Orphan Black - Guilllotines Decide

Hmm, I'm not sure I like being manipulated like this.

Like what you say?

Like this.

Remember this little tease from last week?

A grave warning in place of the usual trailer for the next episode.  It promised something so dire it couldn't even be hinted at! 

Just teased.

Well, I guess they delivered on that!

You know what else makes me mad?  (In case you can't tell, I am slightly irked.)  I don't think Maria Doyle Kennedy's character of Siobhan deserved this.  

You knew something was up when we started the episode off with the framed picture of Mrs. S's "Chickens" (When I first saw the framed picture I thought Felix was going to die.  Sheesh.) 

Yes, things were just going all too well.  So loving.  So sentimental.

We can't have that!

Man, the characters are dropping like flies in this show.  Three last week and three this week.  

So, let's get back to the source of my indignation.  It was the tease itself from last week.  The breathless horror of something too drastic to reveal.  When I first saw the tease I rolled my eyes.

"Here we go" I said to myself.  Usually with things of this regard, the subject matter of the tease is oversold. 

Not this time. 

To tell you the truth, I think the "breathless" nature of the tease trivialized Siobhan's death.  It was "Gasp worthy" and was meant to be a real "Oh no!" moment.

Please, her character deserved better than that.

In addition to that, why kill her off?  I don't know.  The characters haven't suffered enough?  That can't be true.  Did "S" have to pay for her sins by enlisting the help of Ferdinand?  Steep price!    Was dramatic impact the reason?  I guess so.  Kill off the mother character!  Heaven forbid she make it to the end of the series.

Yes, I'm bitter.  This smacks of a needless stunt.

Am I bitter about the demise of Ferdinand?  Eh, a little.  He was fun and deliciously evil.  He did love Rachel in his own messed up perverted way.  Pathologically, psychotic homicidal way.  But he loved her.  Can't have that either.

(I tell you what though, I can't wait to see James Frain play, "Sarek" the father to Spock in this Fall's "Star Trek Discovery"  he looks great.)

Wait, there's more.

Yikes, I guess we know where Enger is now.  Executing Gracie!  Wow, wait till Mark finds out about this.  (He'll find out.  You better watch your back Coady.)  

Not that I was overly curious about what happened to Gracie but killing her once she came back?  What is this, "Deathapalooza"?

Okay, one more thing about all the death...

Don't you think they held the camera a little too long on Siobhan as she expired?  It's not unusual to have cable problems and off-times the picture freezes.  I thought that's what happened in this instance.

Nope.  This must have been dramatic license.  It was weird.  Couldn't they have just let her eyes close and her head slump to the side?  Weird.

Sigh, anything happy to report?

Happy Report

There was.

The release of full financial records and the word dispersed to all the oversight committees in the affected countries.


This was big right?  Expose the Neos and have Westmoreland "Stripped of his myth."  Major victory right?

All the more reason for the Deathapalooza I suppose.  No good deed goes unpunished. 

(Sorry, I'll try to shake this off.)

You know what was great about the above scene?  The rapturous fulfillment of doing something good and having Cosima blindly reach for Delphine's hand as her head was bowed.  So real.

What else was good?

Rachel being fully on board the redemption train.  She even managed fool and set up Ferdinand.  Not an easy task.  Sadly, Ferd was too quick for the Dyad goons and Rach just managed to escape a throttling.  She called S with a warning but as she said good bye there was resignation in her voice.  I think she was aware she may never see S again.  

I think all we "North American Scum" can be happy for Felix.  He has his sister back and he looks like he has some romance in his life.  

He's even making a buck or two on his paintings.  Hey, wait a minute, they're not setting us up are they?  Too much happy?  Don't touch Felix!  Jordan Garvaris was gone from the show for too long anyway.

Let's end with some bad news.

We can't forget Helena's been taken.

I loved this above shot from the episode.  A nice mix of light and shadow.  Make note of the cross in the window.  I guess the good lord wasn't protecting too many people in this entry.

Juxtapose the Convent window shot with the one of Ferdinand's comeback.  A very similar use of light and shadow.  Introducing good and evil?  Foreshadowing of fate?  

The Clones have lost their guardian angels now.  No more S or Ferd and ironically they took each other out.   

So what do we make of this situation?

P.T.'s myth has been busted.  Dyad is in disarray.  But the island is still there and P.T. looks to be still around.  I suppose the castle hasn't been stormed because the Revival islanders are too busy burning their only source of survival down.  

We still have Mud and she knows the secret way into P.T's lair.  Ira's gone but now we have Mark.

Two new guardian Angels!

They better get their holy act together because there will be hell to pay.  All P.T. cares about is his survival and pending immortality.  Everything else can burn.

Plus, his "Igor" of an assistant is freaking crazy.  Where did you leave that boat Cosima? 

Back to the island!


  1. Wish I had more time to post ALL my thoughts... :-( Anyway. Are you sure Siobhan is dead? I want proof. Gracie's death was kind of unnecessary, I thought. Ferdinand deserved it. WTH with Felix's biological sister?? She is such a waste of time, unless she ends up being an ultimate evil dudette, and I'm not sure that would fit.

    My prediction? Either Sarah or Rachel will bite the dust by the end.

    And Tony takes over the Clone Club. Mwahaha.

    Just kidding. I will miss this show so much....

    1. Yes, it looks like we've lost Siobhan. It's too bad and as you read from me, unnecessary . Yeah, Gracie getting executed was bizarre. I think they are equating violence with drama. What is this, Game of Thrones? Ferdinand deserved it but I still liked having him around. He's so nutty.

      I thought Adele took a step back in her character. (Felix's sister.) She seemed to return to goofiness that marked her personality when she was drinking. She seemed a lot sharper upon her return this season.

      If they kill off Sarah I'll really flip pout. Rachel? Eh, she has a long sordid past. I think all the clones will make it. MK seemed to be the sacrificial lamb.

      Yeah, right, Tony. That'd be funny.

      I'll miss the show too. I hope we all survive the ending. Thanks Ingrid!


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