Fringe Fries!

Here are some more of those yummy Easter Eggs left behind our friends at Fringe.  Along with tantalizing clues, delicious details, inspirational eye candy and the wholesome homages that make Fringe so special.

Wholesome Homages.

I have to say I got a real X-Files vibe from this past episode of Fringe, "Welcome to Westfield".  Looking at the cook's eyes reminded me of the "Black Oil" that used to creep through the eyes of those infected by it.  Yes, it turned out to be a doubling of the pupils but it still creeped me out in good ol' X-Files fashion.  See the below image and see if it does the same to you.

I'm not the only one that linked Close Encounters of the Third Kind with this episode of Fringe.  Seeing all the objects floating around in the trucker's cab reminded me of the scene in CE3K where Roy Neary has the same thing happen to him.

Speaking of television shows, there may be a fan of "The Walking Dead" on the writing staff of Fringe. Compare the scene of the zombified man in Westfield with that of "Bunny Slipper Girl" from the very first episode of "Dead".  It's nice to have dolly even if you are not quite your normal self.

Bunny Slipper Girl was a little more horrific but I wouldn't want that man anywhere near me.

I'm not quite done with the horrific and grotesque.  The man with two faces as seen in the picture above sent me right back to "The Dark Knight" movie and the equally macabre "Two Face".

Not a pretty picture only the guy on the bus took it a little too literally.  Wouldn't you know it there was a school bus tie to the Dark Knight also as that is how the Joker escaped after visiting Two Face in the hospital.

Tantalizing Clues.

I wrote my first Fringe Fries post late last January and I made note of the No Crossing signs Fringe has been known to employ.  I also made note of the Stop signs used in the episode, Forced Perspective.

The Stop signs are back as you can see in the picture below and what's more there is warning in the form of the word "caution" as pictured on the back of the bus door Peter just shut.  Do you suppose the writers at Fringe are trying to tell us or their characters that they are going too far and they need to heed the warnings much as they did with the no crossing signs?


OK, everyone on the bus, Fringe is taking us for another wild ride!


  1. I completely agree with you about the X-Files eyes, Close Encounters floating stuff (and just before the airplane flies over, didn't that scene remind you a bit of when the mother and little boy are in the road and see alien ships on the road followed by police cars?) and the Zombie thing. I'm not a watcher of the Walking Dead, but I worked on a card set for them, and it looked mighty similar.

    One could also think - the merged heads could bring to mind that first Harry Potter movie and that double head character, Voldemort and somebody whose name I forget?

    Actually, the entire episode (which I adored) brought tom mind either a show or a book that I just can't put my name on.

    I'm still waiting to see a reference to the Tardis in one of these episodes. :-)


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