Orphan Black - Let the Children and the Childbearers Toil

What evil lurks in the heart of darkness?

Well, put some kids alone in the woods and you'll find out pretty fast.  Run kids run!

There was some real horror story tropes in this past episode of Orphan Black entitled, "Let the Children and the Childbearers toil".  But before we get to what haunts the local woods and basements let's celebrate the return of Sarah.

She's back baby.  Still a little twitchy, nervous and itching for a fight.

That's why we love her.

But hold on, speaking of love.

Susan Duncan.

No Susan you're not dead.  Susan was always a favorite of mine.  Evil, yes.  Driven, sure.  A little kinky?  Most definitely.  We had heard she might still be alive in these episodes past and now here is our proof.

And what little gem does she leave for us?


That's P.T.'s first name?

Alarm bells go off in my King Arthur loving heart.  Percival was one the Grail knights of Arthur's court.  In fact, he was one of the few knights to see the Grail.  His fame was only supplanted by the deeds of Sir Galahad the son of Lancelot.

I love how they choose names for characters in TV shows.  To me, they have to mean something.

In this case, our Percival's quest is not for the Grail but for the ultimate goal of immortality.  Too bad P.T. can't match the original Percival in virtue and heroism.

What is also cool is that in the Grail story Percival eventually became King and fathered a son named, Lohengrin.  Lohengrin became known as the "Knight of the Swan".  

Swan as in Leda and the Swan?  

Coincidence?  I think not.

To the writers, names are either a clever direct reference to something they love or they are just having a little fun with inspiration.

We of course have P.T. Westmoreland.  Westmoreland being a famous general from the Viet Nam war era.  In this episode we are introduced to Dr. Nimitz.  Nimitz being a famous admiral from the World War 2.  Maybe one of the writers/producers is just a history buff.

Remember the old saying, "There are none so blind as those that will not see."  In my area there is a very famous school for the blind called "The Perkins School for the Blind."  One could say Dr. Elizabeth Perkins was completely in the dark when S and Sarah swiped her credentials.

Then again, maybe one of the writers is a fan of the actress Elizabeth Perkins from "Big".  (Me too!)

Reunion Week

Reunited and it feels so good.

Aw,  Ira is back with Susan.  He's just the tonic that poor wilted flower alone in the greenhouse needs.  Remember, Ira is working with Scott, Hell Wizard and Fe so let's see where this goes.  (I'm betting Ira will be the gallant hero.)

Sarah reunites with her "Sestra" Helena. 

Donnie snitched.

That's okay.  The reason for this visit is hidden in the future narrative.  This can't be just a social call.  Now that we've established Sarah knows where Helena is, this knowledge will come into play later on.  Kind of a "Chekov's gun" device.

A rescue mission, a new base or rallying point, something like that.

Hey, hey, someone start pouring the drinks!  Adele is back.

The good news is she is not just a boozer she's an embezzler too! 


Turns out her law career was not snafu-ed by her drinking but because she was lousy at stealing money.  I guess all the good embezzlers still have their jobs.  (Maybe if she layed off the booze she'd be better at being corrupt?)

Anyway, S has brought her into the fold because she needs Adele's less than mad skills at embezzling.  Follow the money!

The nice take away here is that Siobhan has officially brought her into the family.  I thought for sure Adele was going to call for a group hug but the serious faces were on so I guess it will have to wait.  (Did you notice how S buttered up Felix for the trip?  He got played and out voted.)

Last on our reunion docket.

Whoa, that's Virginia Coady.  Damn, I didn't see that one coming.  Well played OB.   In this final season everyone is getting their due.  (Will the ghost of Paul Dierden make an appearance?  Sh*t, I hope so!) 

So, believe it or not, Alex Ripley is someone that has been hidden away by Susan Duncan.  Coady scoffed at Susan's lack of stomach for the "wet works".  Well lady, she kept you drooling in a chair for a year or two, take that! 

Coady drops a few nuggets to S and Sarah like the beloved original genome subject (as seen by Cosima later on).  But Coady is still the wily old fox, in that wild melee to end the scene she deftly snatches Sarah's deftly snatched visitor ID.  Now she can she can just roll on out of there if she can withstand her IV drip long enough.

You'd think an experienced grifter like Sarah would notice the snatch.  I was sure she did so Coady could make her escape and Sarah would be free to enact some revenge on that "psycho" as she put it.   Eh, but maybe not.  I'm sure of one thing though, we haven't seen the last of Coady.

The Creature

Let's talk "The Creature" shall we?  (That's how he's credited in IMDB, actor Andrew Musselman.)  

We first met him when he attacked Sarah while she was still stuck on the island. Coady filled us in on all the nasty things they did to him.  The science was crude and things did not go well.  Tumors, lesions and madness.  

Here's an example.

Good grief.

Did they deliberately cut him to see if he would heal?  Or is this just the lesion thing?   Kira has been cutting herself to check the healing process so this should set off alarm bells all around.  So far, they've pleased themselves with taking Kira's blood as samples and a fingernail or two.  But what if they grow impatient and it reaches The Creature's level?

I fear this is going to happen and Sarah's instincts should have been paid better heed.  But, I suppose that lesson she got in the convent with Helena about the clones "feeling" each other will now come into play.  Sarah will "feel" the awful experimentation to be done on Kira and all hell will break loose.  Helena should feel it too.  Ha, the pregnant assassin will spring into action.  (Hmm, maybe the Chekov's gun of the convent won't need to go off.  The reason for the visit was exposition so Sarah will get in tune with her clone feelings.  Cool.)

Check out the former boudoir.

So, The Creature (I hope they eventually name him Herbert after H.G. Wells) was held prisoner in a dungeon where he was tortured like some helpless animal?  And this is Coady"s doing?  Man, I really hope she sneaks out of the asylum so she gets what's coming to her.

What is Mud's relation to the Creature?  Why is she covering for it?  Why is she secretly taking care of P.T.?  Does this mean she is taking care of two monsters?

What is this secret treatment that P.T. is getting?  I'm thinking this has something to do with the "breakthrough" Susan is talking about.  I'm also thinking the breakthrough has something to do with the blood and fingernail samples they have been taking from Kira.

So when the breakthrough starts to slow down do they ramp up the experimentation of Kira?  

Of course they do!  They're evil!

It's been interesting how Sarah's been marginalized this season.  She's been champing at the bit and at the edge of sanity's shore.  I think Mrs. S has been deliberately keeping the Delphine news from her for fear of Sarah spoiling the secret arrangement.

Judging from the trailer for the next episode that should pop then.  (Along with confirmation of my Resistance theory?) Woe to anyone who gets in Sarah's way especially when it involves Kira.

Let's propose a toast, when all these awful people finally get their comeuppance we'll raise a glass and let out a big cheer.

I'd drink to that.

Update:  I've been thinking about Kira and her cutting herself.  It's a real problem for young children especially girls.  Follow the link where you can learn about "Self-Injury".  I'm sure this isn't where the producers of the show weren't going but this helps build awareness.  Thanks to all.



  1. I was struck by similarities between the scene when Sarah and Mrs S scam Elizabeth Perkins (the psychologist at the bar) and the very opening of the whole series (on the train platform). Both started with an argument between Sarah and S (it was over the phone in episode 1); then Sarah snatched the victim's purse; both victims are called Elizabeth; Sarah goes to the Ladies to check out the victim's ID.

    I don't think it's significant, but knowing OB's clever writers I don't think it's a random accident either!

    1. I doubt it's a random accident too. They seem to be making a conscious effort to bring everything full circle. Imagine all the things we've missed! I guess we'll have to keep a sharp eye out for more. Nice catch Ken!


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