Orphan Black - Ease for the Idle Millionaires

Well, I can't decide if, "Ease for the Idle Millionaires" was the great romance or science episode for this season.

Orphan Black gave us entry into the love of Cosima and Delphine and what it means to have a loving relationship, despite all it's pitfalls, and a look into the dense science behind the Neo's efforts and their "Fountain" despite all it's pitfalls.

I can say one thing, both are very complicated.

The Romance

These two have quite the steamy relationship don't they?  Sometimes I wonder if I should look away from the screen just to give them their privacy.

So what is the foundation to any relationship?


This is the look Cosima shot to Delphine when she found out Delphine had betrayed her trust.


This is the look Delphine responded with, "guilty as charged".  Delphine did say she would do anything to protect Cos.  That included a mild indiscretion in order to throw PT off the scent. (Was it mild in retrospect?)   Delphine is sure Cosima is pushing too hard and it will only get Cos in trouble.  

She wasn't wrong about that. 

Delphine managed to win Cosima over to her point of view when she appealed to her integrity and individuality.   She loves her because of who she is. 

Cosima had feared she was "owned"  as we saw in the flashback to start the show.  This fear reared it's ugly head when Cos managed to put together the pieces of P.T.'s puzzle.  Delphine offered ownership of her indiscretion to steer  P.T. away.  But, she wouldn't give away her "outside" efforts as they departed one another.  The promise was to protect Cosima so that meant Delphine had to be trusted.

That trust was sealed with a kiss.

The Science

If only Delphine could trust Cosima to cool her heels.


Cos returns to the table and decides to rejoin the fray.  

Before the departure of Delphine, Cos got P.T. to admit to their interest in LIN28A.  A gene mutation first discovered in "Yanis" (A common Greek named from the original Hebrew. "A gift from God".  I guess the Neo's consider their discovery as a gift from the Almighty.  That's arrogance.)  Yanis is the poor soul they found in a Latvian orphanage with remarkable healing qualities.

This mutation has now been isolated in Kira and is apparently what P.T. is being treated with.  Revelation of this discovery also exposes Westmoreland for what he is, a fraud.  

Or a lot of smoke as Cosima would put it.  He's not 170 years old.  With the discovery of Yanis and the re-introduction of the Neolution movement right around the same time period, about 50 years ago according to Scott, this pinpoints the sudden reappearance of Westmoreland.

The Neo's tried to clone their discovery from Yanis into Sarah and the rest but it wasn't until the "unexpected second generation" that is Kira, that it could be isolated and made productive.

Naturally, P.T. and his ilk want to harvest Kira's eggs in order to bring their "Fountain" to fruition.  This also exposes their lie to the people of Revival.  Aisha's tumor is only being managed.  Sal and his family are being played for fools.  (Sal being the one that went monster hunting with Mud and found the wrong end of that hatchet.)

The Trap


Considering the "Science" above, I have to admit, I'm a little confused over P.T.'s condition.  Is he truly sick or is he just getting old?  Maybe he is sick of getting old.

Who isn't?

Mud seems convinced P.T. is unwell but all the Neo's efforts point to the search for longevity and the defrauding of Revival.  This doesn't explain Cosima getting better but I guess that is due to Delphine's efforts and how she has co-opted the Neo's efforts.  (Yes, I'm thinking aloud and I'm dragging you all along with me.)

I called this section "The Trap" because Mud conveniently ran through the house in search of Yanis and bumped into Cosima then promptly disappeared.  "Don't look in the basement!" she almost pleaded.

Naturally, Cosima looks in the basement.

Dearest, haven't you ever seen a horror movie before?  Don't you know this is where the monster awaits?

Or in this case two.

P.T. is not bound by the same strictures of the clinical and the humane.  He's chosen the pure clinical.

He shoots the poor Yanis when Cosima can't bear to do it herself.

That's her integrity.  (Score one for Delphine.)

I suppose Yanis just want to die and gave himself up as such when he manacled himself to the wall.  

P.T. granted his wish and why not, he has Kira and Cosima.

Still, it was pretty sad.

And now she is trapped.

Please listen to Delphine next time Cosima.  

Here's a scary piece of foreshadowing.  We go from P.T.'s murderous visage to this idyllic scene.  Guess who's next on the agenda!

However, before closing, Delphine arrives at Siobhan's and drops this little nugget.


"Deep Throat?"  I kind of thought Delphine was the inside source to Revival and the Neos.  (In a way she still is.)

I was also hoping it was this guy as he has his fingers in everything and is close to the throne.   Doubt was cast on this theory in this past episode but I haven't completely ruled him out.

So who would be in a unique position to offer up Neolutionist secrets because they feel embittered and betrayed?

Of course, Ferdinand Chevalier.

He and Mrs. S have forged an uneasy alliance before.  He may be a murderous psychopath but soon he will be our murderous psychopath.

The relationship built on trust that exists between Cosima and Delphine was shattered between Ferd and Rachel.  

Narrative lesson learned.   


Well, well, things look to get bloody in the next episode.  We lost poor Yanis here but at least none of the Clone Club was harmed.


Chevalier may not be outed as Deep Throat in the next entry  which is entitled, "Manacled Slim Wrists".  It could be a reference to Cosima but she wasn't manacled as we left her.

Who has slim wrists?  A child?  Aisha?  Kira?  A reference to the 1300 subjects referred to by Rachel?

I hope Delphine isn't implicated into the work surrounding that group?

Trust broken?  See you next time.



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