Orphan Black - Gag or Throttle

Did you know you can buy "Rachel Redemption Tour" t-shirts online now?

I'm kidding.

That was fast.  Here I was thinking Rachel was well nigh irredeemable.  In fact, my final episode prediction was to see Rachel frozen in a cryonics tube with a look of shock on her face.  Trapped forever.

It still may happen.  But it won't be at the hand of team Clone Club, it'll be Dyad.

What a turnaround for Rachel.  All it took was some nasty flashbacks, a little vodka and a sweet little pout from Kira and the deed was done.

Perhaps it is because Rachel had a bit of the pirate in her.

Okay, I'll admit it, I was flummoxed by this turnaround.  Almost completely caught off guard.  I say "almost" because knowing this is the final season of Orphan Black we are liable to see anything.  Including a little sentimentality.

It was only last week when Kira was spirited off in the night that Mrs. S warned Rachel they would need them some day.

Not exactly.  As it turns out they needed Rachel.

Or was it Rachel needed to be needed.

The Lost Girl

For the perfect little girl with all the right answers there was always a problem.

The cutting of flesh was a manifestation of deep frustration and emotional pain. 

She could recite the difference between her and Lisa Glynn 415K98 but she didn't know what made her special.

And no one told her.

Instead, Rachel was put through the treadmill.

The constant probing, biopsies and experimentation took their toll.  Her life was reduced to a series of files and bar codes.  An onslaught of degradation and humiliation.

Illness and the fear of death were constant companions.  Until death was rendered meaningless.

To Rachel, results meant everything and at all cost.

Survival was paramount, for in it, life had meaning.   Just not for someone like Miriam Johnson.  Her "accelerated" death was a means to an end.  Even Leekie was shocked (I know, a Leekie sighting!)  Rachel had reached the tipping point.

The constant drip, drip, drip of alcohol failed to numb her chronic amorality.

Even the acceptance into a new family wasn't enough.  As the same dispassionate service to a "higher calling" took precedence.

No, it was the old family that mattered.  And now her "Mother" was dead.  Seemingly, everything has been regulated to the misty gauze of memory and cold projections on the wall.

What was the final straw for Rachel?

I think it was when Kira asked her if she was all right and then, "Who hurt you?"  Rachel looked at her and responded , "All of them".  

Kudos to Kira for spotting the fingernail mutilation.  He mother used to do that too.

Rachel had become what she had despised and it was not going to happen to another generation.  Rachel took the heroic step and chose family first.  She needed them and they needed her.

Staying behind at Dyad meant sacrifice.  The highest measure heroism.  She's easily trapped there but decided to double down on her act by informing the Dyad board.  

Let's hope someone is listening.

It was a little sad and just a bit ironic that Rachel chose self-mutilation again.  But this too was heroic.  This time Rachel was being proactive instead of psycho-reactive.  She's excising that link that made her a tool of Westmoreland and the Dyad bunch.  

It looked like it stung.

What's possibly in store for Rachel next?

Odds and Ends

Yes, we had a Leekie sighting!  So good to see him with his head on his shoulders and not in a bag.  Should we refer to these sightings as "Pre-garage" Leekie?  Amber-haired Rachel managed to stun him with poor Miriam on a slab.  Not an easy feat.


What, Ira's dead?  When did that happen?  We didn't get to see that.  Did he just glitch and expire?  Usually when you don't see a body on TV it means you're still alive.  I'm not so sure this time.  

An official protest has been submitted.

Mark sighting! 

What th'?  Why Mark?  Because he is a Coady flunky?  I actually thought it was Ira is disguise at first.   Disappointed!  (By the way, time for an ejaculate sample.  Good lord.)

A Gracie sighting too?  Hmm, this could be interesting.  She appears mysteriously before Helena and right on the heels of Mark telling Coady he might be able to find her.

Not good.

Cosima is back too.  What a relief.  Such a sweet reunion with Scott.  She gives him total credit on the cure too.  BTW, good job Hell Wizard.

Speaking of reunions...

Alison baby!

Hate the hair.  No matter.  She's back and with a new outlook on life.

Liver deep!

Oh, it's "Live deep". 


As always, Donnie hits a home run with one of his few lines.  He's so great.

So, did you see the trailer for the next episode?  No one did!  Too scary to show.


Hopefully this won't be the repercussions of Mark's Helena bomb.

See you then.


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