Four Fab Fringe Teasers....

The people behind Fringe have recently made four teasers available for our consumption and believe me I am hungry for some Fringe.  Let's take a look at them and see what they reveal.

What's this, Nina's out of the slammer?  That team of lawyers she referred to last time we saw her must be pretty good.  I already slammed down my gavel and pronounced her guilty!  Notice Nina is cheerfully dressed in black, such a happy sort.  The worse thing revealed here though is the bouquet of White Tulips on the table.  Don't tell me God has forgiven Nina too.  Groan.  At the very least they mean Olivia has forgiven Nina.  This is evidenced also by Olivia confiding in Nina about her love for Peter.  Olivia no!  That's really the Red universe Nina.  (Right?)

Now there's something you don't want to hear over the phone, someone's done something to your eye!  Not good!  I like how this teaser is hued in blue especially when we see Peter.  It suggest Peter's struggle to return to his Blue universe as he travels in the cab.  But a bus station Peter?  Have you been to one of those lately?  Come to think of it the X-Files had a thing for bus stations.  They even featured one in Worcester, Ma. where I still work.  I love the father/son dynamic of this  scene.  Peter shows resignation over having to tell Walter about his leaving.  That's guilt people.  Walter, for his part, is a bit shocked Peter didn't tell him he was leaving.  He's saddened and disappointed that Peter didn't confide in him.  This reveals the close nature that is evolving between Peter and Walter.  I like it.  (BTW, who is that guy in Walter's lab at the 3 second mark?)

Here we get a nice eerie start to the teaser.  That hallway reminds me of something out or Barton Fink or the Bates Motel.  Two points if you picked out the thematic green color of this teaser.  I've been banging the drum for the Green universe for a while now.  Hopefully it's the color of the resolved future time line or do I mean universe?  The walls are green, the lighting has a greenish tint, there is a green cup and bowl on the table and the dish towel hanging on the fridge is green checked.  I can't quite pick out what's on the calendar but hopefully St. Patrick's day is circled.  My guess is that Peter has happened upon the lair of an Observer.  It seems a safe guess with all the fedoras lined up in the closet.  The tie in with the green and the Observer bachelor pad gives hope to my Green universe theory.  Whoever it is, he or she is a hoarder.  Check out all the newspapers.  Also see the old typewriter on the desk.  A shape shifter lair maybe?  When we pan past the eating table note that most of the pepper is gone.  Observer!  (Do you suppose he watches I Love Lucy reruns on that rabbit eared television?)

John Noble is so great isn't he?  He takes Olivia's hands and shows such wonderful compassion.  Do you know what I think saddens Walter the most here?  It's Olivia's rejection of a life of love and attachment. She didn't mind what was happening to her as long as Peter was around but now that he has rejected her she wants nothing to do with her new "old" memories.  Walter looks very upset by this as Olivia confides in him and even plaintively calls her name.  The dynamic of this teaser between Walter and Olivia nearly mirrors that of the one in our first teaser between Walter and Peter.  They both confide in Walter and Walter serves as the father figure and or confessor to our protagonists.  Walter tries to reassure Olivia by telling her he'lll think of something.  Good ol' Walter.  I don't think any of the pieces of his brain are missing in this universe.  Which means he's a good guy after all.  A warning to Olivia though, when Walter himself was distraught earlier this season he tried to lobotomize himself through his own eye.  Hopefully Olivia will just get a visit to the sensory deprivation tank.  Hmmm, is there a tie in to Peter's manipulated eye and Walter's eye "operation"?
(Did everyone spot the person on the slab in Walters lab?)

So what did you people spot that I didn't?  Please give them all a look and let me know!  (Did you all catch Dana Scully in one of these videos?  I did!)


  1. Nice write up.

    My read on the white tulips is very different. I don't see them as a symbol of forgiveness. To me they symbolize the link or fated shared destiny for Olivia & Peter.

    So I find the inclusion of them at Olivia's table a subtle and beautiful touch harkening back to the scene from Subject 13.

    Nina's release is no surprise given that Olivia saw through the Meana ruse.


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