Who Shot September?

Only a show like Fringe could give us a long awaited reveal that villain David Robert Jones is back and then twist our little minds with September's statement that Olivia has to die no matter what!  Add to this, September has been ventilated with a gun shot wound! 

What I am going to tackle here is the mystery of who shot "JR" the Observer.  But before I go there I want to ask, is it really important that Olivia has to die?  I thought the important MacGuffin here was Peter being out of place and his effort to get back to where (he thinks) he belongs.  Isn't that what this season is all about?  The Universe being turned inside out, so to speak, because Peter manipulated the machine? Why is it now that Olivia has to die?

That being said, here is my list of suspects and their possible motives.

  • Suspect - Peter - Motive:  Well why wouldn't he want to shoot September?  Thanks to him and his bald headed ilk Peter is adrift in this timeline.  A man without a universe.  In a moment of passion, Peter may confront the man who tried to have him erased and decide a bullet would serve to vent his frustration.  Granted, September didn't have the heart to totally wipe him clean but Peter doesn't know that.  Peter is a smart cookie and he may put together September's original plan.
  • Suspect - Olivia - Motive:  Speaking of smart cookies, how long will it be before she puts things together?  Or here's a twist, good ol' time traveling September explored so many futures that the Olivia we all know and love had enough and decided to plug September for ruining her life and taking Peter away from her respective timeline!
  • Suspect - Altlivia - Motive: Not as good a shot as Olivia (Which may let our girl off the hook, otherwise he'd be dead.) She is a little trigger happy and impulsive in nature.  Peter revealed to her via Lincoln that at the end of the day she would do the right thing.  Does this "right thing" mean to eliminate September.  Yes, I know, they all say, "What's an Observer?"  How long do you think that will last?
  • Suspect - David R Jones - Motive:  In case you haven't noticed I think the Observers will finally become front and center and whose machinations will be damaged by a possible change in the time line? David Robert Jones of course. DRJ is no dummy either, he obviously has major plans for both universes.  With an army of Shape-shifters at his beck and call the only thing that may upset his apple cart is intervention by the Observers.  Watch your back September.
  • Suspect - Nina Sharp - Motive:  This particular iteration of the mysterious Ms. Sharp has a decidedly evil bent to her motives.  Who could forget her "War room" speech before Massive Dynamic where she blithely dismisses the victims of her inventions as long her patents are safe.   Is she in bed (yuck) with David Robert Jones?  Is she acting on his behest in the Blue universe and stands to profit wildly by his plans.  September may act to foil these plans and the lovely Ms. Nina can't have that!
  • Suspect - Sam Weiss - Motive: Conspicuous by his absence he is the ultimate behind the scenes man with a knowledge of all things multi-universe.  If the Observers try to set things right (again) maybe Sam says, "Enough!" and seeks to end it all with a bullet.  This is a real wild card but we are talking Fringe.
The others?  The Walters don't seem likely, ones afraid of his shadow and the other shot Olivia in another life time.  This one has been de-fanged. (Sadly.)   The Lincoln Lees?  Maybe, ours is a bit timid and the other loves Altlivia.  Scarce motive there.  Astrid?  Eh, not likely, they never give anything juicy to do!  The Broyles boys?  Possible, both are determined and courageous but with no overt motive. (Unless alter-Broyles is a shape-shifer following orders!)  Charlie Francis?  Is he back yet?  His absence bugs me.

How about someone really out there?  If David Robert Jones can stage a comeback why not Mitchell Loeb or Thomas Newton?  Wouldn't you love to see the final episode with a shot going off and all heads turn to see Newton standing there with a smoking gun, he smiles and says, "I'm baaack."

OK, that's a little crazy, we all know deep in our hearts Agent Jessup is the one.  That'll wrap up this hole business!

Thoughts anyone?


  1. One scenario is that September gets shot trying to save Olivia, to create a future where she lives. In her LSD animated trip she envisioned her eventual killer as "Mr.X" either because she didn't recognize him or the truth of who he is is too much for her psyche to handle. (Meta reason for Mr. X - he could just be a placeholder representation of a big bad who hasn't yet been cast.) So as unsatisfying as that is, perhaps it is Mr. X who we have not yet met.

    Others who might want to kill Olivia include her stepfather from a timeline where he isn't dead.

    How about a wild card like the long forgotten John Scott? MD still has him stashed somewhere right?


  2. OK I have another *very* trippy idea. Remember the sonic metal suppository from The Arrival? Kinda looks like a bullet and randomly, explosively entered and left the blue timeline? Well, maybe September gets in the way of a small one? Maybe as part of the endgame that big one fragments into a bunch of smaller pieces that travel through various timelines taking out whatever is in their path. Maybe just enough pieces to take out every Observer, when they are no longer necessary. They can stop bullets, but this thing is something else altogether.

    Not on drugs, I swear. -duckyislost :)

    1. Thanks for the qualifier, "Not on drugs". Good to know! Trippy ideas are fun. I started this out quite seriously and ended up with Jessup! I'd love to see a return of the "rouge" Observers and their giant trippy bullet. Thanks Ducky!

  3. Dave .... i think that September gets shot by the Observers ... or at least the 'fix it' man they have at their disposal. Remember 'Donald' who appeared in the ep August? He was contacted to fix a problem. Ok so he may be dead, but who is to say that there isnt another Donald. I think December has basically had enough of Septembers interferring and has decided that the way to stop him is to shoot him ... get rid of him! I know Observers are not to get involved or interfere ... and under no circumstances are they to 'feel' for those they observe! But we have passed beyond that point. August developed feelings for the young girl he was watching ... he even thought he 'loved' her. I think that September has succumbed to the same thing. He is way too invested in the lives of Peter and Walter Bishop and in turn ... Olivia!
    Its my thoery ... im probably wrong ....but im just putting it out there!

    1. I can't see why there can't be another Donald now that we are back to where we never been before. I remember the episode "August" fondly and Peter was totally B/A in it. I think you are right about September developing feelings for our gang. Jeff Jensen at EW thinks he took a bullet meant for Olivia. Not sure I buy that because he can jump anywhere but you never know!

  4. Before I offer my theory, I really don't have any proper education/learning regarding what I'm going to say. So feel free to shoot my theory down if it doesn't make any sense. =P

    My theory is that September shot himself to commit suicide.

    First, a video that gives off the idea of my theory, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfPeprQ7oGc

    From the video, the act of observing gives a different shape formed by the electrons seen at the wall, compared to when unobserved. In other words, if observed, Shape A is formed. If not observed, Shape B is formed.

    Turn it into a Fringe-related sentence, maybe the act of observing done by September forms a "shape" itself in the form of a constant result, whereby "Olivia must die". I have to say this ties in well with September's quote, "I have LOOKED at all possible futures... and IN EVERY ONE, the RESULT IS THE SAME. You have to die."

    What if September shot himself to commit suicide, so that he can no longer look at all possible futures, thus influencing the end result and creating another "shape" whereby the opposite happens (Olivia living, that is).

    Therefore, his meeting with Olivia is basically to try and prevent Olivia's death by taking his own life though he might still be unsure whether it would work, giving her some sort of warning in case it doesn't.

    Ironic enough that "OBSERVER effect refers to changes that the act of observation will make on the phenomenon being observed. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Observer_effect_(physics))

  5. Wow, you really did your homework on this one. I love the science/near science behind it. The concept of the "shape" is fascinating. It's a basic tenet of science that the mere fact of making on observation always effect the outcome. I like that September has become the constant that must be removed from the equation to change the outcome. You may be the first to posit this theory.

    Perhaps instead of stopping the bullet with his hand as Observers do, he allowed it to pass through in order to remove himself from the equation.

    Excellent reply Syafiq


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