Almost Human: Who Shot First?

I promised at the end of my last blog post to get to the numerous TV and movie references the Almost Human episode, "The Bends" paid homage to.   I'd better hurry up as the newest episode begins in about 30 minutes!

Much was made of the scene where Kennex tells Dorian to wait outside because, "They don't take kindly to androids" in there.  Once again, Kennex quotes Han Solo from Stars Wars.  This caused tremors of excitement across the Geek internet for those obsessed with the minutiae of such things, myself included.

I think we can take this a step further.

Tremors were also felt because, by the end of the episode, Kennex kills the suspect in cold blood that he easily could have apprehended and brought to justice. 

New police procedure for the future?  Summary justice or an act of vengeance?

Nope, I say it's Han Solo once again.

God knows there was a huge controversy after the first Star Wars movie that Solo killed Greedo in that same bar where androids aren't welcome.  He quickly became a fan favorite but it was rightly pointed out that he shot first, murdering Greedo.  This was quickly retconned by George Lucas.

I don't think I'm going out on a limb by saying Kennex is fashioned after Solo.  He's quoting him and now he's shooting like him.  Lucas may not be happy but Wyaman and Abrams are chuckling with glee.

Let's get to some more homges...

I posted this picture of Bridget Fonda in my last blog entry as a clue.  I thought I caught a homage to the Fonda flick, "Point of No Return" as the girlfriend of the dead undercover detective looked remarkably like her.  See the photo below.

Damn close I'd say!

Speaking of dead ringers (no pun intended) don't you think the actor that played the dead undercover detective looked like Aaron Paul of Breaking Bad?

How about a salute to "The Shield"?

Benito Martinez played David Aceveda on that series and he returns as a cop here albeit a little dirtier (and a little heavier.)

I think we got a salute to the "Bone Collector" also.

Remember when Angelina Jolie's character was prowling the subterranean depths of the city in search of the killer?

It looked a lot like John Kennex's search for his killer!

Here's one of my favorite homages from "The Bends".

The cops aren't the only ones using androids.  Here, the disembodied head of the criminal android dangle in space.  What does that remind you of?

The Borg Queen of Star Trek; First Contact of course!  If you are going to pay homage to Star Wars you have to throw in a little Star Trek too!

That was rather a dizzying array of salutes.  Did I miss any?  Let me know!


  1. Nice Dave!
    Bladerunner seems to come up nearly every week, but the light stick umbrellas were spot on. Also the fight between Dorian and the drug tester synthetic was very Terminator. Keep up the spotting! -Lynne


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