When Life Gives You Lemons....

....make Lemonade.

I had nearly forgotten about this image from the Fringe episode, "And Those We've left Behind".  It just seemed so singular to me.  We have the incomparable Stephen Root in the foreground and for a brief moment we get the bowl full of Lemons as wall art behind him.  As the episode progresses we find out just how cruel life had become to the Green family.  A now convalesced Raymond Green dotes over his stricken wife.  The irony is, now that he is in good health, he is unable to return the favor to his once brilliant wife whose mind is locked away by Alzheimer's.  An ample dose of lemons indeed.

Instead of making lemonade out of this calamity, Raymond Green instead tries to undo time itself.  What he doesn't realize that his potent recipe stirs up trouble for others instead.  What was intended to be a sweet concoction to be shared by he and his wife turns out to be a deadly brew others.  Ultimately, Peter Bishop intervenes and Raymond's sour solution is dispelled.

Fortunately for Raymond he married a good woman.  Kate Green knows what to do when life gives you lemons and the easiest solutions are often the best.  She may not be her normal self but the Greens still have each other and sometimes that is all you can ask out of life.


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