Sleepy Hollow: Jeremy Spoke in Class Today.

We learn the name of Ichabod Crane's mysterious son in the last episode of Sleepy Hollow, "The Golem".  His name is Jeremy and it took me a few beats to couple the fate of that star crossed youth with the tragic story of "Jeremy" of Pearl Jam fame. Here's how the song opens.

At home
Drawing pictures
Of mountain tops
With him on top
Lemon yellow sun
Arms raised in a V
Dead lay in pools of maroon below

Daddy didn't give attention
To the fact that mommy didn't care
King Jeremy the wicked
Ruled his world

Jeremy spoke in class today.

The stories of the two Jeremy's are not dissimilar, nor are they identical.  Crane's son, Jeremy, didn't get attention from Daddy much like the youth that Eddie Vedder wrote about.  With each, tragedy ensued and death was just a step behind.

The fact that "Mommy didn't care" doesn't apply to the Sleepy Hollow Jeremy.  Katrina certainly cared and went to great lengths to protect her son.  I find that it interesting that Katrina throws her arms up into a V during the opening credits much like the Pearl Jam Jeremy does in the songs lyrics.
Here, Katrina seems to be casting a spell and the (family) trees bloom around her.  Her son, Jeremy, is the progeny of the "Witness" and a overt Witch and this has endowed him with certain powers.  Sadly, these powers go unchecked and he is quickly demonized.  (Obvious "Firestarter" homage.) The powers of the Pearl Jam Jeremy grow unchecked also, yet his demons were internalized causing him to act out in a self destructive way.

Watching Jeremy Crane's life play out before us saddened me.  There is something about a youthful life wasted that pushes my buttons.   The Jeremy of Pearl Jam infamy ended up taking his own life.  He couldn't reach his parents and they in turn ignored him.  He built a fantasy world that he lorded over high above the rest.  But it was steeped in the blood of the people that didn't appreciate him.

Jeremy Crane suffered from a lack of guidance also.  Something that now haunts Ichabod Crane.  If only he had been there for his son.  His wife would not have been banished and his son's heart wouldn't have been silenced.  Note the Coven said his heart was silenced, not dead, silenced.  My feeling is that he is being held in stasis somewhere.  Either for his own protection or for the protection of others.

(It was done with Ichabod why not Jeremy?)

This may be a stretch but I think "King Jeremy" of Sleepy Hollow is the key to defeating Moloch.  Moloch is the pagan god of child sacrifice. A sacrifice that demanded the children be given to fire.  Unsettling to be sure but it is interesting to see the Sleepy Hollow Jeremy command fire.  Control it no,summon it yes.

Perhaps Moloch fears Jeremy's power.  While Jeremy is out of the picture Moloch can flourish.   Should he be found it may mean the end for Moloch's gambit.

King Jeremy ruled the world in the Pearl Jam song.  Albeit a one that existed only in his head.  I wonder if the King Jeremy of Sleepy Hollow has a higher calling.  He may just a MacGuffan, something tantalizing but always out of reach.  The writers don't want to outshine Ichabod and Abbie with a larger character so I think Jeremy will be left to the periphery.  Sought after yes and oh so close but a promise never quite fulfilled.

Elsewhere in the creepy department, Irving's daughter Macey was reintroduced and we learn she is being shadowed by the forces of evil.  With Moloch being the god of child sacrifice this is truly ominous.

Irving had a great run in this episode.  His character has matured so much that it is hardly recognizable from it's original iteration.  I think the writers see the value in Orlando Jones and decided to fill him out in a different way.

Will Macey's fate be intertwined with that of Jeremy?  I believe so.  I offer no proof as of yet but the lines are being drawn.  We all know it is impossible to escape your fate from Fringe.  The dark shadows of fate were referred to again in this episode. 

From this, I'm reminded of the old saying,"Suffer the children."

The King James Bible quotes Matthew as saying, "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."

So are Jeremy and Macey doomed to die but their sacrifice brings hope to the world by defeating Moloch?  It makes me wonder if Sleepy Hollow would take a world view of children in this way.  We've gotten a lot of talk of family and generations.  And we've seen our major characters be connected by lineage and fate.  So where does it end?  

Certainly a war is coming.  But when Moloch referred to war I think he was specifically referring to "War" one of the riders of the apocalypse. The Sleepy Hollow Scooby gang will have to supply a counter-punch.  Now that Henry Parrish (John Noble acting a little too much like Walter but so what I still love him) is on board I think they will use his powers to summon Jeremy.

Eddie Vedder sang of his Jeremy and spoke of, "Unleashing the lion".  Jeremy Crane will be that lion.  Maybe the role of Macey in this confrontation will be to tame the lion.  She'll be the one to direct his fury.  I'm just afraid it will cost her dearly.  Or rather, cost her father dearly.  Irving openly asked what God's role in all of this was. 

God's role will be to send an Angel and then call her back.

(I  free associated a little with this post.  If you have a problem with it sound off below.  That's what comments are for!)


  1. I love to research names and often did so on Fringe, finding some most appropriately named characters. In this case I considered the name Jeremy, finding that it is an anglicized version of Jeremiah. The showrunners are certainly not afraid of using Biblical references.

    Old Testament Jeremiah is considered one of the most important prophets, and unlike other prophets tells his story in the first person. Jeremiah was responsible for bringing the second covenant to the Israelites. It took little time and history for the Israelites to abandon the covenant of the 10 Commandments and the Ark and begin to worship idols such as Baal. Jeremiah recognized that the covenant must be between an individual and God, not the physical trappings of the religion. He was proved right when the Temple was destroyed and the Ark stolen. It was the heart and mind of the individual to form a relationship with God rather than the physical manifestation of the group relationship. This covernant is so important that it is referred to by both Jesus and Paul in the New Testament.

    I see Jeremy as the possible go-between, stressing the heart and soul of goodness rather than the use of spirits in facing the horsemen. Katrina of the magic and spells and spirits...and Ichabod with the heart and mind of a truly good soul. Jeremy will be necessary when all the stops are pulled out in the final battle.

    1. Excellent take Linda and some nice research too. I think we both see Jeremy as a conduit of sorts to channel the forces of good. Do you think he'll survive this final battle?

  2. Wonderful post Dave. I have nothing to add, you made points I'd not have thought of.

    I will say that I'm not so sure we've seen the end of Jeremy. That we find out so suddenly that Ichabod had a son, and then we basically see how Jeremy not only lived, but suffered, seems too much for just an episode plot. What a tragic life Jeremy had... As a mom it broke my heart to see.

    For reasons I'd rather not explain, I have a difficult time just letting myself run along with Sleepy Hollow, but that said, I'm in for the long haul because there are too many little curious things within the show...

    1. Glad you're in for the long haul Ingrid. Maybe things will take a different course with the addition of Henry, Macey, Jeremy and soon, Ichabod's father. I remember made when Fringe made it's first "sea change". I nearly fell off my couch. Then they mad a couple more that I wasn't totally on board with but I stuck with it to the end. We'll see!

      Thanks Ingrid.

  3. Hi Dave,

    Interesting ideas! Bring on the free associating!

    I really like the idea of Macey and Jeremy complimenting each other. He has power with no training or discipline. She has little physical power, but has emotional strength and knowledge that he doesn’t. Both have daddy issues, although Macey and her father seem on fairly good terms despite his guilt over her condition. We know these writers have a fair amount of experience exploring parent-child reconciliation and I hope we see Ichabod and Jeremy meet, butt heads, and ultimately form a bond. I think Abbie and Jenny, having been orphans, may be able to connect with Jeremy to facilitate this.

    As much as I fear for Macey it was necessary to give Irving a personal stake in this crusade. Actually I think his ex-wife is more likely to wear the red shirt as this would force Macey to live with him full time. So will Moloch threaten Macey’s life to motivate Irving to betray Ich and Abbie? (I guess he kind of just did through his minions.) Will he try to get Macey to sell her soul for a cure to her condition? Would Irving sell his soul for that? I guess we’ll see.

    Some of my random observations and free association:
    Yay, Henry is joining the Scooby gang! A walking polygraph and bad mojo detector!
    4 horsemen, 4 trees over Moloch’s hidey hole, 4 human head jack-o-lanterns, now 4 witches who speak as one. Curious. Ichabod works out his frustration by swinging an axe, sounds like someone else we know. Again there is a foreboding sound of wings flapping and birds calling in the distance as the golem rises from the ground in modern Sleepy Hollow. I guess my theory that Jeremy was not Ichabod’s son is blown. Oh well. Still don’t trust Katrina. Mirrors are bad.

    I really liked Linda’s research on the name Jeremy. According to Catholic Online St. Jeremy’s feast day is Feb 16.

    Hunkering down for the first real snow this winter, Lynne

    1. Ha, Lynne, I like your red shirt reference!

      Nice thoughts concerning Irving and his motivation from here on out. I hadn't thought they would introduce the ex-wife only to kill her off. Hmmm, that would leave room for Jenny to step in, form a bond with Macey and Irving. Gosh, where would that go? No where good I would imagine. Poor Irving is going to be in a tough spot.

      I heard the birds also as the Golem arose. Loved it.

  4. Just thought of something else. When Katrina came to Abbie in a vision, in the house Abbie saw the carraige with the golem doll and also the 4 witches. Why were they in the purgatory realm? Did they have access to it?


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