Monday, January 30, 2012

Fringe Fries!

I'm starting a new little blog post section called "Fringe Fries".  It's made up of those yummy Easter Eggs left behind our friends at Fringe.  Along with tantalizing clues, delicious details, inspirational eye candy and the wholesome homages that make Fringe so special.

Wholesome Homage

Let's start with the character of Emily Mallum as played by Alexis Raich.  Anemic and ashen, Emily's unique ability was to sense the imminent demise of those she came close to.  Her character reminded me of the "Pre-cogs" from the movie "Minority report".

Also pale and wan the Pre-cogs could sense when death was imminent.  Their unique powers involved fighting crime especially when a murder was about to be committed.  Perhaps the writers at Fringe drew some inspiration from Minority Report.

Another movie that Fringe may have paid homage to is "The Exorcism of Emily Rose".  The most obvious relation is of course the name of Emily.  Both Emily's were troubled youths either possessing powers or possessed by them that both found a curse.  They seem to suffer unfairly and their youth was easily manipulated by those seeking to take advantage of them.

One of my favorite movies of all time is "Beetlejuice".  Actress Winona Ryder played, Lydia Deetz, a sad and gothic waif. Our character of Emily bears a resemblance to Lydia and they both share a Gothic attraction to all things sad and fateful.  Notice on the screencap below where a "be-skulled" sweater hangs outside the doors to Emily's closet.  Lydia Deetz would approve.

Inspirational Eye Candy

Did anyone else spot the picture of Vincent Van Gogh on Emily's wall?  I don't think in this case the viewing audience is to be inspired by this placement.  But we can see how Emily must have been.  Both artists were tortured souls that shared a sense of fatalism and doom.  Emily's drawings bore a closer resemblance to Monet but the influence of Van Gogh is clear.  Like Van Gogh, Emily's time on this Earth was cut short, and tormented by sad visions.  Each left a trail of sadness behind them but forged a path of inspiration and hope for others to follow.

Tantalizing Clues

I did a post for the Fringe Podcast where I had spotted a series of clues spread over several episodes.  They were visual clues in the form of electronic "No Crossing" signs that can be found at any intersection. They seemed to serve as a warning on how dangerous it would be to cross from from one universe to the other.  I may have found another.

At least twice, and there may have been more, we see stop signs inserted into the background.  Like the No Crossing signs these visual cues are meant for our characters but only appreciated by the viewing audience.  What are the Fringe people trying to tell us?  That the Fringe players are on the wrong path?  Will their approach be a deadly one?  Should they stop now?

Easter Eggs!

 In these particular Easter Eggs I thinks we are getting a little foreshadowing.

Our first egg comes in the form of the sensory deprivation tank.  Not very subtle in its placement here I can only think it will play a role in the near future.  It seems Nina has been trying to inhibit Olivia's powers.   Could a trip to the tank revitalize them so Dunham can be at full fighting trim?

Speaking of Nina, does she keep an office on Liberty Island where the "Machine" is located?  Isn't that the Machine in the background?  This doesn't bode well.  Especially when coupled with a picture of young Olive and Nina in the foreground.  Nina has plans for Olivia.  Do they involve the Machine?  Is this thematic of crossing over or a possible bridgehead to a battle yet to be?  Not good!

The Geodesic Dome makes its return.  Here it is in the form of a "Bucky Ball"sitting on Walters desk.  The dome or ball is one of my favorite devices used by the Fringe production team.  They used this device heavily in the promotion for this new season.  Here's what I said about the dome in a previous post.

"The Dome or Bucky Ball may well become a constant theme for the entire season.  It could represent isolation, pocket Earths, existential crises, bubble universes or anything that sets Peter and the group apart.  It could also mean there is more than one of everything, you just have to know where to look!"

What's the Easter Egg in the above image?  Well there isn't any!  She's just so darn cute so maybe it's inspirational.  At least I'm inspired to write more about Fringe.  Thanks Anna!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Up In The Air With Fringe

No George Clooney isn't walking through that door to make a guest appearance on Fringe.  But there were some interesting comments made by Joel Wyman in a recent  interview with TV Line.

Here the gist of it as follows...

"We ourselves get frustrated with other shows that only ask questions and leave things up in the air and don't really answer them, so we really take pride in saying, ‘Look our drama is strong enough that we can actually answer the questions.' Let's just say that we're going to try and get you satisfying conclusions for all those things that are up in the air. You'll learn a lot more about the Observers this year. And yes, you probably will understand a lot about that guy in the zeppelin."

OK, let's count how many times Wyamn said, "Up in the air".  It's two!  Yes, twice in the same paragraph.  And he managed to say it in context with the man in the Zeppelin, Mr.X and the Observers.

I'm calling major Easter Egg here.  Yes it could be an innocent remark by Wyamn and I've been wrong more than once ( a lot lately!).  But I think we just found out where Olivia is going to be shot and killed.  Mr. X has re-entered the conversation of late and as we have learned from the Observer September, Olivia has to die no matter what future he's peeked at.

So get your butter and toast ready it seems to me Olivia will be traveling to the other side once again, hitching a ride on a Zeppelin and meeting her doom!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Death Comes to Fringe

Death paid a visit to Fringe last Friday night in the episode "Enemy Of My Enemy".  This might sound a little dramatic and if death wasn't pervasive it at least served as an allegory for the episode.

It's been noted that the Fringe glyphs for "Enemy" spelled out "Death".  The first thing I thought of was the above video from the "Lord of the Rings: Return of the King" movie.  In this scene the "Rohirrim" are rallied by their King, Theoden.  "Death, Death" he calls, "Death, Death" they reply in unison.  The King is not so much predicting their fate or calling for their doom but instead he is calling for them to accept death, not to fear it but to own it.  That way they can succeed in their mission.

It's probably a coincidence but in the previous episode of Fringe Lincoln Lee made reference to another famous battle when he quoted from the "Charge of the Light Brigade" when he said, "Ours is not to reason why, ours is but to do and die".  In this he tells, Peter I think, that he has accepted his fate and is resigned to its outcome no matter what.  It's the mission that counts.

This resignation of Death or at least fate becomes more prevalent in this most recent episode.  We start out by having David Robert Jones (DRJ) accept death as a necessary thing wherein sacrifice is needed to prove a point.  He demonstrates his will by killing his shape-shifter creation in front of Red universe Olivia and Lincoln even though he refers to it as his child.  He looked truly moved by this act but thought it a prudent thing to do.
Death is used by Peter Bishop next when he tells DRJ that he knew him in a different timeline and was responsible for his demise by cutting him in half by closing the dimensional portal on him.  Peter rattles DRJ by this account and his insight into DRJ's machinations.  Jones gamely counters that he is still in one piece but the point has been made.  Peter is a new variable and perhaps Jones' fate is not what it seems.

Death visits a hospital ER next (symbolic of where lives are meant to be saved) and once again DRJ uses the death of innocents to make his point.  This time the sacrifice is not him but to society a point taken by Walternate.  16 people are murdered by Jones all to gain his release.  Here the death card is played in a different fashion than Lincoln Lee referred to earlier.  But still so the mission can succeed.

Upon his release Jones goes to a crowded public place to ensure his escape.  He affects this escape by handing a young man money and tells him he doesn't have to be, "the richest an in the cemetery".  Is Jones predicting his own death and how close it may be?  Or is he just being glib in his reference to death by handing out the money in such bold fashion.  You may recall, Peter did refer to Jones' scars and the use of DNA grafts instead of tape to hold him together.  Maybe Peter was closer than the truth than he thought.  Jones did seem to wheeze a lot in the interview room.  Will death reach out to Jones sooner than we think.

Sadly, death did reach out to Nadine Park as she was gunned down by Peter in the big quarry shootout.  Another one of my favorite shape-shifters gone.  But is she dead?  (Was she ever alive in this state?)  Shape-shifters can be repaired, and if not, Jones can always make another one!  (47 and counting.)  Is death getting the end around here?  Has it lost its meaning when someone dies only to be reborn in a different fashion?

Let's not forget that Death is constantly invoked by Walternate and his wife Elizabeth.  Over dinner the death of their son and that of the other Peter is a powerful reminder of how it shaped their lives.  When Elizabeth travels to the other side to visit Walter its as if she has come back from the dead to him.  They all know that their loved ones haven't really returned but the their death has collectively propelled their fate forward.

Lastly, Olivia escapes death by heeding the warning of Peter as he screamed into the walkie talkie.  A narrow escape to be sure and one she tells Peter she deeply appreciates.  Ironically, we've been re-introduced to a plot line where Olivia has to die as voiced by September in the previous episode.  Did Peter really save her life or just forestall it?

Sometimes Fringe reminds me of a Shakespearean play, sometimes a tragedy and sometimes a that of a comedy. If the Bard were to characterize Fringe and Death would he see it through the lens of Richard II when he says, "Woe, destruction, ruin and decay; the worst is Death and Death will have his day."  Or would he accept death in a more optimistic tone as in Hamlet's dimension where Death is a sleep where dreams may come or better yet from "Measure for Measure".

"Be absolute for death; either death or life shall thereby be the sweeter."

Thursday, January 19, 2012

James Bond is Back

In a recent Morning Spoiler article posted at io9 by Alasdair Wilkins, the author openly wondered why this was the first official image released for the next Bond film, Skyfall.  "Your guess is as good as mine on this one", posed Wilkins.

I'd like to answer that.

Don't you get it Alasdair?  Bond is back!  See, they are showing you his back, get it?

I'm teasing of course.  But I think I can legitimately come up with a few good reason why MGM et al chose this particular image.  First and foremost it has been four years since the last Bond movie "Quantum of Solace" and ticket sales quite possibly could take a hit because of the hiatus.  How does one go beyond the hard core fans to attract new fans to the franchise?

Appeal to the female viewership. See the above picture.

I showed this photo to my wife and she nearly knocked me over trying to get to the laptop.  Mr. Craig has been working out and it shows.  Surely there is a certain appeal to a muscular James Bond and what better way to attract viewership than to show it off.  You're welcome ladies.

There is a certain symbolic imagery to the above photo also.  According to the official synopsis of the movie, "M" played by Judi Dench has suffered a crisis of confidence that has shaken (not stirred) MI6 to its very core.  It will be up to Bond to right the ship and the above depiction shows Bond in a solitary moment.  I'm thinking Bond is alone in his quest to clear M.

One could also make the case that Bond, sitting at the edge of the pool, is prepared to jump into the deep end and take any risk to save the career of M.  Yes, I know it is a racing pool (there is no deep end) but the symbolic imagery of Bond going it alone and taking the risk is clear.

Since it is a racing pool, I could even argue that Bond has quite the task ahead of him.  One of endurance.  His mission will take its toll and expect the utmost effort of Bond.  This will not be a sprint.  Slow and steady win the race.  If Bond is to prevail he will need to save his best for last.

Lastly notice the posture of Bond.  He sits relaxed at the edge of the pool.  Only the slightest stir of his foot sends ripples across the stolid surface.  But still waters run deep and Bond has merely touched the surface of his mission.  His face is in slight profile, he may be relaxed but 007 turns his back on no one.  Always at his guard Bond will not be taken by surprise.

There you have it Alasdair.  Does that help?

Bond is back.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Who Shot September?

Only a show like Fringe could give us a long awaited reveal that villain David Robert Jones is back and then twist our little minds with September's statement that Olivia has to die no matter what!  Add to this, September has been ventilated with a gun shot wound! 

What I am going to tackle here is the mystery of who shot "JR" the Observer.  But before I go there I want to ask, is it really important that Olivia has to die?  I thought the important MacGuffin here was Peter being out of place and his effort to get back to where (he thinks) he belongs.  Isn't that what this season is all about?  The Universe being turned inside out, so to speak, because Peter manipulated the machine? Why is it now that Olivia has to die?

That being said, here is my list of suspects and their possible motives.

  • Suspect - Peter - Motive:  Well why wouldn't he want to shoot September?  Thanks to him and his bald headed ilk Peter is adrift in this timeline.  A man without a universe.  In a moment of passion, Peter may confront the man who tried to have him erased and decide a bullet would serve to vent his frustration.  Granted, September didn't have the heart to totally wipe him clean but Peter doesn't know that.  Peter is a smart cookie and he may put together September's original plan.
  • Suspect - Olivia - Motive:  Speaking of smart cookies, how long will it be before she puts things together?  Or here's a twist, good ol' time traveling September explored so many futures that the Olivia we all know and love had enough and decided to plug September for ruining her life and taking Peter away from her respective timeline!
  • Suspect - Altlivia - Motive: Not as good a shot as Olivia (Which may let our girl off the hook, otherwise he'd be dead.) She is a little trigger happy and impulsive in nature.  Peter revealed to her via Lincoln that at the end of the day she would do the right thing.  Does this "right thing" mean to eliminate September.  Yes, I know, they all say, "What's an Observer?"  How long do you think that will last?
  • Suspect - David R Jones - Motive:  In case you haven't noticed I think the Observers will finally become front and center and whose machinations will be damaged by a possible change in the time line? David Robert Jones of course. DRJ is no dummy either, he obviously has major plans for both universes.  With an army of Shape-shifters at his beck and call the only thing that may upset his apple cart is intervention by the Observers.  Watch your back September.
  • Suspect - Nina Sharp - Motive:  This particular iteration of the mysterious Ms. Sharp has a decidedly evil bent to her motives.  Who could forget her "War room" speech before Massive Dynamic where she blithely dismisses the victims of her inventions as long her patents are safe.   Is she in bed (yuck) with David Robert Jones?  Is she acting on his behest in the Blue universe and stands to profit wildly by his plans.  September may act to foil these plans and the lovely Ms. Nina can't have that!
  • Suspect - Sam Weiss - Motive: Conspicuous by his absence he is the ultimate behind the scenes man with a knowledge of all things multi-universe.  If the Observers try to set things right (again) maybe Sam says, "Enough!" and seeks to end it all with a bullet.  This is a real wild card but we are talking Fringe.
The others?  The Walters don't seem likely, ones afraid of his shadow and the other shot Olivia in another life time.  This one has been de-fanged. (Sadly.)   The Lincoln Lees?  Maybe, ours is a bit timid and the other loves Altlivia.  Scarce motive there.  Astrid?  Eh, not likely, they never give anything juicy to do!  The Broyles boys?  Possible, both are determined and courageous but with no overt motive. (Unless alter-Broyles is a shape-shifer following orders!)  Charlie Francis?  Is he back yet?  His absence bugs me.

How about someone really out there?  If David Robert Jones can stage a comeback why not Mitchell Loeb or Thomas Newton?  Wouldn't you love to see the final episode with a shot going off and all heads turn to see Newton standing there with a smoking gun, he smiles and says, "I'm baaack."

OK, that's a little crazy, we all know deep in our hearts Agent Jessup is the one.  That'll wrap up this hole business!

Thoughts anyone?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sherlock: "I don't have Friends".

Holmes you amaze me.

 There has been a plethora of "Sherlock" teaser filling the internet "airwaves" of late ratcheting up the excitement for the second series of the famed detective.

I found the above video to be a little disconcerting especially because the way it finishes.  Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes delivers the last line, "I don't have friends" with such venomous disdain you actually feel the hurt in his voice on a personal level yourself!

What is Cumberbatch's Holmes trying to tell us?  That his contempt for his fellow man runs so deeply that even those supposedly closest to him are regarded as barely worthy of his derision?  The word "friends" itself when uttered by Sherlock seems so distasteful that he can barely  spit it out.  Has his arrogance reached a level where the aversion for his contemporaries (or, rather, those beneath him) can scarcely be tolerated?

Or is there something else at work here?  This particular iteration of Holmes parrots most of the sociopathic tendencies of other Holmes interpretations.  Clumsy in public settings, an alarming caustic impatience, a total disregard for social norms.   But Cumberbatch's Holmes, at least in this instance, has the temerity to savagely disregard the feelings, of what even Holmes should realize, is his closest confident in John Watson.

Earlier in the video when Watson say's "He's back" is no doubt referring to Professor Moriarty.  This is enough to grab Sherlock's attention.  I think, later, when Watson offers his advice as a "friend" Sherlock acts reflexively, as his his norm, to any help by rejecting it.  But by saying he doesn't have any friends, and saying it so pointedly in front of Watson, could be a defense mechanism.

Sherlock is threatened by Moriarty to the extent that Moriarty has shaken Holmes' renowned confidence.  Sherlock realizes he can barely protect himself from this threat let alone those closest to him.  Hence, when Watson proffers his friendship, Sherlock reacts angrily because he knows he can't protect Watson nor anyone else close to him from Mrs. Hudson to Inspector Lestrade and even his brother Mycroft. 

His rejection of "friends" could also be a way of insulating Watson and the rest from harm.  By pushing away those closest to him, Holmes may be buying them some time as he endeavors to deal with the threat from Moriarty.  Perhaps this is a bit desperate.  A gamble, no doubt, Moriarty could easily see through.  But worth it in Sherlock's estimation if it evens buys a few moments of time.

Of course I can't totally disregard that when met with having the prospect of friends, Sherlock would then have to admit to himself that in some way these people are his equals.  Sherlock has spent so much distancing himself from people that he can't admit he needs them for his very work and his very existence.  (Remember, this Sherlock is so distant he can't even bring himself to admitting the Earth revolves around the Sun.)  I have no doubt that Sherlock is totally unpracticed in the fine art of empathy.

Hopefully, I am wrong.  I do have the feeling that Sherlock, while acting in a vile manner, is acting instinctively to protect his friends.  Yes, he is a bit callow and these outbursts are unwarranted but at some level Sherlock wants to defend Watson and the rest.  I think once we see the episode in its entirety we'll find Holmes has calculated the effect of his statement and will reveal to Watson the need to act in such a way.  I also think Watson will remind Sherlock that there are were other avenues that could have been explored.

The master detective will deduce he has hurt his friend and will endeavor to make things right in his own inimitable way.  Cumberbatch has perfected the talent of speaking a thousand words with just a slight facial expression.  I want to see this expression when he realizes there is a cost beyond his calculations.

The results should be, well, "Elementary".

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Parsing "The Wait".

If there is one thing the people at Fringe can do, its to make a killer promo. Spoilers ahead if you choose to view this video.

Let's take a look at this quick video and dissect some of the more singular aspects of it.

This quick cutting montage of preview clips is a major tease.  The tension is instantly palpable by the tick tock like sound structure that accompanies the images.  This countdown like sound effect is accentuated with an electronic gong like bell that makes it sound like time is running out and the hour has been struck where there is no turning back.

The theme of the upcoming second half (two thirds?) of season four is laid out by a voice over  by Josh Jackson as Peter Bishop when he says, "All I want is your help to get me back to where I belong".  It's quickly followed by images of some of the major Fringe players and this may provide us with a clue they may be directly involved in Peter's quest for his "return".

We see Peter facing off with Walter followed by Olivia Dunham, Peter himself, Walter, what seems to be a Shape-shifter, Lincoln Lee and then Walternate holding a cylinder with what looks like a Shape-shifter chip.  How are all these images interconnected?  Are we to understand Peter cannot complete his quest without their help?  Are they all directly involved with his return and do the Shape-shifters provide a means to an end or are they an obstacle?

What comes next is a series of action sequences replete with people running, a car chase and a serious looking Agent Broyles from the "other side".  Salient amongst these images is a billboard warning the general public to "Be vigilant. Report signs of abnormal activity to Fringe Division."  Pictured on the billboard is the Fringe event vortex in what I think was the East River although it might be the Hudson.  The message here is that it's clear a lot of the activity for this second half will happen in the Red Universe.  This is further exemplified by a quick shot of the Bronze like Statue of Liberty.

Oh, but just prior to that we get a look at the Opera house and a portal opening up to another dimension.  Who are the two gentlemen moving through the portal?  They look a lot like Lincoln Lee and Peter.  Since they are not using Liberty Island to cross over this may be a clandestine mission.  The Opera House may have been chosen for its inter-dimensional soft spot quality.  Notice the run down look of the Opera house they are standing in and the clean polished look to the same seats on the other side.  But who makes the device to cross over?  Peter?  Is Lincoln Lee secretly abetting him?

Several more quick shots follow.  The "Orpheum" sign for the Opera House is plainly seen.  More Shape-shifters are seen including one that may be undergoing some kind of incision.  Retrieval of a disc perhaps?  Altlivia Dunham appears as well as a mystery man in shadowed profile and Walter looking into a microscope.  We see a semi-automatic firearm that serves to underscore all the danger involved.

All of this may just be used a series of dramatic devices to move the teaser along.  Not long after we see the gun we see Peter held at gunpoint.  Peter taking risks and pushing the boundries to get back to where he belongs?

What follows next is very intriguing.  We get a map of what looks like Fringe events AND THEY ARE MOVING!  Tracking Shape-shifters maybe?  Peter is on the run and he is armed.  We see a lab like storage area full of people sized tubes replete with, gulp, people in them.  Note that all this is hued in blue.  I'm guessing this is some grand experiment by our Walter in the Blue Universe and it may have to do with his experiments into re-animation that started with bringing the Dove back to life in the first episode of this season.  I also wonder if this is Walters own effort into making some sort of undead shape-shifter from the victims of Nadine Park and her minions.  Very Dr. Frankenstein like.  

Walter is pictured next.  He's smiling and he seems to have his arm around Gene the cow.  The use of cow milk is crucial to gene splicing experimentation and I deduce from this some sort of breakthrough by Walter into his re-animation experiments.  We get quick shots of Peter (as prisoner?) and Lincoln.  But most shockingly of all a disfigured hand slapped against glass.  Just below the hand we see a white lab coat sleeve such as the one Walter has been wearing throughout this teaser.

Has Walter experimented on himself!  Did he go too far and grossly transform himself???!!!!

This may be the saddest development of them all in the second half of this season.  Walter, the victim of his own experimentation.  Playing God may have ultimately doomed this beloved character.  Does he deserve this?  Poetic justice?  Below is a screencap of the scene.  Not exactly my forte but it could be an important development if not a heartbreaking one.

More action sequences ensue predominantly involving Lincoln Lee as he quickly becomes an important figure.  Orla Brady appears, she's Peter's mother of course, but what is her role?  Does she figure in Peter's decision to get back to where ever he believes he's from?

More quick cut action follows.  We catch glimpses of vehicles in pursuit, Altlivia with a gun, a portal opening, Olivia in repose, Lincoln Lee, the Observer (finally!) and a bitter looking Walternate as he seems to be examining a possible Shape-shifter chip.

Here's where the pace picks up dramatically.  Altlivia, Charlynate and Lincoln hold what looks to be Peter and the Blue-verse Lincoln at gunpoint.  They seem to be cornered and judging by the Red-verse Fringe divisions alarm Peter and Lincoln must be deemed armed and dangerous!

Suddenly the words, "The Wait Is Almost Over" flash across the screen intercut with familiar faces.  One of those familiar is quite significant and it is someone we haven't seen in a while.  I won't spoil who it is here but let's just call him the "Napoleon of Crime". Sherlock Holmes and movie fans know who I am talking about and it is a very exciting development.

The montage ends with Olivia behind the wheel and a voice over is heard, "Not everything is as it seems".  It sounds like Walternate because it is so dead pan.  But we can't rule out Walter either.  The significance of that statement is a bit mind bending.  After all those wonderful images we were made party to we are then told they may not represent what we think.

That's why they call these things teasers folks!

Lastly, I love the JJ Abrams typical crossover reference to his other work.  JJ directed the newly rebooted Star Trek franchise.  One of its trailers featured Eric Bana's character, "Nero". In the teaser trailer for that movie he said, "The wait is over".  Typical JJ, there is always a connection!  So what are your thoughts?  Excited?  Did you pick out anything I might have missed?  Let me know!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

007, the DB5 and Q

The Return of the iconic Aston Martin DB5!

Reports have circulated recently that actor Daniel Craig has been seen driving about London in a classic Aston Martin DB5.  Authoritative James Bond fan-site was able to get and post a picture of the illustrious car with Craig behind the wheel.  See below.

Speculation has been rampant as to what role the car is playing in the Bond flick, "Skyfall".  Fans of the first Daniel Craig Bond film, Casino Royale,  will remember that 007 won the classic car in a game of cards with the character of Alex Dimitrios.  A Pyrrhic victory to be sure as Bond paramour Solange met an untimely death at the hands of Dimitrios a short time later.

What's exciting about the reintroduction of the DB5 is not only the continuity of this being the signature Bond car but the private vehicle of the current Bond himself.  Bond could drive anything he wants especially when it comes to the company dime of MI6.  So why resort to driving his own personal car?

Aside from the obvious answer that it is just plain fun and who wouldn't want to drive it?  I think the real answer lies somewhere into the plot mystery that Judi Dench's "M" has suffered some sort of personal crisis in "Skyfall" and its something that has shaken MI6 to its very core.

I'm speculating that 007 is pursuing an independent investigation into the downfall of M and the use of "company cars" is restricted to official MI6 only hence the use of his own car.

This is all well and good but recently the casting announcement that "Q" will be rejoining the series has added to the mix.  Q will be portrayed by actor Ben Whishaw who is known for such movies as "Perfume", (see photo below) "Bright Star" and alongside Daniel Craig in "Layer Cake". 

This is where I'm going to stick my neck out a little and predict that the new and callow Q will be secretly recruited by Bond to make certain modifications to his DB5.  The new Q may be impressionable and Bond may have to "convince" him to help Bond surreptitiously in his mission to clear M.  As Bond will not have the use of any "company  cars" his own private vehicle may need some certain enhancements in order to take the fight to the enemy.

What enhancements may these be?  Well, an ejection chair, a bullet proof shield and machine guns might prove to be too camp for today's realistic Bond.  But I don't think it would be a stretch to see an oil slick ejector, bullet proof glass and body armor plus the latest in electronic gear.  There may even be a little humor introduced as the puerile Q may be a little recalcitrant at first but dive headlong into modifying the DB5 once Bond gives him carte blanche to do what he wants to  the car.

Historically, Q has often been a font for dry humor in the Bond movies and may be a fun twist to see some youthful enthusiasm by the new Q including a little geeky fumbling.

As you can see by the video below Q never loses his touch even against the formidable Sean Connery Bond.

007, the DB5 and Q, now there's a recipe for intrigue in the new movie.  Maybe Bond will reward Q by inventing a Martini in his honor.  (But let him drive the car?  Doubt it!)