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As many of you know that read this blog, I don't go into recaps much.  Rather, I like to pick out salient points that serve the overall arc or mythology of the show I'm writing about.

Sometimes I'm motivated by homages, either deliberate or not, that inspire the writers that I think deserve exploration.

In this particular case, I thought I picked up on something that might serve part of the mythology of Orphan Black.

In the last episode, "Governed As It Were By Chance" we have another instance of Kira and her perceived special abilities or at least her unique prescience.

Before Sarah had left for the city, Cal and Kira were sitting outside the camper and Cal had made what he thought was an origami butterfly for Kira.  Kira immediately identified it as a guardian angel. 

As we learned by the end of the episode a guardian angel of sorts did in fact appear rescuing Sarah from imminent danger at the hands of Daniel

The devil was in Daniel whether he knew it or not and the mere invocation of Sarah's paper angel seemingly caused Helena to appear and make quick work of Daniel.

Of course the truth was a bit more mundane than that.  Helena had simply followed Sarah from Mrs. S's home and made herself known at the right moment.

But how did Kira know Helena, or anyone for that matter would arrive in time to save Sarah?  If you recall from that earlier camper scene, Cal had openly worried about Sarah's safety.  Kira offhandly told him not to worry that her guardian angel would take care of her.  (By the way, the writers have hinted there is something special about Cal but I guess it doesn't have to do with any particular foresight of his unless it is latent and he has just passed it on to Kira.)

Kira has been pretty sharp when it comes to cell phone use and credit cards when it comes to their being tracked.  She's also adept at shop lifting and keeping her cool when confronted by a shop owner.  Can we add a special link to her mother and her "Aunt" also?   Can this link be defined as a sort of ESP or unspoken psychic link?  A source of intuition?

Helena did look pretty angelic in her wedding gown as she tore by Art (a bit of an angel himself) and headed straight for Sarah.  Her dress swooshed in the wind as if it was carrying Helena on the wings it provided.

Sarah and Helena seem to have a special link.  Should we define it as the link that often characterizes twins from birth?  Does this link extend to Helena's unusual physical attributes that, as fate would have it, spared her life at the hands of her sister Sarah?

Helena was presented with the opportunity to kill Sarah as she was completely helpless.  But no, instead, she embraced her "Seestra".   These two simply cannot kill each other.

Helena and Sarah may not be fully aware of their link whether fated or genetically engineered but Kira may provide that link between the two. 

Also, now that we know Helena is fertile this may mean Kira or any further offspring might exhibit other unique abilities.  Do the Henrik led Proletheans know this?  Does this have to do with God's work and the "War for Creation?"

I'm not saying the writers of Orphan Black think Angels exist.  I think it is just clever use of a metaphor.  I definitely think they want us to think there is a special bond between Sarah and Helena wherein the two are fated (or engineered) to be inseparable.

So what do you think readers, are Helena and Sarah each others guardian angels?   Do they have a special link that keep their fates intertwined?  It is a genetic link that was engineered but has also blossomed and muted inside Kira?

There is a lot more I want to write about for this episode but I'm pressed for time.  Hopefully I can return tomorrow with another post.

Stay tuned!


  1. Hi Dave,

    Nice post! I definitely think that Kira shares some sort of psychic link, bond, the force with Helena. When she first met Helena she was sort of drawn to her, the way she came down the stairs and left with her silently. Kira had no fear of her. Likewise Helena seemed drawn to Kira after just seeing her picture. In the alley Helena calls Kira "angel" and seems almost in awe of her.

    Helena seems to oscilate between Angel of death and Guardian Angel. The mirror twin angle is heightened in the bathroom scene above. Helena is blond and dressed in all white (albeit bloodspattered) whereas Sarah is brunette and all in black. Yin and Yang? Neither is pure for certain, but both are warriors of a sort. Perhaps they will both fight evil?

    The angel symbolism is interesting, particularly juxaposed with the religious, dare I say fanatacism, of the Prolethian cult. Are the abominations of nature the saviors afterall ?

    Lots to think about. ....

  2. According to bible About angels the human beings ordinary people who carry messages,guardian angels and all


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