Fringe Fries!

I'm starting a new little blog post section called "Fringe Fries".  It's made up of those yummy Easter Eggs left behind our friends at Fringe.  Along with tantalizing clues, delicious details, inspirational eye candy and the wholesome homages that make Fringe so special.

Wholesome Homage

Let's start with the character of Emily Mallum as played by Alexis Raich.  Anemic and ashen, Emily's unique ability was to sense the imminent demise of those she came close to.  Her character reminded me of the "Pre-cogs" from the movie "Minority report".

Also pale and wan the Pre-cogs could sense when death was imminent.  Their unique powers involved fighting crime especially when a murder was about to be committed.  Perhaps the writers at Fringe drew some inspiration from Minority Report.

Another movie that Fringe may have paid homage to is "The Exorcism of Emily Rose".  The most obvious relation is of course the name of Emily.  Both Emily's were troubled youths either possessing powers or possessed by them that both found a curse.  They seem to suffer unfairly and their youth was easily manipulated by those seeking to take advantage of them.

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Beetlejuice".  Actress Winona Ryder played, Lydia Deetz, a sad and gothic waif. Our character of Emily bears a resemblance to Lydia and they both share a Gothic attraction to all things sad and fateful.  Notice on the screencap below where a "be-skulled" sweater hangs outside the doors to Emily's closet.  Lydia Deetz would approve.

Inspirational Eye Candy

Did anyone else spot the picture of Vincent Van Gogh on Emily's wall?  I don't think in this case the viewing audience is to be inspired by this placement.  But we can see how Emily must have been.  Both artists were tortured souls that shared a sense of fatalism and doom.  Emily's drawings bore a closer resemblance to Monet but the influence of Van Gogh is clear.  Like Van Gogh, Emily's time on this Earth was cut short, and tormented by sad visions.  Each left a trail of sadness behind them but forged a path of inspiration and hope for others to follow.

Tantalizing Clues

I did a post for the Fringe Podcast where I had spotted a series of clues spread over several episodes.  They were visual clues in the form of electronic "No Crossing" signs that can be found at any intersection. They seemed to serve as a warning on how dangerous it would be to cross from from one universe to the other.  I may have found another.

At least twice, and there may have been more, we see stop signs inserted into the background.  Like the No Crossing signs these visual cues are meant for our characters but only appreciated by the viewing audience.  What are the Fringe people trying to tell us?  That the Fringe players are on the wrong path?  Will their approach be a deadly one?  Should they stop now?

Easter Eggs!

 In these particular Easter Eggs I thinks we are getting a little foreshadowing.

Our first egg comes in the form of the sensory deprivation tank.  Not very subtle in its placement here I can only think it will play a role in the near future.  It seems Nina has been trying to inhibit Olivia's powers.   Could a trip to the tank revitalize them so Dunham can be at full fighting trim?

Speaking of Nina, does she keep an office on Liberty Island where the "Machine" is located?  Isn't that the Machine in the background?  This doesn't bode well.  Especially when coupled with a picture of young Olive and Nina in the foreground.  Nina has plans for Olivia.  Do they involve the Machine?  Is this thematic of crossing over or a possible bridgehead to a battle yet to be?  Not good!

The Geodesic Dome makes its return.  Here it is in the form of a "Bucky Ball"sitting on Walters desk.  The dome or ball is one of my favorite devices used by the Fringe production team.  They used this device heavily in the promotion for this new season.  Here's what I said about the dome in a previous post.

"The Dome or Bucky Ball may well become a constant theme for the entire season.  It could represent isolation, pocket Earths, existential crises, bubble universes or anything that sets Peter and the group apart.  It could also mean there is more than one of everything, you just have to know where to look!"

What's the Easter Egg in the above image?  Well there isn't any!  She's just so darn cute so maybe it's inspirational.  At least I'm inspired to write more about Fringe.  Thanks Anna!


  1. Dave,
    i could be wrong but in the above pic isnt Olivia wearing new glasses? And is it my imagination... or do they have a red tinge to them (in the frame)?
    I could be completely wrong about the glasses because as you know my eyes are generally glued to the gorgeous Peter Bishop the whole time!

    1. Oh no, I think you are quite correct. New glasses for Liv and they do have a red tinge. New glasses for Lincoln also. Thematic of our character seeing things in a new way? We'll have to keep an eye on this!


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