Sleepy Hollow Shocker

There have been some significant goings on in Sleepy Hollow not the least of which was the closing scene to the last episode, "Paradise Lost."

You know the one I'm talking about, you either cheered or exclaimed, "What the Hell?" 

Before we get to that Sleepy stunner let's talk about the two other bombs that were dropped on us recently.

As pictured above, the episode "The Akeda" ended with the death of Moloch.  Henry Parrish turned on his underworld mentor when he became miffed of big M's willingness to sacrifice his child.  (Henry, in this case.)  I had been writing of late that the focus of this season should deal in large part with Henry's redemption.  This came to pass and I think we all saw some cracks in Henry's defense especially when it came to his interactions with his mother Katrina.  (Man, is her character being scorched on the internet.)

I think I would have preferred Henry dealing with Moloch as he did at the end of this season and using it as a cliffhanger for season three.  Some sacrifice should have been involved and, as it was, when Henry did turn on Moloch it lacked the dramatic impact it should have had.

Does anyone else feel this way?  Did Sleepy Hollow jump the gun and have the event go over more of a stunt than stunner?

Our next shocker comes with the arrival of the angel Orion.  Actually it wasn't much of a shock.  Most of us had read that there would be an addition to the cast and that it would be in the form of an angel.  If anything, the shock is how good Max Brown is as Orion.  He's imbued his character with just the right amount of arrogance and self righteousness and more importantly has topped it off with a natural charisma that makes you cheer for this angel. And this despite the fact that his solution to dealing with humanity pretty much amounts to genocide.

I like him.

All right let's get to the real shocker...

He's back baby, Captain Irving is back and he has a thirst for blood, no wait, milk!  (I'd steer clear of those mini mart sandwiches if I were you Frank.)

I for one was ticked at the misuse of Captain Irving's character this season.  (Along with the extreme paucity of Miss Jenny Mills.)  We all grew to love Frank Irving last season.  He was heroic and he was a loving but conflicted family man.  He didn't shy from danger and he gradually grew to accept the bizarre world he was introduced to.

Only to wind up in the loony bin where his character began to wither and become inconsequential.

Not anymore!

I for one welcome zombie Frank.

Is he a zombie or merely undead?  (Of course there is a difference!)  His disheveled appearance reminds me of what Ichabod looked like when he escaped the grasp of Terra Firma.  Is there a connection?  Did we miss something?  Was Frank in Purgatory much like Orion and released when Moloch bid adieu?  Does Katrina have something to do with this or is it Henry's doing?

The safe money is on the Purgatory/Henry connection.

It will be interesting to see how he is accepted by the others.  Does he even know who he is?  He seemed to recognize the reference to Sleepy Hollow but otherwise stumbled around in a complete stupor.

Poor Frank, I don't think his future is so bright that he needs sunglasses.  I do think he'll be a wild card and the forces of both good and evil will vie for his allegiance.

Did I say poor Frank?  Poor Frank.  Shower up buddy.  Methinks a lot will hinge on your reappearance.


  1. Dave, I now admit that I watch this show while looking at recipes or looking at my messages, and I wasn't sure I would stick with the show. However, after watching this episode last night, it was a pleasant surprise. Mostly when Frank reappeared... :-)

    I did a BIG rolleyes when an angel (with wings) showed up, but I agree with you, he is well-played. The angel dude is very likable in his twistedness. Speaking of twistedness, I think it could be the one thing that saves this show - no one is guilt-free or without fault and that is a very good thing. Except for Abby - perhaps that is why I just can't connect with her, she is too righteous, in my humble opinion. But that could (and should) change.

    I didn't miss John Noble at all, and that made me sad. Ichabod is still the best actor there, such a pleasure to watch (in any way you wish), and makes his role believable. So ok, I'll stick around, let's see what Ichabod, Orion, and Frank can dig up this season.


  2. Hi Ingrid,

    So Abbie is too plain Jane for you, how about this scenario? Her action or inaction leads directly to the death of Katrina. Now that would shake things up! She'd have a nearly irreconcilable rift with Crane (and Henry) and she'd be saddled with more guilt than anyone else on the show. Perhaps even enough to sell her soul.

    How about that??!!!

    John Noble is a treasure but his character is a bit heavy handed. Mison is a pleasure to watch. I want to see him do some Shakespeare or Sherlock Holmes.

    Thanks for sticking around!

    1. Your theory.... well.... hmm. Ok let's ruminate on that... Nope. Wouldn't work because Abby would just NEVER do that, you know? ;-)

      Oh I like her well enough, she just is too... too... right. Can't think of a better way to say it. As for John Noble, absolutely he is a treasure, it's just his unfortunate character that I meant to say I don't miss.

      But with Frank back, and a promising Orion, things might get interesting!

  3. She would never do what? Defend her sister? Ichabod? Frank Irving? I'm saying she may be faced with a choice that may directly or indirectly lead to Katrina's demise. She may be left with little choice and may not be fully aware of the consequences.

    1. Ah yes I see what you are saying. (It's early... :-) ) Okay that would be very logical indeed... She probably would commit a crime for her sister or for Ichabod. That might be an interesting deveopment if Abby was put in that situation.

  4. Hi Dave!
    Nice to see you blogging Sleepy Hollow again! I'll admit that like the majority, this season is not as compelling as the last for me. I still enjoy the show and will keep tuning in.

    So Henry/Jeremy. Was that redemption? Or was it a coup/power grab? Remains to be seen. His absence is curious. Gathering forces? At any rate I hope we get John Noble back soon.

    I agree with Ingrid, Abby needs to be less perfect. I had thought maybe she'd have an impulsive fling with Holley or something, but it never happened. I think an "I can screw up too" moment would be good for her.

    Orion was cool. I especially like his halo sword, clever. It was very interesting that he was surprised that the witnesses were actively fighting the apocalypse rather than just observing it. Neither Abby nor Crane could possibly just stand by and watch, just by their nature. Did forces (Moloch) conspire to change their role by making the fight personal for each of them?

    Loved zombie Frank. Can't wait to see where they go with him.

    Go Pats!!! -Lynne

  5. Truncated redemption? I thought it did lack dramatic impact and seemed a little too sudden. I like your idea that it could be some sort of palace coup. That would be truly devious of Henry. Are the writers capable of that or will they continue to play it safe this season?

    You'd think Katrina would use her magic to seek Henry out. (It's odd how it deserts her at the worst times.) She should be trying to separate Henry from the rider of War instead of trying to fix Abraham. They already have (had) him in chains and Moloch won't be riding to his rescue so why the rush?

    I think we are due for an Abbie blunder. I was all set to criticize Nicole Beharie for her acting ability or lack thereof. Her rapid fire blinking when she is stressed is a bit over the top. It reminds me of the George Clooney head bob when he was on ER. Fix that! I'll wait till the end of the season to she where she takes her character.

    Do you think Orion will get his Halo sword back because Abbie has that little charm he lent her? It's the same thing just downsized. Maybe if he gets it back it will reform. Yes?

    I do hope they explore the fact that Orion was surprised the Witnesses took and active role. Maybe he is Old Testament. (You know, like "Old School" in his thinking.)

    I'm on team Zombie Frank too.

    Go Pats!


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