Sleepy Hollow - Freak of the Week

So, this is what Sleepy Hollow has come to, a freak of the week expose where our heroes eventually overcome the baddie and all is well by the end of the episode.


Ha, no, I really don't think so but I do think we got our first stand alone.  Stand-alones are okay they help fill the season especially if you run 22 episodes long.  But Sleepy Hollow isn't 22 long.  I think it is 16 which is a boost from the 13 we got last year.  (If memory serves.)

Do I think we are done with the stand-alones for this season?  No, I think we'll get one or two more but hopefully it ends there.  I'm a serial guy and I prefer mythology episodes but apparently Sleepy Hollow feels it might weigh itself down by being too dependent on its mythology.

I trust they know what they are doing.

Here's something that bothered me from the episode.  With all the weird going ons in Sleepy Hollow you'd think the last person to blow a tune on a human bone flute would be Ichabod Crane.  Seriously man, what did you think was going to happen?  He does know he one of two witnesses chosen to battle Hell on Earth right?  (As they used to say in the Fringe podcast, "lazy writing?")

Fallen Angel?

Here's another thing I've been wondering about; with all the evil going on in Sleepy Hollow don't you think the other side would take an interest?  You know, God, Heaven, Angels and all the Saints and Martyrs?

Don't they care or are they content to sit on the sidelines and let two humans battle it out with help from their Scooby gang?  That's a bit of a tall order isn't it?    Is God too busy fighting Ebola?  How is that going?

It makes me think that the Saints and Angels are really there we just can't see them.  Well, until maybe now.

Nick Hawley.  What is his purpose on the show?  A romantic interest?  Forger of documents and fortune hunter?  A tough guy ne'er-do-well with a secret heart of gold?

A broken Angel?

Not a fallen Angel mind you, a broken one that needs to be re-habbed.   His penance?  Help Crane and Abbie until he proves himself worthy enough to return to Heaven.  He even may not be aware of his own status until he reaches that enlightened phase wherein he finally gets it and has to leave.

A long shot theory?  Sure.  It's my thing.  Your thoughts?

Fallen Soul


Hold on to your tricorn hats I'm not done with out-of-left-field theories yet.

My pursuit of Henry's redemption story was seriously derailed by this stand-alone but at least we got a glimpse of it as the episode wound down.

Henry once again met with Irving and when Irving stood up to Henry as the Rider of War, Henry pulled his hole card.

He has Irving's soul.

Henry still has his soul too and as we learned earlier from Moloch, he is to use it to empower his avatar of War and do his bidding.

But what if Henry really is on the path to redemption?  If he does manage to spurn Moloch and preserve his soul then whose soul would be used to embody the Rider of War?

Poor Irving.  Maybe it wasn't a good idea to leave him in the sanatorium after all.  Walter, I mean Henry, knows what that can do to a person.  Ripe for the picking!

What do you think?


  1. HI Dave,

    While this wasn't my favorite episode of the new season I guess I wasn't quite as disappointed as you. Even though it was clearly freak of the week I found it entertaining enough. I did like that in the end it tied back to Henry and that he tasted the crushed bone. He is after all the sin eater.

    I really like your angel theory about Holley! There has to be more to him than the rather obvious Han Solo function right? Heaven should be getting involved in this fight.

    As for Irving. Here is my one bone to pick with the episode *wink*. The costuming in his vision completely took me out of the moment. The Rambo garb made me giggle. If he'd simply been wearing a tattered version of his usual clothes I think the scene would have been much more effective.

    Hang in there, Lynne

  2. Hi Lynne,

    I qualified my disappointment. I wasn't as mad as I let on to be. I just wanted to fire a warning shot. Don't let up on me Sleepy Hollow!

    I actually found the latest episode much more interesting. Loved the "Freak of the week" this time! I hope to write about it soon.

    Speaking of Hawley, I don't like the flirtation thing that is going on between he and "Miss Jenny." It would reduce him to just a romantic interest.


    I can see it now, they fall in love, he dies, she goes on a rampage.

    Seen it, boring!

    Let's hope that Rambo look was deliberately over the top. I laughed at it too.

    Hanging in there.

    Thanks Lynne!


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