the game here.  I love how the teaser starts out with a lament.  "I was wrong (we) were so wrong.  I'm so sorry."  Boom!  We're hit with an electronic bass vibe and your heart freezes.  We get a glimpse of what I think is a shuttle craft and suddenly we are amidst a cloud covered landscape that for some reason reminds me of Rivendell of LOTR fame.  I still need to pinpoint that image.  Next three vehicles exit a craft, apparently our explorers, one is a large transport and two are ATV scout like vehicles.  We get a quick cut montage of egg like urns amidst the darkness with "The Giant Head" that we've so much of in the publicity photos.  (Love the giant head.)  We get some images of what looks like a lab, a spacesuit with its integrity being violated, some sad looking people, Michael Fassbender's character extracting a tube with God knows what  in it.

OK, let's pause there.   *Spoiler Alert!*  There has been a lot of speculation on the 'net that Fassbender's character is that of an android.   If you've watched the previous Alien movies you know that early on the Androids are there to preserve and protect the "Aliens".  Is that what he is looking at in the tube?

 Next, our vehicles are back only this time they are racing back to the shuttle.  It looks like a full retreat to me.  It's funny how the large transport is leading the pack.  Things must have gone horribly wrong for it to outpace the scout vehicles.

 We get a lot of reaction shots next.  People look a little alarmed.  Charlize Theron's character is on the run and Idris Eba's character looks to be crying out in alarm or shouting a warning.  Just before that the Horseshoe craft is plummeting  downward and, saints be praised, we get to see the "Space Jockey" of Alien fame rise out of the floor of some craft.  A terrific moment and an awesome tease.  We then get a couple of quick shots of the Horseshoe craft and then the next thing we know it is tumbling to the ground.  Oh, did I mention someone is screaming. "Leave!" and Noomi Rapace gets "air-locked" ala Battlestar Galctica!

As the craft falls we get some title screen shots that say, "They went looking for our beginning, what they found could be our end."  Are they talking about mankind and the introduction of the Aliens? Or is this a quote from the Aliens themselves or at least their makers telling us this was some sort of anthropological mission and what mankind finds is the end of the "maker" species?

Below is the theatrical poster to the movie that has recently become available.  It features the Giant Head.  I thought there was an interesting parallel to that head and the head left behind by the Olmec people that preceded the Aztecs in Mexico. If that parallel plays out then perhaps this is an anthropological like mission and mankind went to explore the origin of a species.  What they found was eventually deemed more valuable (the Aliens) but all the warnings to stay away went unheeded.  That is how the "Alien" movie started out.  With a warning to "stay away".  Maybe our hardy band of explorers left behind that warning and the apology we hear at the beginning was the lament that their own intercepted warning was dismissed.  Bad things happen when steal fire from the Gods!

Here's the poster and the Olmec head.

 Click on the poster and it will act as a link to the IMDB page for Prometheus.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Cast of Community does Batman Foes!

I spotted this awesome illustration at / and just had to give it it's props.  The artist is Ben Deguzman.  I couldn't decide whether to put this on my Batman site or this one at first.  I settled on here!  What do you all think, awesome?!!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Time Magazines Best of Television 2011 #8 Community!

Time Magazine has listed its best TV shows for the year 2011 and cruising in at number 8 is the much beloved "Community".  James Poniewozik, who compiled the list, actually listed the episode "Remedial Chaos Theory" as number five out of five overall.  I wonder if NBC, who's considering axing the show, is listening to all of this?

If you are a fan of the TV series Fringe this episode will hold a special place in your heart.  Here's how Poniwozik describes that episode.

"A housewarming party played out in seven different timelines, whose events changed radically depending on which character left the room to get a pizza.  The intricately constructed narrative showed, by subtraction, what each person contributes to the dynamic -- and thus what makes Community a community."

Shades of what is going on in the new Orange timeline of Fringe where Peter Bishop was deleted from existence only to be reintroduced as a stranger.  Poniewozik goes on to describe his reasons for choosing Community overall.

8. Community
Community is television's first Cubist sitcom. Like the still lifes of Picasso or Braque, it starts with a simple tableau: a set of friends/acquaintances/nemeses in a community-college study group. Then, episode by episode, obsessive creator Dan Harmon rearranges its component parts to play with perspective and create a picture truer than real life. Yet Community is not some high-art experiment but hilarious, good-time entertainment; it both defies sitcom formulas and lovingly embraces them.

As a fan of both Fringe and Community I'd hate to see either of these shows cancelled.  It takes a certain amount of courage to strike your own path in television these days.  Sometimes it seems that network TV is only satisfied in feeding us mind numbing pablum consisting of pseudo celebrities embarrassing themselves on an international scale.  Hopefully Fringe and Community can survive being kicked off the island of dancing idiots.  I can't be the only one watching.

Monday, December 5, 2011

For Sherlock Holmes there's a new Poster in Town...A Critique.

There aren't too many things I don't love about this latest Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows Poster.  But if there is one thing it's that Robert Downey Jr. as Holmes is looking us square in the eye.  Never take you eyes off the mark Holmes it could lead to a nasty (Reichenbach) fall.  I'm not sure why the posters creators decided to break down the fourth wall concerning Holmes but perhaps they thought it clever to have Downey connect with us so expressly.

You'll note that Watson still has his eye on his prey.  Although it can't be that of Professor Moriarty.  The shadow cast across the center of this image is definitely that of Moriarty.  That is given away by thew top hat and the walking stick.  But the shadow stretches from the left to the right so Dr. Watson must be looking at something else.  A handsome cab making it's getaway perhaps?  (Did they have handsome cabs in Paris as opposed to London?)  Overall this is still a superior image.  The cobblestone streets of Paris (Eiffel tower in background) are cast in an eerie blue to bring a certain menace to the scene.  Moriarty's shadow points us to a clue on the far wall where the handbill announces that a steel magnate has disappeared.  There are darkened doorways in the background that suggest at the very least a dead end or two or at worst points of no return.  The Eiffel tower that looms as a backdrop also suggests that the danger that faces Watson and Holmes may be even greater that they imagine.  The back lit fog adds a surreal affect especially when combined with the blue.  But if you look to the lower left you'll see a curvature to the cobblestones near Holmes' feet that give the whole spectacle a "fish eye lens" perspective.  This funnels our attention to our protagonists and gives a claustrophobic feel to everything therefore magnifying the peril.

Overall I give this latest promotional poster high marks.  Some of the trailers have been a bit over wrought with action and a bit cartoonish but that is Guy Ritchie's style and these artifices didn't detract from the last movie.

The Pirates! Band of Misfits trailer. A must see for Wallace & Gromit fans

Anything from the people that brought us Wallace and Gromit deserves a shout out. (They had me at "Leper Boat!) Hilarious stuff!