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Hello to everyone, I thought I'd share some random musing over Friday night's premiers of Constantine and Grimm.

Let's start with Constantine.  Matt Ryan plays Constantine and with a heavy dose of snark.  To those who read the Hellblazer series they may be pumping their fists in the air at Ryan's portrayal.  To the neophytes such as myself the snark comes off as heavy handed.  I think it is because Ryan strikes me as a bit of a light weight.  He doesn't seem to have earned the right to snark and it's liberal use.  Hopefully this will come over time.

Speaking of lightweights, I think the producers of Constantine were correct to write Lucy Griffiths off the show.  I feel badly for her as Constantine represented a big break.  Alas, we can't all grasp the gold ring when it is within our reach.  She came off as way too thin (acting wise) and it didn't help that she looked marginally like Rachel Weisz from the 2005 Constantine movie adaptation.

Griffiths was so underwhelming that even the Helmet of Fate didn't react to her.  Believe me, when you touch the Helm of Nabu things should happen.  Just ask Chloe Sullivan from Smallville when she touched it.


That's what supposed to happen!

Perhaps the helmet didn't react because Nabu is dead.  In comic book lore Nabu was killed by the Spectre.  If only the Spectre would make an appearance on this show.

Stop the presses, Jim Corrigan, aka the Spectre will be on Constantine!  Corrigan will be played by Emmett J Scanlan and if there is anything to be excited about in this show it is the introduction of Dr. Fate and the Spectre as characters.

Will Constantine go that far?  Do they have the special effects budget to incorporate such other worldly characters such as these?  This is what worries me.  The ghostly fantasy world of John Constantine is one thing, one huge thing that is,  can you imagine adding the worlds of these two?

Well, they introduced them so they better use them now.  (I demand it!)  Besides, if Smallville can do it then Constantine can. 

Grimm Tidings

Here's one actress that has taken advantage of her opportunity.  Jacqueline Toboni plays "Trubel" on Grimm.  Trubel is the only Grimm in town now and it seems like Nick is a bit vexed by that.  Sorry Nick, Trubel is pretty kick ass so let her have her moment to shine before they inevitably give you your powers back.

Let's hope that doesn't spell a shorter stint for Toboni.  I can see them killing her character off so Nick can return to form but I rather hope she just leaves town much like Nick's mother does only to return here and there just to spice things up.

Speaking of spicing things up,  I don't think I'll ever have Calamari again.  Here's the freak of the week in the form of a "Gedachtnis Esser" or Memory Eater.  This guy was particularly revolting.  From the holes he left in the back of his victims heads to his generally nasty appearance.  Yuck.  Looks like we're not done with him either.  Suddenly I don't feel like seafood all together.

 Here's a switch, Juliette not kicking Hank out of bed for eating crackers.  Or as Grimm would have it, bringing blood and mayhem into the house.  Nick mistakenly slept with the transformed Adaline and Juliette was cool with it.  No couch time for Nick! 

Hmmm, but was it because Nick no longer has his powers and is just a regular guy? 

So, if Nick gets his Grimm on Juliette isn't jiggy with it?  Let's hope they don't go down that road again.

Seriously, if Monroe and Rosalee can skip their honeymoon, I think Juliette can get on board with it all.  If they make Juliette the Doubting Thomas again then we are back to season one with her.  No thanks.

So, how long till Nick gets his Grimm back on?  According to IMDB Giuntoli is contracted through 2015 but Toboni is only listed to 5 episodes for 2014.


Yes, yes, IMDB doesn't know everything but I am a worrier.  The only guy more stressed out than me is this guy.

Poor Wu.  Will somebody please tell this guy the truth!


  1. Trouble is indeed an interesting addition to the show (shades of Demi Moore!). She feels a lot like a "spin-off" type of character... Like maybe she'll end up moving to a different part of the country or world and will be head Grimm over there. I can't see the two teaming up on a permanent basis, there is already Munroe for that. Unless Munroe is leaving? Noooo! Munroe is great.

    I agree about Juliette, I hope they don't do a rehash of what they've already done, but you know what, I've a feeling they won't.

    Wu - SO underused! He is a big fan-favorite so I'm pretty sure he will be clued in to the deal very soon and that will be great. He is a fun character and the actor will certainly do the part proud.

    I hope Nick gets his mojo back soon. No reason why, just hoping so. The chick who wants her replacement baby - not fond of her, her storyline, her anything. I won't be sad when that is over.

    The requisite evil-dudes in Transylvania, while rather cliché it's still interesting and I like the brother conflict thing. Curious to see where that will go.

    This isn't my all-time favorite show, but it is fun to watch and many of the characters are quite interesting. It is also has a surprisingly rich visual element to it, and I love love love the "magic" book, with all it's drawings and stuff.

    I feel sad to say this, but if I had to pick between Grimm and Sleepy Hollow, I might pick Grimm. I feel like I'm letting Walter Bishop down. (and I'd miss Ichabod...)

  2. Ha, yes, you do get that Demi Moore vibe from Trubel's hair don't you? Nice.

    Hello Ingrid,

    Are you suggesting a spinoff for Trubel? That would be interesting. I'm not sure they could pull it off or be willing to take the risk but you never know these days. It seems the darker and spookier a show gets the better it has for being picked up. It's the age we live in.

    Axing Monroe would be a huge miscalculation. He and Rosalee represent one of the great if not under appreciated couples on TV today. I also love Monroe's group of sidekicks that help out now and again. Like good ol' and always nervous Bud.

    If and when Wu is brought into the fold I wonder how it will change his character. Will he transform into a swashbuckling demon hunter or will he see monster around every corner? Poor dude!

    "The Magic Book." The ever expanding Magic Book that is! That thing will never run out of reference points. I love it too. (And the names are awesome too.)

    "The chick with the replacement baby," I think you are referring to Adalind. They seem to be in love with her character. Even she lost her powers once and got them back. So I guess there is hope for Nick. I'm not as tired of her as you are but I agree they can only go to the well so many times. She seems to be a plot device all the time and she often serves as a link to the Transylvania folk. I'd be surprised if they ended her run on the show.

    Grimm vs. Sleepy Hollow/ Hmm, The freak of the week thing can be tiresome. Back in the Buffy days it was okay to have something new because their town was situated over the Hell Mouth. So it was organic to the show. For Grimm, it is the never ending war with the Royals plus the fact that sizable part of the Earth's population is Wesen. So that works too. As for Sleepy Hollow, they seem to be struggling with it. The Pied Piper character just didn't work for me. Maybe they should just go all in with the war with Moloch. They have an expanded season this year so it may be a challenge for them.

    Good points Ingrid, thank you!


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