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In an earlier post, "Done Deal?" I had openly wondered if Henrik had taken Helena to the "Honeymoon Suite" and forcibly consummated their wedding day.  I thought it too easy and with a show with such a high standard for female empowerment it seemed to go against the grain they had set forth.

To my delight they indeed did not introduce a "rightful rape" to the show.  In fact, not only did they throw us a curveball it seems they have a slider in their arsenal also.

All signs pointed to Helena being carried off against her will.  But when Henrik approached a door with a strange portal window I thought, "Curveball!" and suspected a lab instead.

Indeed it was a lab.  But instead of raping Helena or artificially inseminating her, as I had guessed, they precipitated a different criminal act and stole eggs from her ovaries.  Which, I suppose, counts as some sort of rape and constitutes an artificial insemination at least by some stretch.

So the farm Proletheans are every bit the bunch of creepazoids we thought they were.  It makes you wonder why they went through the whole marriage charade also.   The topmost picture shows Helena with a wedding band on.  So in the mind of the Proletheans their act has been consecrated by God.  At least that is what I figure.

I have a feeling the "War for Creation" will take several bizarre turns.

Another question was who was driving the yellow truck that plowed into Sarah and Daniel as they were heading back to the city.

I was dead on with this one.  Cal came to the rescue.  Other suspects included Mrs. S, the Proletheans or even an innocent driver.

I figured Cal knew the back roads better than anyone and he would find a way to intercept Sarah.  Good job Cal.  (Did he leave Kira alone in the woods?)

Odds and Ends

Travis Verta!  What are you doing here?  Fans of Continuum will recognize the actor, Roger Cross as the Liber8 meany and guest child smuggler.  Nice sci-fi crossover.

Good to see the dynamic duo of Alison and Felix back together.  I wonder where they are going with Alison's storyline.  Is she going to step back from the precipice or spiral further into the abyss?  If so, to what end?

Daniel's dead right?  I mean, this time for sure?

Do you think Gracie will host the fertilized egg?  She seems pretty emotional and it would be quite an honor for her.  Well, in the Prolethean's eyes not hers.  Choke on that thought Gracie.


  1. You've never had a pap test, have you Dave?


    You were definitely right on with most of your points on this. Ok first... Helena. I'm glad enough they didn't go down that rape road, although this is close enough. It is puzzling why they went through the marriage rites, I mean, I get the sect thing, but to go to that trouble? Maybe it is an "ownership" question?

    I didn't think of the host thing, good one. Gracie? I don't know.

    The scene with Helena running past Art was very confusing. It was like the Road runner looking at Morgan Fairchild and both of them doing a "say what?" I didn't understand why art didn't do something. Anything. A cop always asks a question.

    Felix and Alison... Alison in rehab...lol!! "I have never done the... nasty!" Sorry dear but yes you have. That quickie in the car with what's-her-name's husband might count... I'm betting Alison's arm isn't hurt as much as it should be. Felix is so happy to be able to help someone... Sarah will really need him now.

    Sarah. My god that scene in the bathroom was horrific. first, I've been surprised with Sarah's aversion to touching Daniel to see if he was still alive. (by the way, right again, Dave! I didn't expect Cal) And here face when Daniel did the (very classic) sharpen-the-blade-on-the-leather thing.... I don't watch horror movies because they scare the styrofoam out of me and I don't really like seeing other people cut up. It was hard to watch the end of this episode, I almost didn,t.

    But I must say, seeing Helena walk in after Daniel did his death scene was enough to do a happy dance and a WTF dance at the same time.

    That thing behind Sarah's ear, perhaps a barcode? A self-distruct, or "terminate" switch? I wonder why all the clones didn't have tracking devices?

    One last thing: KUDOS to Mrs S for "doing the nasty"!! About time some older characters got in on the action. More! :-p

    As usual, can't wait for the next episode..... squeee!

    1. Ha, nope, never had a pap smear. I'm I missing out on something? I just had a physical and the doctor, oh, never mind.

      I was a little surprised Art didn't do anything to stop Helena. It would have changed the outcome of the episode but still. I guess he had his own Guardian Angel role to fulfill. I wonder if they will start talking about fate on this show.

      BTW, this show is ideally suited for the environment versus heredity argument. When are we going to see more of that? Maybe that is just up to we viewers.

      There has been an increasingly amount of buzz about the ear slicing. To me, my first thought was it allowed the writers to allow some continuity between the clone characters. For instance, now Sarah can impersonate Helena. I don't doubt there may be more to it (ear slicing) but I am in wait and see mode.

      Mrs. S! What a hottie! Damn lady. Showing Verta a thing or two.

      Happy dance, thanks Ingrid!

  2. Hi Dave,

    One little symbolism comment. You had mentioned in a previous post that Cal works with bee pollination. That hexagonal lab window certainly evokes beehive to me. Not saying Cal and the Proletheans are connected, he seems way too normal for that, but the symbolism is interesting.

    Travis picked up an interesting accent, I about did a spit take. You go Mrs. S!

    That screetchy Helena theme music is really unnerving.

    Allison + Felix = Gold! Love these two together.

    1. Oh Lynne, good one, the window shape and the bee reference. Didn't think of that! Hmmmm....

  3. Nice catch on the hexagon window. They repeat subtle little cues such as that. One of which I wish I voiced earlier was the tie that bound Henrik and Helena in marriage and then Sarah getting her wrists tied in a similar manner by Daniel. Keep your eyes peeled for those.

    Do you think they will play the screechy Helena music when Sarah eventually impersonates her?

    Thanks Lynne!


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