Monday, February 27, 2012

Olivia Dunham The First Female Observer.

How that for a catchy title?  "Olivia Dunham, the First Female Observer".  A little wacky too, yes?  How did I come across such a preposterous concept.  Basically, it is all David Robert Jones' fault.

I went to bed Sunday night musing about my wacky theory.  Too crazy, I thought.  It sounded good after my Fringe re-watch but as the Oscar's wound down and I drew sleepy I was beginning to have my doubts.  A lot went on in the last episode of Fringe and a lot more questions need answering.  First and foremost to me?

What does David Robert Jones want with Olivia Dunham?

According to the ever enigmatic September, Jones is pursuing Dunham for the same reasons as he did during the other timeline.  For what?  Well, I would think for her abilities of course.  He said as much himself.  The twinkling of lights and the arcing power of electricity isn't good enough for him.  He wants, "Far more".  

What could be better than telekinetic powers?  We even saw her catch a falling box in midair during the Yellow-verse future.  Handy around the house indeed!  But we know there is much more.  The old Blue universe Olivia could transport herself between dimensions with just a thought.  No need to use the machine, Walter's device or David Robert Jones' contraption.  No need for instrumentation at all!

Ah!  Perhaps that is the key.

Maybe I can understand now why we have seen all these deft little clues to the classic sci-fi flick, "Forbidden Planet".  The basic premise behind that movie was a superior race of beings had built a planet wide device so powerful that they had eliminated the need for instrumentation.  All they had to do was use their minds and will something to happen.  The ultimate achievement.  Sadly for this race, the Krell, they didn't count on their collective subconscious to operate the machine and the mindless beast of the Id tore their society apart.  Literally.

I'm thinking this movie and its premise was the inspiration for Olivia's ability.  The power of mere thought.  The will to do and accomplish anything by just thinking.  Why would this be the ultimate goal for David Robert Jones?  Well,  he is developing an army of Shape-shifters isn't he?  He is adept at cloning, DNA mapping and genetic manipulation right.   What if he was able to capture and clone Olivia and create a race of      Shape-shifters version 3.0 and have them serve at his will?  They would be undetectable and unstoppable.  He could rule not one but two universes and if things go badly between the two, versions 3.0 would survive the apocalypse and start a new "human" race of their own with you know who as their leader.

So how does Olivia fit in as the first female Observer?  Remember when September told Peter while they were traveling in what looked to be the inside of a geodesic dome time machine (ahem!) that his son Henry was born to the wrong Olivia? (I have a bone to pick with that later.)  I started thinking that if Peter and Olivia had a child what kind of abilities would it have?  No need for two people to work together to exhibit strange powers, the child would possess them all naturally.  If this child were to be born in such a way and we extrapolate on this to the nth degree, little Henry may be the evolutionary precursor to what eventually becomes the race of the Observers far into the future.

Makes total sense right?

By seasons end or maybe even sooner Jones will have been able to draw out Olivia's cortexiphaned induced powers.  She'll be able to aparate herself through time and space, from the past and into the future all by the use of her mind.  No need for clunky Observer machines.  She is the ultimate Observer with these abilities!

So there you have it.  Do I really think she will become an Observer or at least transcend their power?  No on the former but I think yes on the latter.  A wild and far flung theory yes but perhaps this is the future time line that September is trying to protect.  The time line of his race and humanity.

Scoff all you want, I know I've been wrong before but speculating on the future of Fringe is fun and you never know what elements may be correct.  I do know this.  Now we know why Olivia is always wearing a stretch knit cap over her head.  The writers want us to get used to the idea of Olivia without any hair.

Oh yeah!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fringe Fries for A Better Human Being

Here are some more of those yummy Easter Eggs left behind our friends at Fringe.  Along with tantalizing clues, delicious details, inspirational eye candy and the wholesome homages that make Fringe so special.

Tantalizing Clues

It wasn't too long ago I postulated that Fringe was prepared to make a dramatic change in story line and enter what I called the Green universe.  You can read that "brilliant" essay here.  As you can tell by my self inflicted sarcasm not much has happened in that regard.

Fringe continues to tease me with the thematic use of green (see it's all about me) as evidenced by the heavy use of green.  None of which was more apparent than Peter Bishop bathed in green as he waited for Olivia to finish her business near the end of the episode.  We even had a character named Greene once again in this episode in the form of Daniel Greene the reporter.  If you recall we had another set of characters named Greene back in episode 4x6 "And Those We Left Behind."

Speaking of the thematic use of color.  It was pretty obvious that Peter was dressed conspicuously in Blue in the lab scene with Walter.  Are we supposed to derive from this that we are creeping closer to the blue universe Peter used to know and love?

You may have noticed how this particular episode picked up right where the other on left off in Olivia's apartment.  Take a look at the screen cap above from the next Fringe episode "The End of All Things" and we can see Peter dressed in his trusty blue shirt again alongside his new pal September.  A nice piece of continuity and another clue to the re-emergence of the blue universe or a Trojan horse?

OK, while we're at it let's throw in the "people in blue" as I call them from the last two internet teasers.

I still don't buy it.  Green universe here we come!  (Not.)

Wholesome Homage

Wasn't great to hear Walter talking to his new friend at the mental institution (the one that was currently orbiting the "lovely" planet of Venus) and have him refer to his friend "Tim".  It was a nice shout out to Timothy Leary also of Harvard University.  Leary espoused the use of psychedelic drugs to expand the mind and alter the level of perception one would normally use.  It was also a nice call back to the "LSD" episode.

Delicious Details

They say the Devil is in the details but this time we might have espied the hand of God.  If you look along at the above image you can see the vase of white tulips on the hutch to the left.  Fringe has often used white tulips in association with God.  It wasn't long before the character of Owen Frank sadly proclaimed. "Can you imagine that, the hubris of trying to improve upon God."  Portentous?

Yummy Easter Eggs

 Maybe this doesn't qualify as an Easter Egg, perhaps more of a tantalizing clue but does anyone else see the yellow orbs inserted into Fringe episodes?  Here is one in the background of Olivia as she exits the car.  Sure, it's just a muted street light but there seems to be a lot of muted yellow street lights or light bulbs in Fringe.  They always remind me the yellow orbs of the Fringe promotions we often see.  

Here's something wacky, do you suppose these yellow orbs are really a manifestation of the Observers before they take corporal form?  Or maybe they are some sort of inter-dimensional conveyance they use to zip around time and space.  No doubt the Observers are distant cousins of Tinkerbell.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Answers are coming teaser from Fringe!

My Homeboys at Golden Spiral Media posted this on their Facebook page and I've decided to run with it. Here's a rundown of all the flash images we see in the first few seconds.

The Blue People

The Head Stone

The man in the circle

Olivia in tank.

 A slice of David Robert Jones

September profile.

Peter with Altlivia.

Peter with Our-livia?

Altlivia with baby.

Peter in Machine.

The Machine Room.

So there you have it.  To the best of my ability I think I've captured all those quick snapshots.  The voice over asks us to question everything we've come to know and believe.  So go for it people what are they trying to tell us?

Theories please!

Of course they weren't done, I grabbed this ultra quick flash as the video closes.

Is that September seen in reverse negative with a breathing tube in his nose?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Fringe Fries!

Here are some more of those yummy Easter Eggs left behind our friends at Fringe.  Along with tantalizing clues, delicious details, inspirational eye candy and the wholesome homages that make Fringe so special.

Wholesome Homages.

I have to say I got a real X-Files vibe from this past episode of Fringe, "Welcome to Westfield".  Looking at the cook's eyes reminded me of the "Black Oil" that used to creep through the eyes of those infected by it.  Yes, it turned out to be a doubling of the pupils but it still creeped me out in good ol' X-Files fashion.  See the below image and see if it does the same to you.

I'm not the only one that linked Close Encounters of the Third Kind with this episode of Fringe.  Seeing all the objects floating around in the trucker's cab reminded me of the scene in CE3K where Roy Neary has the same thing happen to him.

Speaking of television shows, there may be a fan of "The Walking Dead" on the writing staff of Fringe. Compare the scene of the zombified man in Westfield with that of "Bunny Slipper Girl" from the very first episode of "Dead".  It's nice to have dolly even if you are not quite your normal self.

Bunny Slipper Girl was a little more horrific but I wouldn't want that man anywhere near me.

I'm not quite done with the horrific and grotesque.  The man with two faces as seen in the picture above sent me right back to "The Dark Knight" movie and the equally macabre "Two Face".

Not a pretty picture only the guy on the bus took it a little too literally.  Wouldn't you know it there was a school bus tie to the Dark Knight also as that is how the Joker escaped after visiting Two Face in the hospital.

Tantalizing Clues.

I wrote my first Fringe Fries post late last January and I made note of the No Crossing signs Fringe has been known to employ.  I also made note of the Stop signs used in the episode, Forced Perspective.

The Stop signs are back as you can see in the picture below and what's more there is warning in the form of the word "caution" as pictured on the back of the bus door Peter just shut.  Do you suppose the writers at Fringe are trying to tell us or their characters that they are going too far and they need to heed the warnings much as they did with the no crossing signs?


OK, everyone on the bus, Fringe is taking us for another wild ride!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Blue Bubble Bursting?

Watch  out Peter there is a universe creeping up behind you.

It is difficult to know what to make of last Friday night's episode of Fringe, "Welcome to Westfield".  In a recent interview with "Give Me My Remote", which is linked here, Jeff Pinkner and Joel Wyman hinted at an answer to a "large mythological question".  So, what was that question again guys, specifically?

I guess the best way to attack this conundrum is to examine the major mythological events that happened in the episode.
  • There was a merging of the two universes centered in Westfield, Vermont. 
  • Quantum Entanglement was involved as the victims of the merger started sharing memories, thoughts and physical nature with their other universe doppelgangers.
  • The "Bleed Through" phenomena was present as Olivia started accessing memories with her blue time line counterpart.

Notice I made mention of the "Bleed Through" phenomena.  I think this is an important distinction to make especially in light of what the people of Westfield were experiencing.  The townsfolk were melding with their opposite number from the red universe as evidenced by the doubling of their chromosomes, the two sets of teeth and the replication of pupils in their eyes.  However this is not what was happening to Olivia  as her chromosome count was normal.  She did access a memory with her recollection of the Endina case but that never happened in the red universe it happened in the blue timeline.  That is an important distinction.  Accessing a memory from a different time line is what I am calling the "Bleed Through".  Accessing a memory from another universe is "Quantum Entanglement".  The worst case scenario of quantum entanglement is when the two universes begin to merge (soft spots) or actually merge (Westfield).  
So I ask again, what was the large mythological question that was answered? 

Was it that timelines and universes are two separate entities?  (Although I can't see you can have one without the other.)
Was it that you can access the consciousness from your altered time line as Olivia seemed to do?

I've been arguing recently that Peter isn't going anywhere.  That he is already home and there is no need to find his way back via the machine.  However, I was also arguing that Peter would adopt this new reality (time line) and content himself with these new iterations of the people he once knew and loved.  But with the mind altering ending with Olivia taking on the personality of her blue universe self, it looks like I wasn't wholly correct.

David Robert Jones was directly implicated in the machinations surrounding the fate of Westfield.  Broyles specifically noted that they found devices containing Amphilocite; the same ingredient he needed to "blow a whole in the universe" as Peter mentioned.  So one can surmise that Jones conducted an experiment in universe merging with Westfield as his subject.  Does this explain what happened to Olivia?

It does not.

At first I thought the electromagnetic effect of the merging somehow linked Olivia with Peter and she was somehow accessing her memories through Peter.  But as we saw at the beginning of the episode we saw Olivia dreaming of her relationship with Peter completely independent of any quantum entanglement or physical proximity of Peter.  (Peter acting as a constant ala "Lost".)  You could argue this was just a lustful dream but you may recall Olivia was dreaming of Peter to open the season as was Walter seeing Peter in reflections.  Peter also manifested himself as some sort of electromagnetic blue blur as the season started.

Peter was in approximate vicinity of Olivia when the shocking ending occurred but not the immediate vicinity.  We all saw Olivia walking around with a drink before Peter arrived at the apartment so we can't directly connect Peter's presence with Olivia now possessing her blue universe personality.  

So, can we surmise that the "large mythological question" that was answered was that the blue universe timeline has not been eliminated?  That it is running concurrently with the orange time line?  The coloring of universes was a major component of understanding the differences between alternate universes.  It delineated the existence of parallel realities.  But the absence of Peter has formed a new timeline so why is it colored orange?  So confusing.

The definition of time line and universe has been central to the core question of what we are experiencing here with our viewing of Fringe.  If we take into consideration the aforementioned evidence there is a definite blurring of that definition.  Something I'm not sure we are going to get an answer to because I am not entirely convinced the people at Fringe know what they are saying.

I included the the top most image of Peter with the geodesic dome because the dome seemed representative of another universe existing outside the one Peter is standing in.  But it could represent a timeline also running independent of Peter's current one.  By the end of this episode it seemed to represent the past where Peter no longer existed but is quickly catching up to him because of what happened to Olivia.

So what are we to expect?  Will the current orange timeline (universe?) evolve into the blue one again?  Will it happen to one person at a time or to everyone all at once?  Will this occur because of the machinations of David Robert Jones or is trying to achieve something else?  If the blue time line reappears does that mean the orange time line will run concurrently with it yet remain unperceived?

Oh, my aching head.  I'm going to need a little help with this people, answers and ideas please!!!

 Just in case you find yourself in Boston in the near future (timeline?) why not check out Damiano's Peter and Olivia love it!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fringe and the Year of the Horse.

I was alerted by a keen eyed Observer (OK it was my sister) earlier in this season of Fringe that there was a lot of horse imagery inserted into each episode and what, if anything, did I make of it?  I replied in my best Freudian speak that, "Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar" and there can't be something symbolic behind everything they do.

I remember one day trading emails with my sis about the episode, "And Those We Left Behind" and lo and behold inserted into the background of one scene was a "nice horsie picture" as I referred to it then, but still I thought nothing of it.

OK, I give up, mea culpa!  There has to something to the equine epidemic!

Kudos to my sister for picking up on this.  Last Friday night was the breaking (Breaker Morant?) point for me as I spotted a horse statue behind Neil (Chin Han).  I wondered if there was something in Chinese culture significant about the horse or horse symbolism and if it somehow related to Fringe..

Of course there is.

I can tell you it is not the year of the Horse in the Chinese calendar.  The last year of the Horse was 2002 in our calendar year and the next one is in 2014.  But don't tell the people at Fringe that!

Salient amongst these points related to Fringe are two whoppers.
  • Orange is the preferred color of those born in the year of the horse.
  • Gemini is the western zodiac equivalent to the Chinese Horse.
Right about now I am shaking my head.  Naturally we are in the Orange universe (or timeline) for Fringe and of course Gemini is the equivalent.  There's more than one of everything!

Fringe wasn't done with me however.  Note the horse statuette on the mantle where Astrid and her Pops live.  (There is an elephant statue there too and in Chinese culture the elephant is symbolic of happiness.  Something Astrid  her father share and, sadly, her counterpart from the other side did not share with hers.)

So I'm sold.  Horses it is.  I'm on the lookout now!

I suppose its only fair to give western culture its due.  Everyone know the story behind the Trojan Horse.  You know, beware of Greeks bearing gifts.  Or as Walternate would put it.

"Not everything is as it seems."

Point taken sir, anything equine that crosses my path will be closely examined.

Anyone else spot something horse related on Fringe?  If so let me know and we can all keep an eye on this together! (Especially you big Sis!)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Peter inching closer? More evidence.

I recently submitted a voice memo to the Fringe Podcast where I posited a theory wherein Peter Bishop would eventually give up on his quest to return to his old Blue Universe timeline.  Whether Walters or Walternates efforts will fail to help him or the fates decide to step in or he just plain gives up and decides to accept these new people as his old family; Peter will decide to stay in thsi new Orange Universe timeline.

As further evidence of this I submit the above sneak peek video.  In it, the alternate version of Astrid plainly speaks to Walter about his wants and needs and where his heart really lies.  Wouldn't it be easier to accept this Peter as someone he could love silencing the heartbreak that has lingered for years?  I think it is a subtle clue into the direction the show is taking in relation to Peter.  Acceptance and forgiveness are major themes to Fringe and if Walter can accept Peter and forgive himself I think it will pave the way for Peter to stay in this timeline.

Is it time to color Peter orange?