Orphan Black - The Tooth Will Out!

Shakespeare would have been proud of young Kira.  ("but at the length, truth will out."  The Merchant of Venice.Once again, Kira's motives, born of innocence and truth found a solution to everyone's problems which led to unfettered sacrifice and and the gift of compromise.

Upon hearing the conversation between Sarah and Cal, Kira took it upon herself to bring clarification to the plight of Cosima.  Her selfless act should not have been a surprise to anyone by now.  Well, perhaps Cal and Sarah.  But as we the viewing audience know, Kira possesses faculties beyond her years.

Her act shone a light on various other acts of sacrifice or compromise.  Some of which were also born of a truth that could remain hidden for only so long.

If we call Victor, "Vic the Dick" then shouldn't we call Donnie, "Donnie the Dupe?"  The truth did certainly come out for poor Donnie.  When he learned of his misbegotten treachery he looked absolutely devastated.  Do you suppose he had flashbacks to the wax torture treatment from season one?  Now he knows the reason behind all of Alison's pain and mistrust. Imagine the weight of all his sins rushing at him at once.  All because he thought he was doing the right thing.  Now he must live with his acts.

The man that led Donnie down the path of lies now sits crumpled amidst a blood splattered tableau.  While Kira's moment of truth led to sacrifice, Leekie's truth led to his lies catching up with him.  How ironic that Leekie would die at the hand of the man he led astray for so long!  Donnie's act was typically clumsy.  The poor sod just can't win.  (Who will he call?  Alison?  She's adept at skipping out of bloody messes.)

The connective thread that led to Leekie's flight into the night came from another act of truth when Rachel learned of the circumstances of her youth.  Her father was actually alive and the man who raised her was exposed for the liar he was.

But instead of having Leekie killed, she actually showed mercy upon him.  It was if the few years she spent with the Duncans was enough to overpower the many years of deceit at the hands of Leekie and the repressed, vengeful Rachel was reborn into the calmer loving child she once was.

Maybe the truth does set you free.

Rachel's transformation evolved from a similar act of  faith and truth.  Siobhan stepped into the lion's den armed with the truth behind her knowledge.  She confronted Leekie which eventually led to Rachel meeting her father.  Her knife edged compromise with Paul from the week before led to this peaceful understanding.  Siobhan took a big chance but her willingness to compromise may have set many others free.

Alison also decided to follow the path of truth when she confided in what she thought was a kindred spirit in Vic. 

Much like Leekie, Vic nearly met with a disastrous fate when he face planted himself into Alison's craft kit.  Pity he couldn't handle the truth as Sarah did when she decided to sacrifice a bit of herself and agreed on meeting Vic.  Sarah knew she had to make certain compromises in meeting with Vic if it meant freeing Alison.

Okay, Sarah's act did result in a bit of a lie.  Her hastily improvised impression of Alison was humorous as usual but it was definitely not her best effort.

"....And you will know the truth and the truth will make you free."

Odds and ends.

I'm not so sure Marion is a believer in the truth.  And I doubt she is any hurry to set anyone free.  At last Michelle Forbes is on the scene.  It took a while for her to get here but she looks fabulous.  We now have a bigger bad and I wonder what secrets she holds?

Marion definitely outranks Rachel and with Leekie out of the way there is no one to protect Rachel's back save Paul.  (And I am not so sure about that.)  This may give Rachel the opportunity to join Team Clone.  I can definitely see Rachel switching sides although she may want to play it safe at the Dyad institute until she gets the medical results she needs.  A power struggle should ensue with Marion but if Rachel plays her cars right she may get the power to unseat Marian if not provide the other clones with the cure they so desperately want.

BTW, does anyone else sense a biological connection between Marion and the Clones?

Dear sweet Alison how we've missed you.  She can be so tightly wrapped and considerate at the same time.  Nine fingered gloves, how precious!

Repeated themes.

I should have thought to look for more of these but as we can see above, Sarah looks lovingly upon Kira when they were reunited.

Similarly, Delphine shares a tender moment with Cosima just before her procedure.  (We could even throw in Leekie bending towards Rachel when he offered her a goodbye kiss.)

One last pic!  I call this, "The Dynamic Duo cart off the Joker."


  1. Hi Dave,
    Nicely done. So many relationships went up in flames tonight thanks to truths being told or discovered. I was a little surprised Sarah didn’t also spill the clone saga to Cal, but I guess every secret can’t come out in one ep. It will be interesting to see all the fall out next week. From the previews more than one character is not dealing well.

    I agree, Marion is totally shady. Nice to see Michelle Forbes, if anyone can out ice queen Rachel, it’s her. My read of the subtext of her visit with Leekie was that she was complicit in whatever he had done and that he better not reveal that to anyone. Did you notice in that scene the hexagonal pattern on the glass walls of Leekie’s office? Similar to the window in the Prolethean lab. Hmmm….. Marion could definitely be related to the clones. I guess my Leekie’s mommy issues theory is probably kaput now that he’s no longer a player in the story. Oh well, I’m still counting on seeing a frozen clone head though.
    This is definitely one of the funnier episodes of the series despite all the relationship turmoil. All the running around at rehab was hilarious and when Donnie shot Leekie I burst out laughing. The bewildered look on his face was priceless.

    Nice pick up on the leaning in images repeating. Boy that contact between Leekie and Rachel was all kinds of awkward and uncomfortable.
    Thanks for the post, Lynne

    1. Hello there, Lynne.

      I've been thinking about the hive imagery that you have so astutely picked up on; do you think they are trying to tell us everything is interconnected? In other words, the neolutionists, the proletheans, the military, the Dyads and the "Resistence" are all interwoven from the same source? I tried to make a connection to the proletheans and the Dyad institute through Ethan Duncan but so far it hasn't panned out.

      In the last episode of "Person of Interest" we learned that Vigilance was created by Greer and the Samaritan group. They created their own opposition! Do you think we may be heading towards something similar with Orphan Black? (All part of the same hive?)

      Very nice to see Michelle Forbes. She looks great. I suspect she may get the Helix "Jeri Ryan" treatment however. A few episodes and then whack! I'd rather see her stay on if I had my druthers.

      "Out Ice Queen" Rachel, ha!

      I burst out laughing at Donnie's gaffe too. OB knows when to sprinkle in the humor. I was more shocked at Vic's face plant but I had to laugh at that too.

      Thanks for being a loyal reader Lynne!

    2. Hi Dave,
      The bees-hive-hexagon imagery and even Helena singing a song with the word “honey” in it for now is a subtle thread tying Dyad, Proletheans, and Cal together. Common origins or a common interest in the clones? No clue. Playing this out on a simplistic level, were the clones made to design a perfect Queen? The Dyad Institute, the monitors, and even the Proletheans seem like worker bees protecting (OK, debatable), studying, trying to cure the clones. Do they only really need one Queen? Sarah is fertile, but an unreliable leader, unmanageable. Cal is like a drone, a free agent who’s purpose is to mate with the Queen. I don’t know if the show intends any of this, just musing.

      One other repeated symbol I noticed, gloves. Yellow (!) rubber gloves cleaning up Duncan’s hoarder house, the gloves Alison made Vic, lab gloves on the doc doing Cosima’s procedure. I can’t figure out a common thematic purpose to it though. I guess some characters proverbially “took the gloves off” like Siobhan boldly confronting Leekie, Cosima calling out Delphine’s deception, Donnie confronting Leekie.

      Yes, I hope Michelle stays a while and is more than just a one-dimensional baddie.

  2. My laugh out loud moment was Alison's nine-fingered mittens. It took me a second, then I saw the tenth finger (or lack thereof) and I was doing the bwa-ha-ha. Count on Alison for thoughtfulness...

    As I mentioned on Facebook, the fact that Leekie was going to die was so totally obvious almost the moment that new character walked in the office (I'm unaware of that actress). For some reason, the whole scene just vibrated with a delete button being hit somewhere. And then of course when Rachel and Leekie confronted it was sealed, and I was sure of it even when she told him to go and not to go home. I'm positive Leekie would have died one way or the other. But have him not only die in Donnie's hands, but as a total accident, I NEVER saw that coming. Not once did I think Donnie would have the courage to pull the trigger. I was sure the scene would end, Leekie would leave, and he would die some other way.

    I swear my jaw hit the floor. My other half actually watched this episode, and he did not like that part at all. (lol, I did warn him though...) Don't think he'll be watching again. My daughter is warming up to the idea though (yes!!).

    Anyway. Nice point with the repeated themes... Every episode seems to take a point and reinforce it, don't you think? I wonder if it means something, like the gyphs of Fringe did.

    The whole rehab thing was just historical, and to see Tatiana play two clones, one of which is trying to impersonate the other, and to succeed in convincingly portray it as missed, on top of it, was just such a treat to watch. "Wait I'm pretending to be who, pretending to be whom...?" LOL!

    By far however, the most squeamish moment for me was watching poor, poor Vic faceplant. Because of comercials, I saw it twice and winced each time... Just the thought makes me hurt, good grief that stunt actor deserves and award.

    I got no thoughtful input - you got it so perfect, and I didn't get the chance to watch a second time. I'm so depressed to think that the season is soon over....

    1. Hi Ingrid,

      Yes, Alison is so thoughtful. They have to find a way to keep her involved with the greater scheme of things. I suspect that is what Angie is for. Det. Angie will threaten to out Alison and Alison will have to invite her to see her kitchen remodeling. Especially the new "in-sink-erator."


      You're unaware of Michelle Forbes???!!! No Star Trek The Next Generation for you? Battlestar Galactica? 24? How about, "The Killing?" Yes? This lady's been everywhere. I figure she is the answer to Helix's Jeri Ryan casting.


      As far as the repeated themes are concerned I do think it means something. Read my response to Lynne above. ;)

      I saw a picture on the internet today of the stunt double and Vic arm in arm. They were both covered in arts and crafts thingys with blood running from their respective noses. They looked quite happy!

      No thoughtful input? Pa-shaw! Your feedback is always valued.

      Thanks Ingrid!

    2. I love how Alison is super thoughtful and expresses herself through crafts even when the subject matter is dark, like Vic’s missing finger and when she sent the handmade card with the gun she got for Sarah. She’s hilarious and wasn’t it the ultimate passive aggressive insult that she left Donnie’s name tag undecorated and blocked him from reaching it? Love her.

      Vic’s face hitting the table was gold! It just occurred to me that Alison herself face planted off the stage at the play only a few episodes ago.

      Hey Alison's sling is gone right? I didn't notice if she was using her hand or arm much. I guess it's not abnormal for her to be done with the sling by now.


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