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This was going to be the Frank Irving blog post.

With the stunning reveal in the last Sleepy Hollow episode, when a disheveled Frank Irving staggered into the local mini-mart literally rising from the dead, I thought nothing else would matter..

That is, until I saw the above image.  It spooked me.  Ever see one of those painting where the eyes follow you no matter where you are in the room?  How about a painting actively looking back at you once you have diverted your eyes and then looked back?

That's what happened to Ichabod and Katrina when they attended a function at the local art gallery.

The people behind Sleepy Hollow said they were going away from the more serialized form of story telling and concentrate on more episodic fare.  With the sudden departure of Mocloch from the stage this appears to be one of these efforts.

That's fine if you can pull it off.  I think many of us have complained about the "freak of the week" style in the past.  If you can come up with a great story every week with an underlying plot line to extend throughout the season then we should all be good.  This one was good.

I used to love Night Gallery back in the day.  Paintings that come alive and tell a tragic horrifying story.

Sleepy Hollow took that theme and ran with it.

Seeing the serial killer Colby rise out of his "Blood Paint" was blissfully eerie.

We saw a similar effect last October with "The Weeping Lady" but that's okay, it was used to greater effect here.  (Blood paint will do that for you.)

The real charm of this episode was exposed when not only the Miller character was sucked into a painting but when Colby oozed his way out of one.

Colby heightened the creep factor when he intoned, "Too late" as he approached Crane and wife.  Not really!  Not when you have a gun toting anxious partner that gets impatient when you don't answer your cell phone.  Irving intended magic bullets anyone?

Speaking of Frank.

I really love the way Orlando Jones portrays Irving.  At once fearless and warm the next pitiable and heartbroken.  He shows up at the Police station bound by handcuffs and looking like he doesn't have a friend in the world.

This "man without a country" is kicked to the curb with ruthless abandon by someone who should be his closest ally, Abbie Mills.  Just ask Katrina, you don't become between this woman and her mission.  Abbie has become a real puzzle.  Even her closest friend, Ichabod Crane has felt her sting.  I shared a theory with readers that they are setting her up for a fall.  Abbie will be so laser like focused on her Witness duties that she will make a gross miscalculation and send someone to their doom.  My early money was on Katrina but now I don't think anyone is immune.  Aside from Frank, I think we could add Miss Jenny (her sister!) and Henry to that list. 

Call it a crackpot theory if you want but Abbie is going to get someone damned if not killed on this show.

It'll make a nice cliffhanger for season end.


  1. Hi Dave,

    I really liked this one. Like you, I was reminded of the weeping lady effects, both great. This is the first episode in a while where Katrina came off as sympathetic and that is a good thing. I really liked seeing glimpses of her friendship with Abigail. Orlando is just killing it. His range between this and last season has been amazing. I just keep waiting for him to turn a corner and go full on possessed/evil.

    When I heard the painter's name was Colby my mind went to John Singleton Copley, the Boston painter who painted portraits of several New England colonial founding fathers including Abigail's husband John Adams. (Although hopefully the rest was twistory!) Loved the creep factor of the painting looking back!

    Thanks for the post! -Lynne

  2. Lynne!

    Same here, Katrina was actually likeable and she didn't make stupid choices. Well, one minor one.

    Orlando is great isn't he? His character is getting so abused. Nothing good can come from that. Maybe we should be worried for him. I'd rather see him back in the Captain's chair. The Sheriff isn't a very likeable character. Like Crane said, someone is always in her doghouse.

    Let's see if they can out-creep themselves next week.

    Thank you Lynne.


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