Sleepy Hollow: Down The Rabbit Hole.

This blog's faithful reader, Lynne aka "Duckyislost" commented in our last blog entry that Abbie Mills is "further down the rabbit hole" than Dana Scully was in her iteration for the X-Files. Lynne, you don't know how close you came!

Fox TV just released a promo poster for the return of Sleepy Hollow once the World Series is over.  (And Boston wins.) In it, we have our two main protagonists in Ichabod Crane and "Leftenant" Abbie Mills and down the rabbit hole they look.

There has been some chatter already on the internet that the two maybe looking into a grave but I think not.  It is too rough hewn and obviously rounded with rocks much like a well.  (What do you think of that Lynne?)  Let's hope for our two heroes this isn't a dry well.

The above image is evocative on many fronts.  Starting with the allusion to Alice and her Wonderland.  (Hmm, trying to subconsciously lure some of the "Once Upon A Time audience?)  Will our heroes, fated to be witnesses, travel down that rabbit hole?  What awaits them there?

The poster is colored in greys and greens, something that is very Gothic in nature and is thematic to the mood of Sleepy Hollow.  The sky is grey behind Ichy and Abbie which foretells stormy weather or at least gloomy times to come.  Note how the moss ends at the rim of the rocks that defines our "well".  It's as if it forms the border where life ends and things of a more maligmant nature begins.

The trees behind Crane and Mills are also lifeless as they have no leaves.  What's the name of that show where they say, "Winter is coming"?  Indeed it is and the walkers beyond the wall, at least for this show, are closer than our heroes know.

Let's take a look at Ichabod's posture.  Note how he is closer to the hole entrance than Abbie.  Ever the detective, he strains for a closer look and is willing to take the risk by getting closer to the entrance.  In contrast, Abbie is a bit more guarded in her posture.  She stands a bit further from the hole and with gun drawn she exhibits a temperament that is more cautious than her partner.

I'm not sure what that stone structure is behind the two.  It stands above and behind them and certainly adds to the perspective of the scene.  Something that adds depth to the tableau and a vanishing point of sorts. Could it be an ancient altar?  When I think of altars I think of Indiana Jones and when I think of that series I think of the Well of Souls from "The  Last Crusade".  Is that what Crane and Mills are staring into?

I think it is a bit clever that the two are looking down at us, the viewing audience, and in turn we are looking back up at them.  Are we further along the adventure and Mills and Crane?  It's a bit chilling to think that we are somehow trapped inside the well or portal/doorway to another place or time.  The way this show is going our personal journey may be a purgatory of sorts, or worse, or own personal hell.  (In a storytelling sense of course!)  It's fun that is poster make us part of the fable.

Let's hope our intrepid duo can get to us in time and save us from our doom.  At least until the next episode that is!

Your thoughts on this poster.  Did I miss something hidden?  Pity I couldn't find a hi-res image but I will keep looking!

Spontaneous update!  I was just about to close this piece when I took one last look at the Well.  My mind flashed to a similar image.

What do you think? 

(And don't say, "Of what?" Tell me I don't need to explain the above image.)


  1. I think your "aha" moment may be closer to the truth than the well idea. The first thought that came to my mind looking at the poster is that they are looking to the past for answers.

    I just don't know what to think of that last episode. Do we really have to go down the "fate vs free will" road again? *sigh* Or is it more than that? Funny, the Star Trek image you posted reminded me that the idea of Star Trek came to mind after I finished watched the last Sleepy Hollow. A feeling of frustration was what I had at the end of the episode... In many ways, it was such a vague episode, but blunt at the same time, with a rather ambiguous ending (which is fine, but...)

    Maybe I just need to watch again.

  2. Ingrid, I was frustrated with the end of the last episode also. I chose not to voice my disappointment in order to be more economical with the blog itself. It all happened a little too fast and a little too conveniently. First, Irving resists letting the boy go and them suddenly all resistance is dropped without explanation and somehow the two are able to wheel the boy out virtually without being noticed including no police pursuit.

    I liked the storytelling and I thought it was a clever inclusion to America's historical past. Abbie seemed a lot more comfortable in her role also. But the ending, ugh.

    Sometime they are going to have to reveal what Irving's involvement in all of this is. But if they do I'm afraid it will be too similar as to what went on in Grimm. Good luck to them with that.

    1. Oh I do still like the show, and I adore the characters! And of course SH needs time to get into itself and all. It was just... this episode, once it went into the idea of the ghost town (Raoke?), I got a little lost into what the story was trying to get across. It feels very much like Fringe, where each episode has its "theme", and that is wonderful, I just wasn't sure what it was for this episode. There are SO many directions this show could go, and it is exciting to see what road it will take! (even if the themes have been done before, there is always a different point of view, and I just hope that is what they'll do)

    2. I like the characters also. In fact, through some of the more tepid episodes, I thought Tom Mison carried the show. I'm a little frustrated with Abbie but I love Jenny. Probably because her character is allowed more freedom (of her convictions) despite being locked up in an asylum.

      Being an American history buff the story of Virginia Dare resonated with me more than it would with you I imagine. I think, we, the viewing audience had to fill in some of the back story as to how it tied into the show itself. I was thinking that Dare and the Roanoke people were trapped by the Pestilence rider or at least forever seeking safe harbor from him. It wasn't until Thomas was lured from their purgatory and came back with the help of Ichy and Abbie that they were allowed to go free and find their final resting place.

      The little girl that lured Thomas is a mystery. I posited to Lynne that she may be some version of Virginia Dare. Lynne thought she might be a missing Mills sibling. Maybe we will find out some day.

      I'm sure the show will coalesce someday and I'm hoping the addition of John Noble will help with that.

      Speaking of characters! The role of Capt. Irving's divorced wife has been cast. She is actress Jill Marie Jones and she will be playing Cynthia the "ex" of Captain Irving. My take on her is he had to separate himself from his family to insulate them for the danger he is involved with and the secrets he is keeping. Or, she left him because of the evil he is involved with. I'm betting on the former.

  3. Ha Ha, I guess my spidey senses are in tune. Several thoughts on this image. There is of course the obvious symbolism of unearthing the truth. We’ve already visited Ich’s cave, the basement records room and Katrina’s “grave”.

    I like the idea of it being a well, especially given the recurring water imagery on the show. In fact when I first looked at this I thought maybe we were seeing a reflection on the surface of water. But, there are no ripples and the image doesn’t appear to be a mirror image, the part in Abby’s hair is correct.

    The rocky object in the background, could it be a cap stone or boulder that was blocking the hole? Perhaps Ich and Abby just opened this hole.

    What is the cylindrical object just below where Ich’s hand is braced? It looks stuck in the stone maybe? I think I see a similar object on a table in a promo photo from the Sin Eater episode. A glass flask or bottle maybe? I’m going to guess maybe this is what Ich and Abby used to open the hole, a key of sorts, probably witchcraft involved.

    My guess overall is that this is a physical entrance to Moloch’s purgatory realm where Katrina is being kept. Perhaps the same hole that Abby and Jenny saw Moloch climb out of when they were girls. (Granted, no 4 white trees in view.) Ich looks in hoping to find Katrina, but Abby is apprehensive of Moloch with her gun drawn.

    One other crackpotty observation. The ovoid shape of the hole and the way Ich and Abby’s heads are positioned, if you back up and stare at it the overall image kind of looks like a face.

    Go Red Sox! -Lynne

    1. It does look kind of like a face. Especially if you look at it from a "reverse-negative" point of view. Place Ichy and Abbie in the background and the clouds and the stone outcropping in the foreground and you get a very spooky face. Maybe even that of the Sandman!

      I looked at the "cylindrical object" also. It just seemed to stand out. If I could find a hi-res image of this poster I could perhaps make out what it is, if anything.

      A physical entrance to the underworld of Moloch? Let's hope we get to go there! The god of child sacrifice, hmm, maybe not. I bet we get to go there though. Maybe to bring the fight to Moloch instead of the other way around. Or perhaps a rescue mission for Kat or someone else.

      So, your Spidey sense doesn't tell you anything about the Sox?


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