Orphan Black - Insolvent Phantom of Tomorrow

Weird Science!

Orphan Black has done it to us again.  They've thrown some weird science at us that topples what we've known about the clones and how they are related.

This one is a doozey.

So basically let's get to it.  Siobhan's "Ma" absorbed a male twin as she formed which makes her the Castor and Leda original.


Sarah and Siobhan are related.

They have to be right?  If Kendall is Siobhan's biological mother then naturally they share the same genetic material. So then Sarah shares the same genetic material too.  Hence, Sarah and Siobhan are related by virtue of having the same mother/grandmother?

So Siobhan is Sarah's mother?  Half mother?  Sister?  Half sister?

Weird science!

The last time OB threw some weird science like that us is when Helena survived her gunshot wound because her heart wasn't in the right place.  (Of course it is in the right place and don't touch her babies!)

I thought that was totally nuts when they did it and was ticked off they pulled a fast one on us like that.  Now I can't imagine the series without Helena.

Sing it Helena, "We are family, I got all my sisters and me!"

Is anyone upset that all of the Orphan Black mythology comes down to Siobhan's mother being Patient Zero?  Is it too convenient or too mind blowingly clever?

To tell you the truth I haven't decided.

I took the curve ball they threw us, struck out and took my place back on the bench only to stare out into space absolutely benumbed.  (Hey, I'm like Big Papi of the Red Sox yesterday with the bases loaded.)

Speaking of Total Whiffs

Set up!

Last week the previews revealed Shay as the Mole.  Half of my blog post for that reveal was dedicated to that major spoiler.

In my defense I didn't totally buy into it as it seemed a little too on the nose.

Here is what I said,

Have I ever heard of photoshop?

Yes, Shay could be just as big as an unwitting dupe as Krystal was.

Still, it looks bad for Shay.  Delphine will buy into Shay as the traitor and seal Shay's doom.  (She did slide that "Shay" file across her desk as Cosima departed and Scott was forced to depart.)  If Shay isn't the mole then Orphan Black will have to have something clever up their sleeve that spins the narrative as a double switch.

So they did something clever!

Well done Orphan Black, Gracie is the Mole.

 I didn't see it coming.  So yes, well done.

This was probably more clever than the Kendall Malone stunner.  That's still too weird for me.

Gracie sold out to Castor to be reunited with her true love Mark.

Which begs the question, if Rudy is failing the test how long does Mark have?  Was it all for nothing Gracie?

Mount St. Helena

The volcanic Helena went off again and this time it was against Pouchy and his crew.  As she would say,

"I got refund."

When will people learn Helena is good with kids?  When I ask you?

Helena got some great moments in this episode.  None better than when she came to the rescue of Donnie posing as Alison.

Even Donnie looked stunned to see Helena posing as "Ali."  Close enough Helena,, close enough.

Odds and Ends

Boy, Siobhan is as much poison to her boyfriends as Sarah is.

Ferdinand is back.  Yay!  James Frain is so great.

But how did they get "The Pallid Man" from 12 Monkeys?

Much like Felix and Sarah, I await with bated breath for the season finale of Orphan Black.  It was an amazing penultimate episode.

Can they top it for the season finale?


  1. Is the season finale next week already?? Boo! (glad I have this season on preorder already) (speaking of preorders, WHEN will 12 Monkeys have DVDs??)
    Pallid Man and Ferdinand disappoint me because we know the actors so well from other shows. Takes me out of OB. Part of the charm of this show (to me) is the fact that faces are new. But well. Minor complaint.

    Yeah I didn't see the Gracie treason coming, and yet it should have been obvoius. She's in love with a Castor so, it is completely logical.

    Helena is AMAZING, love her totally, but I disliked that she butchered Pouchy and the crew. They deserved it of course, but well, it just seemed too convienient for her to do it. Again, minor thing for me, just because I feel like complaining. Too tired I guess. As for Cosima's main squeeze, even though Cosima think's she made an error, I think she got it right anyway. My money has been on that girl being a plant from day one, and I'll bet it is Rachel.

    I find it logical enough that what's-her-name is the "home" clone for both Castor and Poll- um, Leda. I remember reading something about that at one point that sometimes twin get "eaten" or absorbed by the other. That could open a whole other can of worms.

    Anyways, love this show and look forward to re-watching!


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