Sleepy Hollow - Trouble Brewing?

As of November 3rd Sleepy Hollow had earned an all time series low of 1.5 which was down a tenth from the previous week.  It's lead in show, Gotham, got a 2.4 which was up 2 tenths from the previous week.

So what is going on?

Could it be their gaze has shifted?  As pictured above, actress Nicole Beharie is baring just a little cleavage.  As the episode progressed (And The Abyss Gazes Back, October 27th.) we could count at least two more instances where Nicole advertised her wares.  This was spiced up by Tom Mison chiming in with talk of "buns" or "double jugs."

Are we watching Sleepy Hollow for it's salacious nature?

No, of course not.

When this episode was filmed there was no way that the people behind Sleepy Hollow could know their ratings were slipping badly but content such as this isn't helping.

This is why we watch Sleepy Hollow, for it's rich mythology and clever characters.

Has the ball, or should I say decapitated head, been dropped?

You'd think a show that added John Noble to it's cast would be excelling instead of foundering.  But every time the character of Henry Parish comes up with some evil tact it is easily countered by something found in the nick of time.

In the last episode, "Deliverance," it was a gem that cast a magical spectrum that ousted the evil Moloch from Katrina.  But it was all too easy.  As a viewing audience we are no longer being challenged by Sleepy Hollow.  The urgency is gone.

The Story of Redemption

Will the story of Henry's redemption be enough to save the series?  As a blogger I have cast my lot with is part of the mythology.  I was looking for something to grasp on to as I found my own attention waning with the show.  

 When Crane grabbed the hand of his on Jeremy (Henry Parrish) he glimpsed the frightened, lonely child that still exists deep down in Jeremy's soul  (Deliverance Nov. 3rd).  I'm glad Sleepy Hollow is pursuing this angle as it was just a guess on my part.

 Will this story line be enough to save Sleepy Hollow?  I am beginning to wonder.  Take a gander at the preview for the next episode of Sleepy Hollow, "Heartless."


Oh my, it looks rather salacious doesn't it?  "Get some?"  Gawd no.

C'mon Sleepy Hollow. rally!

After the winter break a new character will be introduced in the name of "Orion."   It's my theory that Heaven will finally get involved.  Why let Hell and Moloch have all the fun?  I'm also hoping Heaven will have it's own agenda seperate from the two "Witnesses."

That should spice things up.  Not this.


  1. I have to agree with you, more or less everywhere. John Noble can't do this alone, and he isn't given much to work with, of late.

    1. Agreed Ingrid. We'll glimpse Henry at the beginning as he hatches a plot, we'll see him again as it progresses and then at the end when his plot is foiled and or he is starting a new one. It is getting repetitive and formulaic. I don't have much confidence in tonight's episode. Maybe I'll be proven wrong.


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