Orphan Black - Done Deal?

Mysteries abound in the last episode of Orphan Black (Mingling It's Own Nature With It) not the least of which is, did Henrik and Helena do the dirty deed?

I was going to entitle this blog post "Consummation?" but the whole scene still creeps me out.  

"Consummation" still doesn't sit well. 

Let's take a look at how this penultimate scene played out.

First, we had the "family" gathered about.  Helena looked to be dressed in some sort of wedding gown and most of the guests (?) wore white also.  Then, the leading candidate for OB creepazoid of the week, Henrik, parted the waves of people and sat beside an obviously drugged Helena.

A bizarre and rather quick ceremony took place and from what we were able to understand Henrik and Helena are now bound in matrimony.  I didn't see any shotguns but this sure did happen fast.  No one raised their hand for dissent either but I don't doubt "first born" Gracie wasn't too happy with the proceedings.  (Mark seemed on board but I have my doubts.)

Amidst applause, Henrik quickly scooped up Helena and departed down a bleak and foreboding hallway.  Henrik spoke of a "War for creation" just moments earlier and characterized Helena as a "creation of man" but that God shone his light down upon her.  He also called himself an "instrument of God."

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to guess what happens next.  But did it happen they way our collective imagination said it did?

In the previous episode, Henrik was speaking to Mark amidst all the cows and telling him how artificially inseminating them was just helping God's will along.  Earlier in this same episode we learned of new character Cal and how his scientific research helped bees in their pollination process.

Just a few of the "fertilization" metaphors we've run into lately.

So did they do the dirty deed?  

"Dirty" in many respects.  The charismatic and self anointed Henrik has forced himself upon Helena.  She did not consent to any of the aforementioned and was obviously not in full possession of her faculties.  (Well, is she ever?)  This is a TV series replete with the theme of female empowerment and to see a man force himself upon a helpless female does not sit well at all.  Add to that, Henrik often refers to this as a man's world. This just makes the teeth grind.

I have my suspicions about Henrik and the intent of Orphan Black for this particular scene.  He calls himself a man of God but it all seems too easy.  Did Orphan Black throw us a curve ball?

I'm probably coming down on the wrong side of this but instead of entering the "Honeymoon" suite with it's tiny window, I think instead Henrik is delivering Helena to a lab where he intends to artificially inseminate her and "help her along."

I know, I know, everything points to the fact that he probably raped her.  (Not how he sees it, hence the matrimony.)  But with this being a female empowerment show and all the fertilization metaphors I can't help but think that Orphan Black didn't go there.

Feel free to call me a hopeless sucker after the next episode.

The Second Mystery

Speaking of "Fertilization" what is the first think Kira asks of the new character Cal?

"Are you my dad?"

From the mouth of babes.

Well is he?  Sarah said the timing was right.  Is this another scam?  Sarah and Cal had sex that led to a child?  How pedestrian!  This is science fiction!  Who has sex like that anymore?  Where are the robots? 

Well, looks like they had sex the old fashioned way that night.  (Did anyone else think of Olivia's favorite part of the day when we witnessed this morning tableau?)  

But since these two are obviously attracted to each other why shouldn't they fall into each others arms?  It offers a telling counterpoint to the Henrik and Helena scene.

  • One scene shows consent, the other, definitely not.
  •  We see love between Cal and Sarah.  Well, at least Henrik is in love with himself.
  • The joyous product of Sarah and Cal is the miracle of Kira.  Do you believe in any miracles for Helena and Henrik.  (I sense damnation.)

It could be that Henrik forcing himself upon Helena will lead to a product of great evil and that is the point the writers are trying to tell us.  Perhaps I am too squeamish for that and I am only shielding myself from Henrik's maliciousness.

Good versus evil, love versus power.  The war for creation indeed.

One Last Mystery

Any thoughts into who is driving the yellow truck?

I say it is Cal.  He knows all the back roads and trails and found away to intercept the car.  Some say it is just an innocent driver and Sarah maneuvered the car in order to make a violent getaway.  A third option it is the Proletheans and nothing gets by them in their realm.


It could be Mrs. S!

Your thoughts?  

Crazy drivers?  Love, power or sex?

There is a lot to chew on right Helena?


  1. Hold on, gotta scroll back up to the top...

    Ah yes. Henrick and Helena. Seeing as we're watching conspiracy tv (essentially), one has to suspect everything. Much like real life. Therefore, though all the arrows point towards "rightful rape", it seems too easy. On the other hand, who knows. I almost hope they go there because no matter what people say, it is not a thing of the past. It is more common in a few cultures, apparently, and so yes, I think it is still something to bring to the front once in a while, particularly in this typ of show.

    Dang right, female empowerment. Go girls. (and Montreal, by the way, them Habs doin' not bad, no? Not that I really watch, but still....)

    I LOVE it that this show is taking what is not really all that new, essentially, but when you put females in all the lead roles (even if the majority are the same actress) it puts a VERY neat spin on things. This show, for me, has creeped up to the same level as Doctor Who.

    Anyways, if they do the artificial route with Helena, it will almost be chickening out, because the show has really shown strength in many ways so far. Guess we'll see. The big question is, whatever happens, will she be able to have a child? I might bet yes.

    Do I buy the Daddy story? Do you? I'd have to guess maybe yes, because Kira is not only observant, she seems to have a "connection" with her parents. She knew right away when it was Allison posing as Sarah. Possibly Kira felt a connection with Cal. But he is suspicious. He's also in the sciences and so almest certainly has been contacted by one team or another. One thing that struck me was, he wasn't really all that into hooking up with Sarah again until Kira came into the picture. And then he was all over Sarah. and when the dude with the gun came to take Kira (who the hell lets their kid that age out of the house all alone??), Cal basically sent Sarah off and kept Kira.

    I call skeptic.

    I watch this episode three times, and each time that truck scene made me jump. It really reminded me of a Fringe scene... I forget exactly which, but there was at least one like that. I have no idea who was in the truck, but the dude on the passenger side of the car must be looking for his contacts for sure.

    Favorite scenes:

    Cosima watching that video of the dying clone, telling her girlfriend (forget her name) not to be a bitch, and her face when that clone says she is going to die there. I've seen people dying of cancer, and Tatiana did a good job of that.

    Alison's turmoil at her play. There was a lot there. She is a soccer mom with issues (and lots of neat connections), and it was heartbreaking to see her lose it. This meant everything to her, and she let herself down.

    It is natural that Felix would want to help Alison, Sarah does indeed need Felix (in fact, most of all perhaps) but Sarah isn't capable of standing up for someone for a length of time. Alison can and right now has lost all that.

    Anyway, sorry... I wrote way too much. By the way, check out my fangirl site some time... I haven't had the chance to post much except for my WordPress adventures as I figure out how to stabilize my main site. Well, in some ways, all that is sci-fi...

    1. Excuse my ignorance Ingrid, but is that what they call it, "Rightful rape?" How nauseating.

      You're right, all signs do point to Henrik raping Helena. I guess I am such an old TV warhorse that I expect a twist everywhere I look. If he personally completes his heinous act it would just set him up as a bigger bad.

      Hmm, here's a thought. He refers to his daughter, Gracie, as his "first born." But he didn't say how she was conceived! Was she the product of a rape, artificial insemination or "the way God intended?" She obviously resents Helena and it could be just a weird "sibling" kind of rivalry. Or it could be she intended for big plans and now Helena is stealing her thunder.

      See? That's the old TV warhorse coming out in me.

      Do I believe the Daddy story? I joked the conception wasn't sci-fi enough but now I am hearing internet based rumors that there is something special about Cal. I actually wish he was just a normal guy with a propensity for hunkiness. Maybe he is from a competing clone factory that specializes in males only and they want to "merge" with the Dyad institute.

      The dude on the passenger side of the car is Daniel and he is generally reviled. I just updated the blog post this morning to add Mrs. S to list of possible t-boning suspects. I should have thought of her in the first place.

      I like how you characterized Alison as, letting herself down. That makes it even sadder.

      Always good to hear from you Ingrid. The more words the merrier. I'll try your site again. Wordpress wanted me to join last time. Maybe I just blew it. Did you hear me on "The C Word" podcast? It was a lot of fun.

  2. Yes I did hear you all! You should be a regular with them. Oh I forgot about Mrs S. She is the number one candidate for being the truck driver... good one, Dave!

    And yes it's a good point about Gracie... and sibling rivalry was definitely a point I thought of, but if that is true, that would make this marriage incest, would it not? I doubt the show will walk down THAT road. Although who knows.

    TV warhorse... lol... same here! Not such a bad thing.

    For the Wordpress thing, I've got to clean up the social media thing (which might be easier now), because there are two "like" boxes - one alone, and one with the group. One is a Facebook like, I think it's the alone one. But thanks for having visited... :-D


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