Arrow - Not So Left Behind

Is Oliver Queen dead?  Will we ever see him again?  Is this the end of the Arrow?

Nope, there he is, never mind

He's fine and there is no Lazarus Pit silliness.  Hence no "Crazy Ollie."

Thank goodness.

In this past entry of "Arrow" we learn the episode title applies not to Oliver Queen, but instead, to those he "left behind" in Starling City.

Diggle seems to be handling it well.  At least at first.  He's donned the gear of the Arrow and is bent on setting things right in Starling City.  He's perfectly capable, despite the ill fitting suit, and shows he's nearly a match for the Arrow in skill.  It's only after Malcolm Merlyn confirms Ollie's death that he confesses his job was to protect Oliver Queen.  And in this he has failed.  A bitter pill to swallow indeed.

Roy seems to have adjusted well enough and he's usually the emotional one.  (With apologies to Thea.)  When we saw him take that drink alone in the club however it may have marked a downward slide.  We'll have to keep an eye on that.   If Roy can keep himself busy he'll be okay but if the work dries up and the mission becomes rudderless then he is in trouble.

Which leads us to...


She really is the linchpin to the group.  She pretty much runs the Arrow Cave and she is the eyes and ears for the group in the field.  The cracks were beginning to show early on when word about Ollie grew scarce.  When Merlyn came back and decided to twist the knife a little deep she full on lost it.  Shutting the gate on the boys as the Brick's hoods got away was one thing but storming out and shutting off the lights was another.

I'm not going to accuse Felicity of being a quitter, she's always been emotional, but let's hope she doesn't derail the nascent career of the Atom while she's at it.

 Maybe a strong kick ass female character is what Felicity needs to focus her energy on.  What did everyone think of Laurel Lance as the Black Canary?  She sure knows how to make an entrance. (That close up of her rear end was a bit much.  Not that I'm complaining, it's just, oh, never mind.) 

Donning some leather and latex does make one a superhero.  From what we understand, Laurel will be taking her lumps.  She'll have to prove herself to the Green Gang and to the evil doers alike if she wants to earn her stripes in the field.

Will Laurel's faith be shaken when she finds out Thea killed her sister?  Will she want to hunt down Malcolm?  How will that battle turn out?  (I'd bring Roy and Digg with you Laurel, just sayin')

As for the Dark Archer?

Crackpot theory time!

Remember when he intercepted the letter opener thrown by Thea?  (As seen above in the rough screen cap.)

Thea exclaimed, "I could have killed you!"

"It's cute that you think so." he replied.

That's what you call foreshadowing my friends.  At least I think so.  Thea will kill Merlyn for making her kill Sara.

So what about Ollie?

I'm happy my theory about Tatsu and Maseo working together came true.  I read an recap the day after the episode aired and the writer claimed that what everyone thought that.

They did?

I suppose knowing Rila Fukushima was signed to play Tatsu aka Katana made it a little easier.  But putting together the rescue on the mountaintop between the two from the trailer was inspired.


Sigh.  Maseo and Tatsu make a bad ass team but now I am officially worried for Maseo.  He's crossed Ra's al-Ghul and that has to mean a death sentence.   Maybe Maseo's death will motivate Tasu to become Katana on Arrow.  I wouldn't call that a crackpot theory but it makes sense. 

The flashback to Hong Kong when Ollie put the tracker on the Triad hood and let him get away was a nice touch.  Maseo pledged to Ollie that he owed him for that so it tied up his rescue on the mountain and the fact that Tatsu is now safe.  Okay, it was a little rushed but it ticked off Waller and that is always good.

Malcom Merlyn has a death sentence on his head also.  Or so he claimed when he barged into the Arrow Cave.  I wasn't clear on what he meant by that.  The one that Ra's has on him or the one he perceives the Green Team will put on him now that they know he set up Ollie.  Maybe he is thinking ahead to the future once Thea finds out what he did.

 I was going to make a Sinestro joke when we learned it was Merlyn with the yellow lantern atop the mountain.  Get it?  Yellow Lantern. That's one DC character that never dies.  Maybe once Merlyn meets his doom he'll get the Lazarus pit treatment.  That I would like to see.

Crackpot theory!


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