Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Call 911 0n 0-8-4?

So what happened on the last episode of Agents of SHIELD?

Not much.

I think it is pretty much a collection of pretty white people fighting like a Scooby Gang every week and beating the bad guy.  Seriously, I think the first three letters of SHIELD stands for Super Hot Individuals.  Now we find out out that even the bad guys are hot.  Did you see that cleavage shot from actress Leonor Varela?

Yup, I got it in case you missed it.  I can imagine all the mothers out there thinking, "Damn, I thought the 8 o'clock hour would be safe viewing for Jr."  Now she may have to worry about her husband.

Look, I like SHIELD I just don't think it is blog-worthy every week.  (Unless they make Leonor a recurring character.)  If you want a kick ass show with more adult themes (not the Leonor kind) see "Arrow".  Yes it can be a vanilla in it's casting but it has a lot more depth than SHIELD.   If you appreciate more minority inclusion see "Sleepy Hollow" they are doing a great job over there.

The only thing I can think of that is worth following every week is the mystery behind Agent Coulson's miraculous recovery.  This week's clue came from Camilla Reyes (Leonor again) when she said, "You look good.  Too good."

Yep, he's an automaton, clone or some sort of Visionary thing.  This I'll follow.

So I will be setting my Google search for Leonor Varela appearances every week and I'll keep watching the show.  Just don't expect a blog on it all the time

Oh look who it is!


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