Falling Skies - The Pendant

Many of you that listened to our last Falling Skies Podcast heard my closing crackpot theory as to who was the secret guest that followed the 2nd Mass on their exodus to freedom.

I had thought that the being hidden in the shadows was a new life form something that wasn't human or Espheni.  Of course it could a a Volm but why hide in the shadows when it could join in the celebration of freedom with it's human allies?

I put a little more thought (only a little) into this and I thought of the pendant that hangs around Lexi's neck.  It's basically a collection of three spheres and seems to connote a spirit of unity.

Let's say the third sphere represents the new species I theorized about.  The symbolism would be that the Espheni, the humans and their offspring are joined together metaphorically.

This would fit into the religious fervor that Lourdes has bought into and has ensconced the peaceful paradise that Chinatown has become.  The Espheni want to create a new form of being, specifically soldiers, to combat some new mysterious darkness and they seem to want to do it through peaceful means such as Chinatown or indoctrination such as "Camp Crazy" where Matt is currently being held.

The only outlier is the forced evolution that the Overlord that preside over the ghetto insisted on.

Forced unity is hardly "pendant worthy" but with the Espheni you never know.

Here's a thought, what if the third sphere represent the Volm?  The pendant would represent the evolution of Humanity, the Espheni and the Volm as one species.  Heck, it may be the Volm's dirty little secret that they are a disatant relation to the Espheni and the battle they are fighting is really a civil war.

Wow, I really am getting crackpot with this.

The best look we got of this "new species" is when it ducked into the picture just in front of a curious Col. Weaver.  It seemed to be bi-ocular with glowing eyes and it gurgled and snarled a bit when it made it's exit.

Since it seemed comfortable hiding in the shadows and the eyes were aglow one would think it has adapted to the darkness.

Hmmm, darkness.  Is this what that wounded and feverish Skitter that Anne made mincemeat out of was so worried about, the "Darkness" from the west?  Maybe the Espheni's worst nightmare is already here and they don't know it.

Want more crackpot?  The Darkness is the evolutionary byproduct symbolized in the pendant that has traveled from the far flung future to show the hideous creature the collective species brought together has wrought.

Pfft, that really is crackpot.  I think I need to lie down.

We''ll find out tonight!

Crackpot theories, get your crackpot theories here!


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