Answers are coming teaser from Fringe!

My Homeboys at Golden Spiral Media posted this on their Facebook page and I've decided to run with it. Here's a rundown of all the flash images we see in the first few seconds.

The Blue People

The Head Stone

The man in the circle

Olivia in tank.

 A slice of David Robert Jones

September profile.

Peter with Altlivia.

Peter with Our-livia?

Altlivia with baby.

Peter in Machine.

The Machine Room.

So there you have it.  To the best of my ability I think I've captured all those quick snapshots.  The voice over asks us to question everything we've come to know and believe.  So go for it people what are they trying to tell us?

Theories please!

Of course they weren't done, I grabbed this ultra quick flash as the video closes.

Is that September seen in reverse negative with a breathing tube in his nose?


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