Orphan Black - Who are "We?"

Really Mrs. S, who are "we?"

Did anyone else face palm themselves when Mrs. S answered the door at Peckham's (aka, Ethan Duncan) home when Sarah went knocking?

This lady is ubiquitous!  (And you know she is on a mission because she is wearing her stealthy watch cap.)

Seriously, I am beginning to suspect they are doing some heavy back filling to the Orphan Black story line.  The more we learn the denser it has become.

I think we got our first clue to the "back filling" when the character of Carlton (Roger Cross) was introduced recently.  Secretly moving kids across the globe, whaaat?

Okay, about the "we."  Here's the reference from Mrs. S herself, "He came to our side 20 years ago.  We hid him in exchange for information about experiments in unborn children and a surrogate mother that ran away."  Siobhan was referring to Duncan and Sarah muttered "Amelia" when she made the connection.

But, "our side."  "We?" Who are "We?"

Here's another clue as to what Mrs. S has been up to all these years, "Just like you I got caught up in a struggle I didn't ask for."  "Only I've been at it longer so I'm better at it than you."

Ha!  Really?  Like that network of bird watchers that was part of your organization?  How did that work out for you Siobhan?  Don't be so quick to dis Sarah's acumen.

I can't quite place where Mrs. S first met Paul.  But as she cozied up to him in his car across the street she gave him a glib little smile (see above) and dropped a reference about Afghanistan being "all for naught."

She knows about Afghanistan???!!!  How?  In talking to Paul, she called Dyad a Hydra.  Is she one of the heads?

Here's something a little disarming.  During the episode we learned from Scott that stem cells were extracted from baby teeth probably from a niece or daughter.  This is what helped develop a possible cure for Cosima.  (Something Delphine wanted to be kept a secret.)

Are we talking about Kira?  Who had Kira for the longest time before she was reunited with Sarah?

Mrs. S!   Shocker!

Did Mrs. S trade these teeth to Dyad much like she exchanged Duncan all those years ago?  What was the trade for?  Does Mrs. S have someone inside Dyad or is she working for them?


Yes, I'm sounding a little frustrated.  The density factor as far as the storyline is concerned is getting more convoluted with each passing episode.

That's why I suspect "back filling" in order to make things work and Mrs. S is the vehicle that drives this crazy train.

Theories and Hindenburg Moments.

So, did my theory about Duncan being the start of the Dyad group and the Proletheans have a Hindenburg moment (crash and burn.)?  I posited that he gave birth to both movements in my blog post last week.

It seems so.  He barely seems to be able to care for his birds let alone father two opposing movements in the Orphan Black mythology.   So you know what that means...

New theory!

So, if the reason for starting the clone research was to have, "Babies, little girls."  What were these little girls for?

Post apocalyptic reseeding of the planet in answer to humanity being nearly wiped out?  We are talking the military here (at least initially) and if the "other side" is experimenting with something that might wipe out mankind as we know it, then you better have an answer to that.

Clones and babies!

I had another theory where Helena once had a child or at least had developed a unhealthy attraction for Kira.  No Hindenburg moment for this yet.  But Helena seem to indicate she was just learning she was fertile.

Paul and Sarah working a long con?  No Hindenburg moment yet but I think I smell gas (Not Helena's farts.)  Someone might strike a match to this theory as Paul and Mrs. S had a conversation in the car that didn't shed any light that might help this theory.

Delphine a clone?  This theory is still up in the air but so was the Hindenburg once.

Can we back track a little to Paul?  What was his deal in Afghanistan?

At first I thought he must have gotten his men killed and that was his dirty little secret.  Then I thought he must have been trafficking in war orphans for Dyad and that was his even dirtier little secret.

But Mrs. S said Afghanistan would have been for "naught" if his information got out.  Was he rescuing kids?  Are people being held as leverage if Paul's complicity in whatever comes out?  Does Mrs. S know about this from Dyad?  Information traded for what?  (Arrgh!)

Who are these guys?  Yes, one is Duncan and the other three are apparently his associates in science.  Are we going to spend the rest of the season and next year chasing down the whereabouts of these three mystery guests?  Arrgh!

Wait, I know who can find them, Mrs. S!

Face palm.


  1. Hahaha... Great post. Mrs S is that little embroidery thread that goes through the whole tapestry. If we pull on her too much, the whole thing might come undone! Lol...

    I have to agree just a bit with you, there does seem to be a lot of back filler going on. Or planting for the future. But I'm fine with that actually, this is a fun ride, this show.

    This episode really seems to be building things up for the season finale which I hope is, A: ONLY a season finale and B: a long ways off yet. How many episodes are in an OB season?

    I'll have to ruminate more before I can theorize anything, but don't you find that Helena heals, like, super fast? Like Kira? I know Sarah is Kira's mother but... mind you, we haven't seen Sara seriously injured yet. Unless we count that car accident a few episodes back. She didn't SEEM to be hurt......

    I'm calling fake on Alison sling.

    1. You are more charitable than I Ingrid. The "back filling" seems to a little desperate to me. If they pull it off then all is forgiven. The adventures of our hardy band of clones is the most important thing.

      I've been getting a little worried Alison. It seems she doesn't have much to do and she isn't really involved in the conspiracy. Angie will try to stick her claws into her and they will have to rally 'round her.

      I wonder if this will give Vic the Dick achance to redeem himself for once. We'll see.

      About the Clone healing powers; if true maybe that is their true intent, as clones that is. To be super soldiers! I meant to add this to my blog post, it may have been why the military was so interested in developing them in the first place. You just keep making them and marching them off into battle.

      Hmmm, that doesn't seem to be Duncan's intent but what does he know.

      We've seen Super Soldiers in the X-Files and Blade Runner so it wouldn't be a very original concept. I'd rather see them as preserving humanity.

      Thanks Ingrid!

  2. It may well be cheap, Dave, you might be right once again (the back-filling) but this show has surprised me more than a little bit almost from the start, so I'm am very willing to give it the time it needs (up to a point, of course) to do its thing.

    I have no doubt that some of the plot is being made up as it goes along, everything show on TV is almost certainly doing the same thing. As someone who used to write flash fiction, I kind of understand how people can (out of necessity) take an idea and just run with it. As long as both the characters and the viewers are treated with respect, I'm completely fine with it. I am very sure Helix does the same thing.

    As for Alison, I was wondering the same thing. They are perhaps putting her on slow burn for the moment? We've got lots with Sarah, Helena, Cosima, and Rachel (hey wow I remembered all their names!), but yeah we'll see.

    Those super soldiers - I had just that in my mind over the past few episodes. It could be disappointing... rather ordinary, in a way, but very relevant. But do you think that is all it could be? With Leeky involved, I'm thinking there are two agendas - one for the government, to get their support (at least in the past), and his own: experiments on manipulating the gene pool for the future of the human race.

    1. Ha, you are exactly right, Helix did do the same thing. It was more than half way through the season when they decided to have Peter in league with "The Scythe." It wasn't planned out at all. A bit of a cheap trick by my estimation but it seemed to have worked for them.

      So you share my concern for Alison?

      Jeff Jenkins of EW magazine wrote how he thinks they should kill off Sarah this season. Sarah? I doubt it. Alison, maybe so. She doesn't have enough to do as far as the great clone mysteries are concerned. I can see her being entrapped by Angie and threatened with clone exposure. Then they would have to rescue her, etc, etc. blah, blah. Have her kill Donnie. That would be awesome.

      Super soldiers would be totally lame. You should check out Lynne's theory below. Pretty interesting. I mentioned to her how another big bad is coming along for Orphan Black. Do you know of it? I don't want to spoil you.

      Thanks again Ingrid!

  3. Hi Dave,

    Yes, the Siobhan back story is suddenly all kinds of tangled up with everything else. They deliberately kept her off center and low key last season until the hint from Amelia that there was more to her. I think you’re right, they didn’t piece together how she would fit into the overall mythology until this season and the doling out of that info is a bit murky right now. Let’s hope for some clarity soon. In the mean time, 2 things about Siobhan. She adopted kids, could she not have her own like some other ladies we know? In an episode that featured Sarah finding an article about “eugenic sterilization” in the archives it occurred to me that Mrs. S sounds a lot like SS….

    Another random observation, birds and bees symbolism have both come up in recent episodes, cute. Also is something up with the color yellow? It seems to pop up a lot like the tent, Felix’s paint and “sugar, ah honey, honey”.

    Here is my crackpot theory called “Leekie has Mommy Issues”
    There had to be an original genome from someone that the clones were made from, with added enhancements from Dyad. I think the original genome was derived from Leekie’s mother who was suffering from the ovarian/respiratory illness that in that era was incurable. What if Leekie offered up her genome (the identity was not shared with the other scientists) with the secret agenda of finding a cure for his mom? Dyad added regenerative capabilities to the genome, which attracted the attention of the military. Maybe they designed boy clones (drones) too, (Cal, cough) and the combo resulted in the cure all Kira? I think that Leekie raised Rachel to become like his mother and that she most closely reflects the original’s personality. It would inform their odd power dynamic where he is somewhat parental, but then also subservient to her. So given Leekie’s age his mom would probably have died by now, why keep the work going? I think he is lying about the loss of the original genome. Somewhere he has a Tatiana head cryopreserved in a jar waiting for Dyad to come up with a cure. (Sooner or later this show is bound to have a frozen head too, right?) Maybe a brain transplant into a cured clone body is Leekie’s plan? Run Cosima, Run!

    Cranking my crackpot up to 11- Lynne

    1. Hi to you Lynne,

      I love your theory that Leekie has mommy issues. At last a series where we don't have a character or characters that have daddy issues. This is far more enticing. And with this being a show of female empowerment, it fits.

      Are you aware there is another 'big bad" comeing down the pipe for Orphan Black? I have a few theories of my own considering the original genome and may have to do with this person. I meant to share this with Ingrid but I don't want to spoil anything if you guys aren't aware of anything. Suffice it to say it is another iconic actress fron TV sci-fi. The news of her entry into the series came out last February but nobody seems to be taliking about it so I will remain mum. (Or is it mom?)

      Nice catch with the "Sugar, sugar" reference. I had flashbacks to "True Detective" when you mentioned all the refrences to yellow. "The King in Yellow" is back, nooooo!

      Oh, and you may be on to something with Cal. The series writers have hinted there more to him than meets the eye and it has to do with Kira.

      As to your toughts on Mrs. S, another great catch! I glossed over the "eugenic sterilization" bit. I absent mindedly thought of the Nazis but never persued it beyond that. She plays the fierce momma lion but it may befor her own benefit. I bet they will turn her into a sympathetic character despite any obvious wrong doings and then kill her off.

      A very TV like solution.

      Thanks Lynne, great feedback.

  4. Great theories, Lynne! Mommie-issues Leeky... That could work! Not sure I am on board with it, but it could certainly work. Love your theory about Cal, I'm totally on board with it. From day one I've thought there is more to him, and the idea that he is a "drone" works perfectly, and explains Kira nicely.

    But why hasn't the same thing (relatively) happened with the other clones? It can't be because they are not fertile, that means they would have known about Sarah, and the plot falls apart. A coincidence that Cal and Sarah got together? Too convenient. Hmmm.

    Oh and before I forget, I'm not aware of the Big Thing you're speaking of, Dave, and I'd be keen on not knowing, but go ahead and discuss it if you wish, I don't was to be a damper! Maybe just leave me a spoiler note so I know not to read further?

    The birds and bees symposium - another great one Lynne. Birds and bees, and there is enough sex on this show... lol! And another random thought - why is Helena's hair blonde? How could she have time to color it if it isn't natural while being abused by Thomas? If it isn't dyed, why is she different from the other clones, who all have dark hair? And her stomach - as a foodie, I adore all the yucky food things she is going through, but nobody stays as skinny as her eating like that, she is forever eating like she's pregnant. Is there something with that, or just my imagination?

    I hope they don't ki8ll off Sarah. She has gone from likeable to slightly irritating and I'm thinking maybe that is on purpose. She is going to have to redeem herself, perhaps more than any of the clones; she keeps leaving Kira, gets Helena into trouble and leaves, Cosima is sick and she isn't much support, abandons both Felix and Alison (wow I'm on a roll, I never remember so many names), and just about anyone else. She would abandon herself if she wasn't attached to herself.

    Anyway. Sorry for the big reply. :-)

  5. Is Mrs. S the original...the base for the clone sisters?


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