The Observers and Tinker Bell

Here's one question I hope gets answered Friday night.

What is the mystery behind the little golden orbs that float around Fringe?  You know, the ones we see associated with the glyphs and all the Fringe promos such as the ones below.

If you closely at the escalator picture at the top of this post you'll see three of the golden orbs reflected in the escalator handle.  To me, these little clues mean we are going to get a visit from one of the Observers and to look closely for them. Sometimes the orbs are a reflection, as seen above, and sometimes they are a muted light or light bulb in the background of a scene.  (And sometimes they are fire flies right Peter?)

After the episode, "A Better Human Being" I did a blog post where I examined this very same phenomenon and you can read it here.

Wouldn't it be interesting if the little golden orbs where the non-corporeal manifestation of the Observers as they traveled through time and space?

You know, Tinkerbells from the future except not nearly as cute or nice.  In fact, they are mean and bald and have delusions of grandeur.  "Monsters" Walter called them.  

Let's hope September gets a fairy tale ending at least.


  1. Hi Dave,

    When I saw tinkerbell in the post title the first thing that I thought of was the hilarious scene in this weeks' Once Upon a Time when a squadron of fairies took out a armored garrison. LOL all we need to defeat the overlords is pixie dust.

    I like your idea that they are linked to the observers. Maybe now that Olivia's abilities are surfacing she will start to see the orbs when things are about to happen, like when the observers are coming. Similar to how she saw the shimmer of red-verse people in the blue-verse.

    Here's another thought. Are the orbs what soul magnets look like? Groan, I don't like that one.

    Can't wait for Friday! -Lynne (duckyislost)

  2. Interesting thoughts. I like how Olivia's enhanced powers may enable her to detect the Observers "in transit". Maybe this explains why she has to die. The "O" men don't want her around because she poses a threat to them! Maybe the orbs are souls as opposed to soul magnets.

    Friday should be fun, thanks Lynne!


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